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Renin Kinetics Are Superior to Lactate Kinetics for Predicting In-Hospital Mortality in Hypotensive Critically Ill Patients.

Maniraj Jeyaraju, Michael T McCurdy, Andrea R Levine, Prasad Devarajan, Michael A Mazzeffi, Kristin E Mullins, Michaella Reif, David N Yim, Christopher Parrino, Allison S Lankford, Jonathan H Chow,

<h4>Objectives</h4>Whole blood lactate concentration is widely used in shock states to assess perfusion. We aimed to determine if the change in plasma renin concentration over time would be superior to the change in lactate concentration for predicting in-hospital mortality in hypotensive patients on vasopressors.<h4>Design</h4>Prospective, observational cohort study.<h4>Setting</h4>Tertiary academic ICU.<h4>Patients</h4>Adult patients ... Read more >>

Crit Care Med (Critical care medicine)
[2021, :]

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Enantioselective cis-β-lactam synthesis by intramolecular C-H functionalization from enoldiazoacetamides and derivative donor-acceptor cyclopropenes.

Xinfang Xu, Yongming Deng, David N Yim, Peter Y Zavalij, Michael P Doyle,

β-Lactam derivatives are produced through intermediate donor-acceptor cyclopropene intermediates in high yield, exclusive cis-diastereoselectivity, and high enantiocontrol in a chiral dirhodium carboxylate catalyzed intramolecular C-H functionalization reaction of enoldiazoacetamides. ... Read more >>

Chem Sci (Chemical science)
[2015, 6(4):2196-2201]

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