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Follicular fluid thyroid autoantibodies, thyrotropin, free thyroxine levels and assisted reproductive technology outcome.

Sanja Medenica, Eliana Garalejic, Biljana Arsic, Biljana Medjo, Dragana Bojovic Jovic, Dzihan Abazovic, Rade Vukovic, Milos Zarkovic,

OBJECTIVE:Although there are substantial data linking thyroid autoimmunity (TAI) and infertility, data regarding assisted reproductive technology (ART) outcomes and TAI markers in follicular fluid (FF) of women undergoing ART are scarce. Objective of the study was to assess the association of the levels of thyroid autoantibodies in FF and ART ... Read more >>

PLoS One (PloS one)
[2018, 13(10):e0206652]

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A preliminary evaluation of influence of body mass index on in vitro fertilization outcome in non-obese endometriosis patients.

Eliana Garalejic, Biljana Arsic, Jovana Radakovic, Dragana Bojovic Jovic, Dragana Lekic, Biljana Macanovic, Ivan Soldatovic, Milan Perovic,

Obese and overweight women experience a lower probability for pregnancy after IVF. However, despite the increasing prevalence of obesity, the large majority of infertile women are non-obese. One of the most common indications for IVF is endometriosis. Thought-provoking inverse correlation has been established between BMI and endometriosis. Lower BMI is ... Read more >>

BMC Womens Health (BMC women's health)
[2017, 17(1):112]

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Association between online social networking and depression in high school students: behavioral physiology viewpoint.

Igor Pantic, Aleksandar Damjanovic, Jovana Todorovic, Dubravka Topalovic, Dragana Bojovic-Jovic, Sinisa Ristic, Senka Pantic,

BACKGROUND: Frequent use of Facebook and other social networks is thought to be associated with certain behavioral changes, and some authors have expressed concerns about its possible detrimental effect on mental health. In this work, we investigated the relationship between social networking and depression indicators in adolescent population. SUBJECTS AND ... Read more >>

Psychiatr Danub (Psychiatria Danubina)
[2012, 24(1):90-93]

Cited: 56 times

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[Woman with surgical reconstruction of anal atresia who realized pregnancy with in vitro fertilisation].

Eliana Garalejić, Biljana Arsić, Dragana Bojović-Jović, Milija Veljković, Biljana Macanović, Dejan Pavlović, Bojan Vasić, Dragana Lekić,

INTRODUCTION:Anal atresia is a congenital anomaly, very life-threatening and urgent. Surgical treatment of this anomaly consists of colostomy first, and then of anal reconstruction. CASE REPORT:We presented a 31-year old female with the surgery treatment of anal atresia in the early childhood. In the reproductive period, due to tubal infertily, ... Read more >>

Vojnosanit Pregl (Vojnosanitetski pregled)
[2010, 67(3):249-251]

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Hamilton anxiety scale (HAMA) in infertile women with endometriosis and its correlation with magnesium levels in peritoneal fluid.

Elijana Garalejić, Dragana Bojović-Jović, Aleksandar Damjanović, Biljana Arsić, Igor Pantić, Drenka Turjacanin-Pantelić, Milan Perović,

BACKGROUND: Endometriosis is a complex disease that can result in substantial morbidity, including chronic pain, dysmenorrhea and dyspareunia. There are contradictory reports regarding the connection between acute and chronic stress and magnesium levels in body fluids. SUBJECTS AND METHODS: A prospective study included 87 patients undergoing laparoscopy. The study group ... Read more >>

Psychiatr Danub (Psychiatria Danubina)
[2010, 22(1):64-67]

Cited: 4 times

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[Results of modem tuboperitoneal infertility treatment].

Drenka Turjacanin-Pantelić, Dragana Bojović-Jović, Biljana Arsić, Eliana Garalejić,

BACKGROUND/AIM:A modem approach to surgical treatment of tuboperitoneal infertility is based on laporascopic techniques. The aim of this study was to compare results of tuboperitoneal infertility treatment by the use of laparoscopy and classical laparotomy. METHODS:A retrospective-prospective study on 66 women treated operatively for tuboperitoneal infertility was performed. Data from ... Read more >>

Vojnosanit Pregl (Vojnosanitetski pregled)
[2009, 66(1):57-62]

Cited: 1 time

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