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A composite immune signature parallels disease progression across T1D subjects.

Cate Speake, Samuel O Skinner, Dror Berel, Elizabeth Whalen, Matthew J Dufort, William Chad Young, Jared M Odegard, Anne M Pesenacker, Frans K Gorus, Eddie A James, Megan K Levings, Peter S Linsley, Eitan M Akirav, Alberto Pugliese, Martin J Hessner, Gerald T Nepom, Raphael Gottardo, S Alice Long,

At diagnosis, most people with type 1 diabetes (T1D) produce measurable levels of endogenous insulin, but the rate at which insulin secretion declines is heterogeneous. To explain this heterogeneity, we sought to identify a composite signature predictive of insulin secretion, using a collaborative assay evaluation and analysis pipeline that incorporated ... Read more >>

JCI Insight (JCI insight)
[2019, 4(23):]

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ZEB1 Is a Transcription Factor That Is Prognostic and Predictive in Diffuse Gliomas.

Lincoln A Edwards, Sungjin Kim, Mecca Madany, Miriam Nuno, Tom Thomas, Aiguo Li, Dror Berel, Bong-Sup Lee, Minzhi Liu, Keith L Black, Xuemo Fan, Wei Zhang, John S Yu,

Objective: To address the unmet medical need to better prognosticate patients with diffuse gliomas and to predict responses to chemotherapy regimens. Methods: ZEB1 alterations were retrospectively identified from a cohort of 1,160 diffuse glioma patients. Epigenome-wide association scans (EWAS) were performed on available data. We determined the utility of ZEB1 ... Read more >>

Front Neurol (Frontiers in neurology)
[2018, 9:1199]

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ZEB1 regulates glioma stemness through LIF repression.

Lincoln A Edwards, Aiguo Li, Dror Berel, Mecca Madany, Nam-Ho Kim, Minzhi Liu, Mitch Hymowitz, Benjamin Uy, Rachel Jung, Minlin Xu, Keith L Black, Altan Rentsendorj, Xuemo Fan, Wei Zhang, John S Yu,

The identification of a stem cell regulatory gene which is aberrantly expressed in glioma and associated with patient survival would increase the understanding of the role of glioma cancer stem cells (GCSCs) in the virulence of gliomas. Interrogating the genomes of over 4000 brain cancers we identified ZEB1 deletion in ... Read more >>

Sci Rep (Scientific reports)
[2017, 7(1):69]

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Perianal Crohn's Disease is Associated with Distal Colonic Disease, Stricturing Disease Behavior, IBD-Associated Serologies and Genetic Variation in the JAK-STAT Pathway.

Manreet Kaur, Deepa Panikkath, Xiaofei Yan, Zhenqiu Liu, Dror Berel, Dalin Li, Eric A Vasiliauskas, Andrew Ippoliti, Marla Dubinsky, David Q Shih, Gil Y Melmed, Talin Haritunians, Phillip Fleshner, Stephan R Targan, Dermot P B McGovern,

BACKGROUND:Perianal Crohn's Disease (pCD) is a particularly severe phenotype associated with poor quality of life with a reported prevalence of 12%-40%. Previous studies investigating the etiology of pCD have been limited in the numbers of subjects and the intensity of genotyping. The aim of this study was to identify clinical, ... Read more >>

Inflamm. Bowel Dis. (Inflammatory bowel diseases)
[2016, 22(4):862-869]

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Combined Immunosuppression Impairs Immunogenicity to Tetanus and Pertussis Vaccination Among Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Seper Dezfoli, Henry A Horton, Nattapaun Thepyasuwan, Dror Berel, Stephan R Targan, Eric A Vasiliauskas, Marla Dubinsky, David Q Shih, Manreet Kaur, Dermot P B McGovern, Andrew Ippoliti, Edward J Feldman, Gil Y Melmed,

Pertussis epidemics have recently emerged across the United States, prompting broad public health recommendations for adult Tdap vaccination (tetanus, diphtheria, acellular pertussis). The impact of immunosuppressive regimens for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) on vaccine responses to the Tdap vaccine is not known.We performed a prospective controlled trial between April 2011 ... Read more >>

Inflamm. Bowel Dis. (Inflammatory bowel diseases)
[2015, 21(8):1754-1760]

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The impact of preoperative serum anti-TNFα therapy levels on early postoperative outcomes in inflammatory bowel disease surgery.

Cheryl Lau, Marla Dubinsky, Gil Melmed, Eric Vasiliauskas, Dror Berel, Dermot McGovern, Andrew Ippoliti, David Shih, Stephan Targan, Phillip Fleshner,

OBJECTIVE:Assess the impact of preoperative serum antitumor necrosis factor-α (anti-TNFα) drug levels on 30-day postoperative morbidity in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) patients. BACKGROUND:Studies on the association of anti-TNFα drugs and postoperative outcomes in IBD are conflicting due to variable pharmacokinetics of anti-TNFα drugs. It remains to be seen whether preoperative ... Read more >>

Ann. Surg. (Annals of surgery)
[2015, 261(3):487-496]

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TOX3 is expressed in mammary ER(+) epithelial cells and regulates ER target genes in luminal breast cancer.

Akop Seksenyan, Asha Kadavallore, Ann E Walts, Brian de la Torre, Dror Berel, Samuel P Strom, Parinaz Aliahmad, Vincent A Funari, Jonathan Kaye,

BACKGROUND:A breast cancer susceptibility locus has been mapped to the gene encoding TOX3. Little is known regarding the expression pattern or biological role of TOX3 in breast cancer or in the mammary gland. Here we analyzed TOX3 expression in murine and human mammary glands and in molecular subtypes of breast ... Read more >>

BMC Cancer (BMC cancer)
[2015, 15:22]

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Clinical, serologic, and genetic factors associated with pyoderma gangrenosum and erythema nodosum in inflammatory bowel disease patients.

Adam Weizman, Brian Huang, Dror Berel, Stephan R Targan, Marla Dubinsky, Phillip Fleshner, Andrew Ippoliti, Manreet Kaur, Deepa Panikkath, Steve Brant, Ioannis Oikonomou, Rick Duerr, John Rioux, Mark Silverberg, Jerome I Rotter, Eric Vasiliauskas, Talin Haritunians, David Shih, Dalin Li, Gil Y Melmed, Dermot P B McGovern,

Pyoderma gangrenosum (PG) and erythema nodosum (EN) are the most common cutaneous manifestations of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) but little is known regarding their etiopathogenesis.We performed a case-control study comparing characteristics between IBD patients with a documented episode of PG (PG+) and/or EN (EN+) with those without PG (PG-) and ... Read more >>

Inflamm. Bowel Dis. (Inflammatory bowel diseases)
[2014, 20(3):525-533]

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Antibiotics for Treatment of Clostridium difficile Infection in Hospitalized Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Henry A Horton, Seper Dezfoli, Dror Berel, Julianna Hirsch, Andrew Ippoliti, Dermot McGovern, Manreet Kaur, David Shih, Marla Dubinsky, Stephan R Targan, Phillip Fleshner, Eric A Vasiliauskas, Jonathan Grein, Rekha Murthy, Gil Y Melmed,

Patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), namely ulcerative colitis (UC) and Crohn's disease (CD), have worse outcomes with Clostridium difficile infection (CDI), including increased readmissions, colectomy, and death. Oral vancomycin is recommended for the treatment of severe CDI, while metronidazole is the standard of care for nonsevere infection. We aimed ... Read more >>

Antimicrob. Agents Chemother. (Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy)
[2014, 58(9):5054-5059]

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Late onset of necrotizing enterocolitis in the full-term infant is associated with increased mortality: results from a two-center analysis.

Scott S Short, Stephanie Papillon, Dror Berel, Henri R Ford, Philip K Frykman, Akemi Kawaguchi,

The effect of timing of onset of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) on outcomes has not been determined for the full-term infant. In this study we aimed to characterize the full-term NEC population and to evaluate onset of NEC.We performed a two-center retrospective review of all full-term infants (≥ 37weeks) with a ... Read more >>

J. Pediatr. Surg. (Journal of pediatric surgery)
[2014, 49(6):950-953]

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Convergent RANK- and c-Met-mediated signaling components predict survival of patients with prostate cancer: an interracial comparative study.

Peizhen Hu, Leland W K Chung, Dror Berel, Henry F Frierson, Hua Yang, Chunyan Liu, Ruoxiang Wang, Qinlong Li, Andre Rogatko, Haiyen E Zhau,

We reported (PLoS One 6 (12):e28670, 2011) that the activation of c-Met signaling in RANKL-overexpressing bone metastatic LNCaP cell and xenograft models increased expression of RANK, RANKL, c-Met, and phosphorylated c-Met, and mediated downstream signaling. We confirmed the significance of the RANK-mediated signaling network in castration resistant clinical human prostate ... Read more >>

PLoS ONE (PloS one)
[2013, 8(9):e73081]

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Tumour cell survival mechanisms in lethal metastatic prostate cancer differ between bone and soft tissue metastases.

Canan Akfirat, Xiaotun Zhang, Aviva Ventura, Dror Berel, Mary E Colangelo, Cindy K Miranti, Maryla Krajewska, John C Reed, Celestia S Higano, Lawrence D True, Robert L Vessella, Colm Morrissey, Beatrice S Knudsen,

The complexity of survival mechanisms in cancer cells from patients remains poorly understood. To obtain a comprehensive picture of tumour cell survival in lethal prostate cancer metastases, we examined five survival proteins that operate within three survival pathways in a cohort of 185 lethal metastatic prostate metastases obtained from 44 ... Read more >>

J. Pathol. (The Journal of pathology)
[2013, 230(3):291-297]

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A prospective, randomized, noninferiority trial of steroid dosing after major colorectal surgery.

Karen Zaghiyan, Gil Y Melmed, Dror Berel, Gayane Ovsepyan, Zuri Murrell, Phillip Fleshner,

To evaluate the safety of perioperative low-dose steroids (LDS) versus high-dose steroids (HDS) in steroid-treated patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) undergoing major colorectal surgery.Corticosteroid-treated patients undergoing major colorectal surgery are commonly prescribed HDS to prevent perioperative adrenal insufficiency and cardiovascular collapse. There is little evidence to support this practice.We ... Read more >>

Ann. Surg. (Annals of surgery)
[2014, 259(1):32-37]

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The Integrated Web Portal for Escalation with Overdose Control (EWOC).

Haibin Wang, Mourad Tighiouart, Shao-Chi Huang, Dror Berel, Galen Cook-Wiens, Catherine Bresee, Quanlin Li, André Rogatko,

In this paper, we present the design and implementation of a novel web portal for the cancer phase I clinical trial design method Escalation with Overdose Control (EWOC). The web portal has two major components: a web-based dose finding calculator; and a standalone and downloadable dose finding software which can ... Read more >>

Open Med Inform J (The open medical informatics journal)
[2013, 7:18-23]

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Distinct phenotypes of children with perianal perforating Crohn's disease.

Scott S Short, Marla C Dubinsky, Shervin Rabizadeh, Sharmayne Farrior, Dror Berel, Philip K Frykman,

Perianal perforating disease (PF) has been reported in approximately 15% of children with Crohn's disease (CD). It is unknown whether children who present with PF at the time of diagnosis have a different course than those that develop PF while on therapy.From a prospective, single institution observational registry of children ... Read more >>

J. Pediatr. Surg. (Journal of pediatric surgery)
[2013, 48(6):1301-1305]

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A comparison of Ku0063794, a dual mTORC1 and mTORC2 inhibitor, and temsirolimus in preclinical renal cell carcinoma models.

Hao Zhang, Dror Berel, Yanping Wang, Ping Li, Neil A Bhowmick, Robert A Figlin, Hyung L Kim,

Rapamycin analogs, temsirolimus and everolimus, are approved for the treatment of advance renal cell carcinoma (RCC). Currently approved agents inhibit mechanistic target of rapamycin (mTOR) complex 1 (mTORC1). However, the mTOR kinase exists in two distinct multiprotein complexes, mTORC1 and mTORC2, and both complexes may be critical regulators of cell ... Read more >>

PLoS ONE (PloS one)
[2013, 8(1):e54918]

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A prospective single-institution evaluation of current practices of early postoperative feeding after elective intestinal surgery.

Tamar Rohatiner, Joseph Wend, Samuel Rhodes, Zuri Murrell, Dror Berel, Phillip Fleshner,

Postoperative diet advancement in patients undergoing elective small bowel or colorectal surgery by general surgeons (GSs) and colorectal surgeons (CRSs) was prospectively evaluated. Demographic (age and gender), disease location (small bowel or colorectum), surgical approach (laparoscopic or open), and surgeon characteristics (GS or GRS) were tabulated. Postoperative feeding after surgery ... Read more >>

Am Surg (The American surgeon)
[2012, 78(10):1147-1150]

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Laparoscopic common bile duct exploration in children is associated with decreased cost and length of stay: results of a two-center analysis.

Scott S Short, Philip K Frykman, Nam Nguyen, Quin Liu, Dror Berel, Kasper S Wang,

PURPOSE: Our aim was to compare outcomes of children undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy with laparoscopic common bile duct exploration (LC+CBDE) to those undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy with adjunctive endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (LC+ERCP). METHODS: We performed a two-center retrospective chart review of all children (<18 years) undergoing LC+CBDE or LC+ERCP between January 2000 ... Read more >>

J. Pediatr. Surg. (Journal of pediatric surgery)
[2013, 48(1):215-220]

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Markers of intestinal inflammation in patients with ankylosing spondylitis: a pilot study.

Franziska G Matzkies, Stephan R Targan, Dror Berel, Carol J Landers, John D Reveille, Dermot P B McGovern, Michael H Weisman,

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and ankylosing spondylitis (AS) are similar chronic inflammatory diseases whose definitive etiology is unknown. Following recent clinical and genetic evidence supporting an intertwined pathogenic relationship, we conducted a pilot study to measure fecal calprotectin (fCAL) and IBD-related serologies in AS patients.Consecutive AS patients were recruited from ... Read more >>

Arthritis Res. Ther. (Arthritis Research & Therapy)
[2012, 14(6):R261]

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Severity of dyspeptic symptoms correlates with delayed and early variables of gastric emptying.

Andres Ardila-Hani, Mane Arabyan, Alan Waxman, Grace Ih, Dror Berel, Mark Pimentel, Jeffrey Conklin, Edy E Soffer,

A simplified report of gastric retention values at select times is now recommended for scintigraphic gastric emptying test (GET).The purpose of this study was to assess correlation between severity of gastroparetic symptoms and all variables of GET, compared to select variables in clinical use.This was a prospective study of patients ... Read more >>

Dig. Dis. Sci. (Digestive diseases and sciences)
[2013, 58(2):478-487]

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Colorectal cancer screening and surveillance in Crohn's colitis.

Robert J Basseri, Benjamin Basseri, Maria E Vassilaki, Gil Y Melmed, Andrew Ippoliti, Eric A Vasiliauskas, Philip R Fleshner, Juan Lechago, Bing Hu, Dror Berel, Stephan R Targan, Konstantinos A Papadakis,

To assess colonoscopic screening and surveillance for detecting neoplasia in patients with long-standing colonic Crohn's disease (CD).Colonoscopy and biopsy records from patients with colonic CD were evaluated at the Cedars-Sinai Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center during a 17-year period (1992-2009).Overall, 904 screening and surveillance examinations were performed on 411 patients with ... Read more >>

J Crohns Colitis (Journal of Crohn's & colitis)
[2012, 6(8):824-829]

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Deep vein thrombosis prophylaxis increases perioperative surgical site infection in a prospective cohort of patients undergoing colorectal surgery.

Scott S Short, Yosef Nasseri, Alexandra Gangi, Dror Berel, Phillip Fleshner,

We hypothesize that use of postoperative heparin deep vein thrombosis prophylaxis influences development of surgical site infection (SSI) after colorectal surgery. From July 2008 to June 2009, patients undergoing an abdominal operation by colorectal surgeons at a single university-affiliated teaching hospital were prospectively followed and more than 80 variables ... Read more >>

Am Surg (The American surgeon)
[2011, 77(10):1309-1313]

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Constitutive TL1A expression under colitogenic conditions modulates the severity and location of gut mucosal inflammation and induces fibrostenosis.

Robert Barrett, Xiaolan Zhang, Hon Wai Koon, Michelle Vu, Jyh-Yau Chang, Nicole Yeager, Mary Ann Nguyen, Kathrin S Michelsen, Dror Berel, Charalabos Pothoulakis, Stephan R Targan, David Q Shih,

Intestinal fibrostenosis is a hallmark of severe Crohn's disease and can lead to multiple surgeries. Patients with certain TNFSF15 variants overexpress TL1A. The aim of this study was to determine the effect of TL1A overexpression on intestinal inflammation and the development of fibrostenosis. We assessed the in vivo consequences of ... Read more >>

Am. J. Pathol. (The American journal of pathology)
[2012, 180(2):636-649]

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Egr1 expression is induced following glatiramer acetate immunotherapy in rodent models of glaucoma and Alzheimer's disease.

Sharon Bakalash, Michael Pham, Yosef Koronyo, Brenda C Salumbides, Andrei Kramerov, Hillary Seidenberg, Dror Berel, Keith L Black, Maya Koronyo-Hamaoui,

PURPOSE: Immunization with glatiramer acetate (GA) alleviates the neuropathology associated with glaucoma and Alzheimer's disease (AD) in rodent models. This research was undertaken to screen for molecular factors underlying GA-induced neuroprotective mechanisms in these models of chronic neurodegeneration. METHODS: Gene expression profiles were analyzed in GA-immunized versus nonimmunized elevated-intraocular pressure ... Read more >>

Invest. Ophthalmol. Vis. Sci. (Investigative ophthalmology & visual science)
[2011, 52(12):9033-9046]

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Biomarker signatures of mitochondrial NDUFS3 in invasive breast carcinoma.

Sonal Suhane, Dror Berel, V Krishnan Ramanujan,

We present evidence for potential biomarker utility of a mitochondrial complex I subunit, (NDUFS3) in discriminating normal and highly invasive breast carcinoma specimens obtained from clinical patients. Besides being a robust indicator of breast cancer aggressiveness, NDUFS3 also shows clear signatures of a hypoxia/necrosis marker in invasive ductal carcinoma specimens. ... Read more >>

Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. (Biochemical and biophysical research communications)
[2011, 412(4):590-595]

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