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Generation of a humanized Aβ expressing mouse demonstrating aspects of Alzheimer's disease-like pathology.

David Baglietto-Vargas, Stefania Forner, Lena Cai, Alessandra C Martini, Laura Trujillo-Estrada, Vivek Swarup, Marie Minh Thu Nguyen, Kelly Do Huynh, Dominic I Javonillo, Kristine Minh Tran, Jimmy Phan, Shan Jiang, Enikö A Kramár, Cristina Nuñez-Diaz, Gabriela Balderrama-Gutierrez, Franklin Garcia, Jessica Childs, Carlos J Rodriguez-Ortiz, Juan Antonio Garcia-Leon, Masashi Kitazawa, Mohammad Shahnawaz, Dina P Matheos, Xinyi Ma, Celia Da Cunha, Ken C Walls, Rahasson R Ager, Claudio Soto, Antonia Gutierrez, Ines Moreno-Gonzalez, Ali Mortazavi, Andrea J Tenner, Grant R MacGregor, Marcelo Wood, Kim N Green, Frank M LaFerla,

The majority of Alzheimer's disease (AD) cases are late-onset and occur sporadically, however most mouse models of the disease harbor pathogenic mutations, rendering them better representations of familial autosomal-dominant forms of the disease. Here, we generated knock-in mice that express wildtype human Aβ under control of the mouse App locus. ... Read more >>

Nat Commun (Nature communications)
[2021, 12(1):2421]

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