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Infectious Diseases Management in Wound Care Settings: Common Causative Organisms and Frequently Prescribed Antibiotics.

Yuriko Fukuta, Hubert Chua, Kady Phe, E Lee Poythress, Cameron August Brown,

<h4>General purpose</h4>To provide information about the management of infected wounds in wound care settings.<h4>Target audience</h4>This continuing education activity is intended for physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and nurses with an interest in skin and wound care.<h4>Learning objectives/outcomes</h4>After participating in this educational activity, the participant will:1. Identify a host factor that ... Read more >>

Adv Skin Wound Care (Advances in skin & wound care)
[2022, 35(10):535-543]

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The key elements of elder neglect:a survey of adult protective service workers.

Carmel Bitondo Dyer, Christine Toronjo, Michelle Cunningham, Nicolo A Festa, Valory N Pavlik, David J Hyman, E Lee Poythress, Nancy S Searle,

Description of the key elements of elder neglect is critical to the development of a case definition. In this brief report, experienced protective service workers were surveyed to capture their field experiences with neglected elders. The workers cited environmental filth, poor personal hygiene and health related factors as the three ... Read more >>

J Elder Abuse Negl (Journal of elder abuse & neglect)
[2005, 17(4):1-10]

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