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Generation of kidney ureteric bud and collecting duct organoids that recapitulate kidney branching morphogenesis

Zipeng Zeng, Biao Huang, Riana Parvez, Yidan Li, Jyunhao Chen, Ariel Vonk, Matthew Thornton, Tadrushi Patel, Elisabeth Rutledge, Albert Kim, Jingying Yu, Nuria Pastor-Soler, Kenneth Hallows, Brendan Grubbs, Jill McMahon, Andrew McMahon, Zhongwei Li,

Kidney organoids model development and diseases of the nephron but not the contiguous epithelial network of the kidney’s collecting duct (CD) system. Here, we report the generation of an expandable, 3D branching ureteric bud (UB) organoid culture model that can be derived from primary UB progenitors from mouse and human ... Read more >>

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Mutational analysis of genes with ureteric progenitor cell-specific expression in branching morphogenesis of the mouse kidney.

Elisabeth A Rutledge, Andrew P McMahon,

BACKGROUND:Ureteric progenitor cells (UPCs) within the branch tips of the arborizing ureteric epithelium of the kidney's developing collecting system establish the shape and cellular organization of the collecting network, and drive the nephrogenic program through their interactions with nephron progenitor cells. In a previous study, expression screening identified a cohort ... Read more >>

Dev Dyn (Developmental dynamics : an official publication of the American Association of Anatomists)
[2020, 249(6):765-774]

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Genetic manipulation of ureteric bud tip progenitors in the mammalian kidney through an Adamts18 enhancer driven tet-on inducible system.

Elisabeth A Rutledge, Nils O Lindström, Odysse Michos, Andrew P McMahon,

The ureteric epithelial progenitor (UEP) population within the embryonic kidney generates the arborized epithelial network of the kidney's collecting system and plays a critical role in the expansion and induction of the surrounding nephron progenitor pool. Adamts18 shows UEP- restricted expression in the kidney and progenitor tip-restricted expression in several ... Read more >>

Dev Biol (Developmental biology)
[2020, 458(2):164-176]

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Morphogenesis of the kidney and lung requires branch-tip directed activity of the Adamts18 metalloprotease.

Elisabeth A Rutledge, Riana K Parvez, Kieran M Short, Ian M Smyth, Andrew P McMahon,

Adamts18 encodes a secreted metalloprotease restricted to branch-tip progenitor pools directing the morphogenesis of multiple mammalian organs. Adamts18 was targeted to explore a potential role in branching morphogenesis. In the kidney, an arborized collecting system develops through extensive branching morphogenesis of an initial epithelial outgrowth of the mesonephric duct, the ... Read more >>

Dev Biol (Developmental biology)
[2019, 454(2):156-169]

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Perceived Executive Functioning in Parents at Risk for Child Physical Abuse.

Julie L Crouch, America L Davila, Jacob B Holzman, Regina Hiraoka, Ericka Rutledge, David J Bridgett, Joel S Milner, John J Skowronski,

Research suggests that deficits in executive functioning are associated with negative parenting behaviors. However, limited research has examined the link between executive functioning and risk for child physical abuse (CPA) perpetration. Early studies examining executive functioning in parents at risk for perpetrating CPA relied on performance-based measures, which are designed ... Read more >>

J Interpers Violence (Journal of interpersonal violence)
[2019, :886260519851185]

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Crystal structure of [μ-1κ2C1,C4:2(1,2,3,4-η)-1,2,3,4-tetra-phenyl-buta-1,3-diene-1,4-di-yl]bis-(tri-carbonyl-osmium)(Os-Os).

Erin F Rutledge, Kylie M Wilson, Stephanie M Martin, John W Swartout, Ashley K Archambeau, Emily R Mikeska, Gregory L Powell, Eric W Reinheimer, Cynthia B Powell,

In the title complex C<sub>34</sub>H<sub>20</sub>O<sub>6</sub>Os<sub>2</sub> or (μ-η<sup>4</sup>-C<sub>4</sub>Ph<sub>4</sub>)Os<sub>2</sub>(CO)<sub>6</sub>, one Os atom is part of a metalla-cyclo-penta-diene ring, while the second Os atom is π-bonded to the organic portion of this ring. The distance of 2.7494 (2) Å between the two Os atoms is typical of an Os-Os single bond. Three carbonyl ligands are ... Read more >>

Acta Crystallogr E Crystallogr Commun (Acta crystallographica. Section E, Crystallographic communications)
[2018, 74(Pt 9):1235-1238]

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Progressive Recruitment of Mesenchymal Progenitors Reveals a Time-Dependent Process of Cell Fate Acquisition in Mouse and Human Nephrogenesis.

Nils O Lindström, Guilherme De Sena Brandine, Tracy Tran, Andrew Ransick, Gio Suh, Jinjin Guo, Albert D Kim, Riana K Parvez, Seth W Ruffins, Elisabeth A Rutledge, Matthew E Thornton, Brendan Grubbs, Jill A McMahon, Andrew D Smith, Andrew P McMahon,

Mammalian nephrons arise from a limited nephron progenitor pool through a reiterative inductive process extending over days (mouse) or weeks (human) of kidney development. Here, we present evidence that human nephron patterning reflects a time-dependent process of recruitment of mesenchymal progenitors into an epithelial nephron precursor. Progressive recruitment predicted from ... Read more >>

Dev Cell (Developmental cell)
[2018, 45(5):651-660.e4]

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Peripheral White Blood Cell Differential Counts In Children With UTI, Is There A Link?

E Rutledge, L Whitla, D Coghlan, M Nadeem,

Ir Med J (Irish medical journal)
[2018, 111(6):780]

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Do emotion regulation difficulties explain the association between executive functions and child physical abuse risk?

Julie L Crouch, Erin R McKay, Gabriela Lelakowska, Regina Hiraoka, Ericka Rutledge, David J Bridgett, Joel S Milner,

This study examined the associations between executive functioning problems, emotion regulation difficulties, and risk for perpetrating child physical abuse (CPA). It was hypothesized that: (a) poor executive functions (i.e., working memory problems and inhibition/switching problems) would be associated with higher levels of emotion regulation difficulties and CPA risk; (b) emotion ... Read more >>

Child Abuse Negl (Child abuse & neglect)
[2018, 80:99-107]

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Conserved and Divergent Features of Human and Mouse Kidney Organogenesis.

Nils O Lindström, Jill A McMahon, Jinjin Guo, Tracy Tran, Qiuyu Guo, Elisabeth Rutledge, Riana K Parvez, Gohar Saribekyan, Robert E Schuler, Christopher Liao, Albert D Kim, Ahmed Abdelhalim, Seth W Ruffins, Matthew E Thornton, Laurence Baskin, Brendan Grubbs, Carl Kesselman, Andrew P McMahon,

Human kidney function is underpinned by approximately 1,000,000 nephrons, although the number varies substantially, and low nephron number is linked to disease. Human kidney development initiates around 4 weeks of gestation and ends around 34-37 weeks of gestation. Over this period, a reiterative inductive process establishes the nephron complement. Studies ... Read more >>

J Am Soc Nephrol (Journal of the American Society of Nephrology : JASN)
[2018, 29(3):785-805]

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Conserved and Divergent Molecular and Anatomic Features of Human and Mouse Nephron Patterning.

Nils O Lindström, Tracy Tran, Jinjin Guo, Elisabeth Rutledge, Riana K Parvez, Matthew E Thornton, Brendan Grubbs, Jill A McMahon, Andrew P McMahon,

The nephron is the functional unit of the kidney, but the mechanism of nephron formation during human development is unclear. We conducted a detailed analysis of nephron development in humans and mice by immunolabeling, and we compared human and mouse nephron patterning to describe conserved and divergent features. We created ... Read more >>

J Am Soc Nephrol (Journal of the American Society of Nephrology : JASN)
[2018, 29(3):825-840]

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Cellular heterogeneity in the ureteric progenitor niche and distinct profiles of branching morphogenesis in organ development.

Elisabeth A Rutledge, Jean-Denis Benazet, Andrew P McMahon,

Branching morphogenesis creates arborized epithelial networks. In the mammalian kidney, an epithelial progenitor pool at ureteric branch tips (UBTs) creates the urine-transporting collecting system. Using region-specific mouse reporter strains, we performed an RNA-seq screen, identifying tip- and stalk-enriched gene sets in the developing collecting duct system. Detailed <i>in situ</i> hybridization ... Read more >>

Development (Development (Cambridge, England))
[2017, 144(17):3177-3188]

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Do hostile attributions and negative affect explain the association between authoritarian beliefs and harsh parenting?

Julie L Crouch, Lauren M Irwin, Joel S Milner, John J Skowronski, Ericka Rutledge, America L Davila,

The present study examined the associations between authoritarian parenting beliefs, attributions of hostile intent, negative affect, and harsh parenting practices. General population parents (N=183; 31.1% fathers) completed self-report measures of authoritarian parenting beliefs and read vignettes describing children engaging in transgressions. Following each vignette, parents indicated the extent to which ... Read more >>

Child Abuse Negl (Child abuse & neglect)
[2017, 67:13-21]

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Functional mental capacity, treatment as usual and time: magnitude of change in secure hospital patients with major mental illness.

Julieanne Dornan, Miriam Kennedy, Jackie Garland, Emer Rutledge, Harry G Kennedy,

<h4>Background</h4>Decision making ability can change with time, depending on mental or physical health. Little is known about the factors that determine this change and the relationship of capacity to time. As a pilot for studies using functional mental capacities as an outcome measure, we sought to quantify this relationship measuring ... Read more >>

BMC Res Notes (BMC research notes)
[2015, 8:566]

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Closed Rupture of the Flexor Hallucis Longus Tendon with Evaluation of the Mechanism of Injury: A Case Report.

Leo J de Souza, Edward Rutledge,

JBJS Case Connect (JBJS case connector)
[2014, 4(2):e45-e4]

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Child physical abuse risk moderates spontaneously inferred traits from ambiguous child behaviors.

Randy J McCarthy, Julie L Crouch, John J Skowronski, Joel S Milner, Regina Hiraoka, Ericka Rutledge, Jade Jenkins,

The present study examined whether parents at high-risk for child physical abuse (CPA) differed from low-risk parents in their tendency to infer positive traits and negative traits from children's behaviors. The final sample consisted of 58 (25 low CPA risk and 33 high CPA risk) parents. Parents completed a false-recognition ... Read more >>

Child Abuse Negl (Child abuse & neglect)
[2013, 37(12):1142-1151]

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Age-dependent variation of genotypes in MHC II transactivator gene (CIITA) in controls and association to type 1 diabetes.

A Gyllenberg, S Asad, F Piehl, M Swanberg, L Padyukov, B Van Yserloo, E A Rutledge, B McNeney, J Graham, M Orho-Melander, E Lindholm, C Graff, C Forsell, K Akesson, M Landin-Olsson, A Carlsson, G Forsander, S A Ivarsson, H Larsson, B Lindblad, J Ludvigsson, C Marcus, A Lernmark, L Alfredsson, K Akesson, T Olsson, I Kockum, , , ,

The major histocompatibility complex class II transactivator (CIITA) gene (16p13) has been reported to associate with susceptibility to multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and myocardial infarction, recently also to celiac disease at genome-wide level. However, attempts to replicate association have been inconclusive. Previously, we have observed linkage to the CIITA region ... Read more >>

Genes Immun (Genes and immunity)
[2012, 13(8):632-640]

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Overcoming challenges of ovarian cancer stem cells: novel therapeutic approaches.

Cristóbal Aguilar-Gallardo, Emily Cecilia Rutledge, Ana M Martínez-Arroyo, Juan José Hidalgo, Santiago Domingo, Carlos Simón,

Understanding the genetic and molecular mechanisms of ovarian cancer has been the focus of research efforts working toward the greater goal of improving cancer therapy for patients with residual disease after initial treatment with conventional surgery and neoadjuvant chemotherapy. The focus of this review will be centered on new therapeutic ... Read more >>

Stem Cell Rev Rep (Stem cell reviews and reports)
[2012, 8(3):994-1010]

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Cloning of casbene and neocembrene synthases from Euphorbiaceae plants and expression in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

James Kirby, Minobu Nishimoto, J Genevieve Park, Sydnor T Withers, Farnaz Nowroozi, Dominik Behrendt, Elizabeth J Garcia Rutledge, Jeffrey L Fortman, Holly E Johnson, James V Anderson, Jay D Keasling,

A large number of diterpenes have been isolated from Euphorbiaceae plants, many of which are of interest due to toxicity or potential therapeutic activity. Specific Euphorbiaceae diterpenes of medical interest include the latent HIV-1 activator prostratin (and related 12-deoxyphorbol esters), the analgesic resiniferatoxin, and the anticancer drug candidate ingenol 3-angelate. ... Read more >>

Phytochemistry (Phytochemistry)
[2010, 71(13):1466-1473]

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Extra information about treatment is too much for the patient with psychosis.

Miriam Kennedy, Julieanne Dornan, Emer Rutledge, Helen O'Neill, Harry G Kennedy,

<h4>Background</h4>Case law across jurisdictions requires ever more complete disclosure of material facts when obtaining consent to treatment.<h4>Aims</h4>To determine whether giving extra information impairs the mental capacity to make decisions about treatment.<h4>Method</h4>The MacCAT-T, MacCAT-FP, PANSS and GAF were administered to 88 detained forensic patients with psychosis. Two positive and two negative ... Read more >>

Int J Law Psychiatry (International journal of law and psychiatry)
[2009, 32(6):369-376]

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Sequence variation and expression of the Gimap gene family in the BB rat.

Elizabeth A Rutledge, Jessica M Fuller, Brian Van Yserloo, Daniel H Moralejo, Ruth A Ettinger, Prashant Gaur, Jana L Hoehna, Morgan R Peterson, Richard Jensen, Anne E Kwitek, Ake Lernmark,

Positional cloning of lymphopenia (lyp) in the BB rat revealed a frameshift mutation in Gimap5, a member of at least seven related GTPase Immune Associated Protein genes located on rat chromosome 4q24. Our aim was to clone and sequence the cDNA of the BB diabetes prone (DP) and diabetes resistant ... Read more >>

Exp Diabetes Res (Experimental diabetes research)
[2009, 2009:835650]

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Functional redundancy of two C. elegans homologs of the histone chaperone Asf1 in germline DNA replication.

Iwen F Grigsby, Eric M Rutledge, Christine A Morton, Fern P Finger,

Eukaryotic genomes contain either one or two genes encoding homologs of the highly conserved histone chaperone Asf1, however, little is known of their in vivo roles in animal development. UNC-85 is one of the two Caenorhabditis elegans Asf1 homologs and functions in post-embryonic replication in neuroblasts. Although UNC-85 is broadly ... Read more >>

Dev Biol (Developmental biology)
[2009, 329(1):64-79]

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Tenets of professionalism for pharmacy students.

, Shannon L Holt, Michelle S Lau, Frances L Wong, Russell T Attridge, Michelle Ho, Jessica L Morris, Edwin D Rutledge, Matthew M Sapko, Xiao Tu, Tara B Vlasimsky,

Pharmacotherapy (Pharmacotherapy)
[2009, 29(6):757-759]

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Earthworm populations in septic system filter fields and potential effects on wastewater renovation

Hawkins, Shipitalo, Rutledge, Savin, Brye,

Wastewater renovation in septic-system filter fields can be affected by preferential flow through soil macropores. Anecic earthworm species make deep vertical burrows that may reduce renovation by acting as preferential flow paths that decrease effluent contact with the soil matrix. On the other hand, endogeic earthworms make largely horizontal burrows ... Read more >>

Appl Soil Ecol (Applied soil ecology : a section of Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment)
[2008, 40(1):195-200]

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Functional mental capacity is not independent of the severity of psychosis.

Emer Rutledge, Miriam Kennedy, Helen O'Neill, Harry G Kennedy,

<h4>Background</h4>Function-specific mental capacities are the legal criteria for competence. These are regarded as superior to clinical assessments of mental state and general function.<h4>Aims</h4>To determine whether tests of fitness to plead and capacity to consent are independent of each other and independent of mental state and global function in psychosis.<h4>Method</h4>The MacCAT-T ... Read more >>

Int J Law Psychiatry (International journal of law and psychiatry)
[2008, 31(1):9-18]

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