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How strong is the relationship between scabies and acute rheumatic fever? An analysis of neighbourhood factors.

Simon Thornley, Ron King, Roger Marshall, Amanda Oakley, Gerhard Sundborn, Jay Harrower, Edwin Reynolds, Mark Arbuckle, Richard J Johnson,

AIM:Recent studies have linked scabies with acute rheumatic fever (ARF). We explored the relationship, by neighbourhood, between permethrin dispensing as an indicator of scabies prevalence and ARF cases over the same period. METHODS:Incident cases of ARF notified to public health between September 2015 and June 2018 and the annual incidence ... Read more >>

J Paediatr Child Health (Journal of paediatrics and child health)
[2020, 56(4):600-606]

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Invasive pneumococcal disease and serotype emergence in the Auckland region during the vaccine era 2009-16.

Nick Eichler, Edwin Reynolds, Catherine Jackson, Simon Thornley, Julia Peters,

INTRODUCTION There is a deficit of knowledge in New Zealand as the epidemiology of invasive pneumococcal disease varies significantly between countries. AIM Time trends and sociodemographic characteristics of cases of invasive pneumococcal disease (IPD) in the Auckland region are reviewed after the introduction of a conjugate vaccination, to provide evidence ... Read more >>

J Prim Health Care (Journal of primary health care)
[2019, 11(1):24-31]

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Risk Factors and Attack Rates of Seasonal Influenza Infection: Results of the Southern Hemisphere Influenza and Vaccine Effectiveness Research and Surveillance (SHIVERS) Seroepidemiologic Cohort Study.

Q Sue Huang, Don Bandaranayake, Tim Wood, E Claire Newbern, Ruth Seeds, Jacqui Ralston, Ben Waite, Ange Bissielo, Namrata Prasad, Angela Todd, Lauren Jelley, Wendy Gunn, Anne McNicholas, Thomas Metz, Shirley Lawrence, Emma Collis, Amanda Retter, Sook-San Wong, Richard Webby, Judy Bocacao, Jennifer Haubrock, Graham Mackereth, Nikki Turner, Barbara McArdle, John Cameron, Edwin G Reynolds, Michael G Baker, Cameron C Grant, Colin McArthur, Sally Roberts, Adrian Trenholme, Conroy Wong, Susan Taylor, Paul Thomas, Jazmin Duque, Diane Gross, Mark G Thompson, Marc-Alain Widdowson, ,

<h4>Background</h4>Understanding the attack rate of influenza infection and the proportion who become ill by risk group is key to implementing prevention measures. While population-based studies of antihemagglutinin antibody responses have been described previously, studies examining both antihemagglutinin and antineuraminidase antibodies are lacking.<h4>Methods</h4>In 2015, we conducted a seroepidemiologic cohort study of ... Read more >>

J Infect Dis (The Journal of infectious diseases)
[2019, 219(3):347-357]

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Is impetigo a missed opportunity for scabies treatment?

Simon Thornley, Gerhard Sundborn, Mark Arbuckle, Belinda Loring, Maryann Heather, Edwin Reynolds,

N Z Med J (The New Zealand medical journal)
[2018, 131(1481):78-81]

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Scabies is strongly associated with acute rheumatic fever in a cohort study of Auckland children.

Simon Thornley, Roger Marshall, Paul Jarrett, Gerhard Sundborn, Edwin Reynolds, Grant Schofield,

AIM:This study sought to determine whether scabies infection is associated with acute rheumatic fever (ARF) or chronic rheumatic heart disease (CRHD). METHODS:A cohort study was undertaken using health records of children aged 3-12 years attending an oral health service for the first time. Subjects were then linked to hospital diagnoses ... Read more >>

J Paediatr Child Health (Journal of paediatrics and child health)
[2018, 54(6):625-632]

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