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An evaluation of self-perceived knowledge, attitudes and behaviours of UK oncologists about LGBTQ+ patients with cancer.

Alison May Berner, Daniel Johnathan Hughes, Hannah Tharmalingam, Tom Baker, Benjamin Heyworth, Susana Banerjee, Daniel Saunders,

INTRODUCTION:Over one million people in the UK identify as LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning). Research has shown that this population experience differing cancer risk factors compared with non-LGBTQ+ patients and persistent inequalities in cancer care. Literature concerning the knowledge of oncologists of this group's healthcare needs is ... Read more >>

ESMO Open (ESMO open)
[2020, 5(6):]

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The SIOP-Renal Tumour Study Group consensus statement on flank target volume delineation for highly conformal radiotherapy.

Geert O Janssens, Patrick Melchior, Joeri Mul, Daniel Saunders, Stephanie Bolle, Alison L Cameron, Line Claude, Kristin Gurtner, Kees P van de Ven, Martine van Grotel, Semi Harrabi, Yasmin Lassen-Ramshad, Naomi Lavan, Henriette Magelssen, Xavier Muracciole, Tom Boterberg, Henry Mandeville, Jan Godzinski, Norbert Graf, Marry M van den Heuvel-Eibrink, Christian Rübe,

For decades, radiotherapy with two opposing photon beams has been the standard technique used to cover the flank target volume in paediatric patients with renal tumours. Nowadays, many institutes are implementing advanced radiotherapy techniques that spare healthy tissue. To decrease the radiotherapy dose to healthy structures while preserving oncological efficacy, ... Read more >>

Lancet Child Adolesc Health (The Lancet. Child & adolescent health)
[2020, 4(11):846-852]

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Improved robustness of reinforcement learning policies upon conversion to spiking neuronal network platforms applied to Atari Breakout game.

Devdhar Patel, Hananel Hazan, Daniel J Saunders, Hava T Siegelmann, Robert Kozma,

Deep Reinforcement Learning (RL) demonstrates excellent performance on tasks that can be solved by trained policy. It plays a dominant role among cutting-edge machine learning approaches using multi-layer Neural networks (NNs). At the same time, Deep RL suffers from high sensitivity to noisy, incomplete, and misleading input data. Following biological ... Read more >>

Neural Netw (Neural networks : the official journal of the International Neural Network Society)
[2019, 120:108-115]

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Locally connected spiking neural networks for unsupervised feature learning.

Daniel J Saunders, Devdhar Patel, Hananel Hazan, Hava T Siegelmann, Robert Kozma,

In recent years, spiking neural networks (SNNs) have demonstrated great success in completing various machine learning tasks. We introduce a method for learning image features with locally connected layers in SNNs using a spike-timing-dependent plasticity (STDP) rule. In our approach, sub-networks compete via inhibitory interactions to learn features from different ... Read more >>

Neural Netw (Neural networks : the official journal of the International Neural Network Society)
[2019, 119:332-340]

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People With Central Vision Loss Have Difficulty Watching Videos.

Francisco M Costela, Daniel R Saunders, Dylan J Rose, Sidika Katjezovic, Stephanie M Reeves, Russell L Woods,

Purpose:People with central vision loss (CVL) often report difficulties watching video. We objectively evaluated the ability to follow the story (using the information acquisition method). Methods:Subjects with CVL (n = 23) or normal vision (NV, n = 60) described the content of 30-second video clips from movies and documentaries. We ... Read more >>

Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci (Investigative ophthalmology & visual science)
[2019, 60(1):358-364]

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BindsNET: A Machine Learning-Oriented Spiking Neural Networks Library in Python.

Hananel Hazan, Daniel J Saunders, Hassaan Khan, Devdhar Patel, Darpan T Sanghavi, Hava T Siegelmann, Robert Kozma,

The development of spiking neural network simulation software is a critical component enabling the modeling of neural systems and the development of biologically inspired algorithms. Existing software frameworks support a wide range of neural functionality, software abstraction levels, and hardware devices, yet are typically not suitable for rapid prototyping or ... Read more >>

Front Neuroinform (Frontiers in neuroinformatics)
[2018, 12:89]

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"The System Had Choked Me Too": Abused Mothers' Perceptions of the Custody Determination Process That Resulted in Negative Custody Outcomes.

Lyndal Khaw, Autumn M Bermea, Jennifer L Hardesty, Daniel Saunders, Angela M Whittaker,

Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a public health problem that continues to affect abused mothers after separation from an abusive partner. In addition to the risk of ongoing control and violence by abusers, the custody determination process may present challenges for mothers who end up with negative custody outcomes (e.g., ... Read more >>

J Interpers Violence (Journal of interpersonal violence)
[2018, :886260518791226]

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Measuring the Difficulty Watching Video With Hemianopia and an Initial Test of a Rehabilitation Approach.

Francisco M Costela, Daniel R Saunders, Sidika Kajtezovic, Dylan J Rose, Russell L Woods,

Purpose:If you cannot follow the story when watching a video, then the viewing experience is degraded. We measured the difficulty of following the story, defined as the ability to acquire visual information, which is experienced by people with homonymous hemianopia (HH). Further, we proposed and tested a novel rehabilitation aid. ... Read more >>

Transl Vis Sci Technol (Translational vision science & technology)
[2018, 7(4):13]

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Evaluation of boost irradiation in patients with intermediate-risk stage III Wilms tumour with positive lymph nodes only: Results from the SIOP-WT-2001 Registry.

Raquel Dávila Fajardo, Eva Oldenburger, Christian Rübe, Marta López-Yurda, Kathy Pritchard-Jones, Christophe Bergeron, Norbert Graf, Martine van Grotel, Harm van Tinteren, Daniel Saunders, Marry M van den Heuvel-Eibrink, Geert O Janssens, Foppe Oldenburger,

OBJECTIVE:To evaluate the value of radiotherapy boost omission in patients with intermediate-risk, stage III Wilms tumours (WT) with positive lymph nodes (LN). METHODS AND MATERIALS:All patients with intermediate-risk, stage III (LN positive) WT consecutively registered in the SIOP-WT-2001 study were included in this analysis. Endpoints were 5-year event-free survival (EFS), ... Read more >>

Pediatr Blood Cancer (Pediatric blood & cancer)
[2018, 65(8):e27085]

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No evidence of task co-representation in a joint Stroop task.

Daniel R Saunders, David Melcher, Wieske van Zoest,

People working together on a task must often represent the goals and salient items of their partner. The aim of the present study was to study the influence of joint task representations in an interference task in which the congruency relies on semantic identity. If task representations are shared between ... Read more >>

Psychol Res (Psychological research)
[2019, 83(5):852-862]

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Social interactivity in pigeon courtship behavior.

Emma L R Ware, Daniel R Saunders, Nikolaus F Troje,

A closed-loop teleprompter system was used to isolate and manipulate social interactivity in the natural courtship interactions of pigeons Columbia livia. In Experiment 1, a live face-to-face real-time interaction between 2 courting pigeons (Live) was compared to a played back version of the video stimulus recorded during the pairs Live ... Read more >>

(Current zoology)
[2017, 63(1):85-95]

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Addition of docetaxel, zoledronic acid, or both to first-line long-term hormone therapy in prostate cancer (STAMPEDE): survival results from an adaptive, multiarm, multistage, platform randomised controlled trial.

Nicholas D James, Matthew R Sydes, Noel W Clarke, Malcolm D Mason, David P Dearnaley, Melissa R Spears, Alastair W S Ritchie, Christopher C Parker, J Martin Russell, Gerhardt Attard, Johann de Bono, William Cross, Rob J Jones, George Thalmann, Claire Amos, David Matheson, Robin Millman, Mymoona Alzouebi, Sharon Beesley, Alison J Birtle, Susannah Brock, Richard Cathomas, Prabir Chakraborti, Simon Chowdhury, Audrey Cook, Tony Elliott, Joanna Gale, Stephanie Gibbs, John D Graham, John Hetherington, Robert Hughes, Robert Laing, Fiona McKinna, Duncan B McLaren, Joe M O'Sullivan, Omi Parikh, Clive Peedell, Andrew Protheroe, Angus J Robinson, Narayanan Srihari, Rajaguru Srinivasan, John Staffurth, Santhanam Sundar, Shaun Tolan, David Tsang, John Wagstaff, Mahesh K B Parmar, ,

BACKGROUND:Long-term hormone therapy has been the standard of care for advanced prostate cancer since the 1940s. STAMPEDE is a randomised controlled trial using a multiarm, multistage platform design. It recruits men with high-risk, locally advanced, metastatic or recurrent prostate cancer who are starting first-line long-term hormone therapy. We report primary ... Read more >>

Lancet (Lancet (London, England))
[2016, 387(10024):1163-1177]

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Beliefs and Recommendations Regarding Child Custody and Visitation in Cases Involving Domestic Violence: A Comparison of Professionals in Different Roles.

Daniel G Saunders, Kathleen C Faller, Richard M Tolman,

Research is lacking on differing perspectives regarding custody cases involving domestic violence (DV). In a survey of judges, legal aid attorneys, private attorneys, DV program workers, and child custody evaluators (n = 1,187), judges, private attorneys, and evaluators were more likely to believe that mothers make false DV allegations and ... Read more >>

Violence Against Women (Violence against women)
[2016, 22(6):722-744]

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The UK Experience of a Treatment Strategy for Pediatric Metastatic Medulloblastoma Comprising Intensive Induction Chemotherapy, Hyperfractionated Accelerated Radiotherapy and Response Directed High Dose Myeloablative Chemotherapy or Maintenance Chemotherapy (Milan Strategy).

Sindu Vivekanandan, Richard Breene, Ramya Ramanujachar, Heidi Traunecker, Barry Pizer, Mark N Gaze, Frank Saran, Nicky Thorp, Martin English, Kate Ah Wheeler, Antony Michalski, David A Walker, Daniel Saunders, Fiona Cowie, Alison Cameron, Susan V Picton, Deepak Parashar, Gail Horan, Michael V Williams,

Historically, the 5-year overall survival (OS) for metastatic medulloblastoma (MMB) was less than 40%. The strategy of post-operative induction chemotherapy (IC) followed by hyperfractionated accelerated radiotherapy (HART) and response directed high dose chemotherapy (HDC) was reported in a single center study to improve 5-year OS to 73%. We report outcomes ... Read more >>

Pediatr Blood Cancer (Pediatric blood & cancer)
[2015, 62(12):2132-2139]

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The influence of motion quality on responses towards video playback stimuli.

Emma Ware, Daniel R Saunders, Nikolaus F Troje,

Visual motion, a critical cue in communication, can be manipulated and studied using video playback methods. A primary concern for the video playback researcher is the degree to which objects presented on video appear natural to the non-human subject. Here we argue that the quality of motion cues on video, ... Read more >>

Biol Open (Biology open)
[2015, 4(7):803-811]

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Measuring information acquisition from sensory input using automated scoring of natural-language descriptions.

Daniel R Saunders, Peter J Bex, Dylan J Rose, Russell L Woods,

Information acquisition, the gathering and interpretation of sensory information, is a basic function of mobile organisms. We describe a new method for measuring this ability in humans, using free-recall responses to sensory stimuli which are scored objectively using a "wisdom of crowds" approach. As an example, we demonstrate this metric ... Read more >>

PLoS One (PloS one)
[2014, 9(4):e93251]

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Rationale and Methods of a Trial to Evaluate a Depression Telemonitoring Program that Includes a Patient-Selected Support Person.

John D Piette, Marcia Valenstein, Daniel Eisenberg, Michael D Fetters, Ananda Sen, Daniel Saunders, Daphne Watkins, James E Aikens,

Objective:To test the effectiveness of an automated telemonitoring program for patients with depression that includes feedback to clinicians and support for a family member or friend serving as a non-professional caregiver. Methods:Prior to being randomized to receive one year of either the Care Partners for Depression (CP-D) intervention or usual ... Read more >>

J Clin Trials (Journal of clinical trials)
[2015, 5(1):]

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Direct measurement of the system latency of gaze-contingent displays.

Daniel R Saunders, Russell L Woods,

Gaze-contingent displays combine a display device with an eyetracking system to rapidly update an image on the basis of the measured eye position. All such systems have a delay, the system latency, between a change in gaze location and the related change in the display. The system latency is the ... Read more >>

Behav Res Methods (Behavior research methods)
[2014, 46(2):439-447]

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Factors associated with child custody evaluators' recommendations in cases of intimate partner violence.

Daniel G Saunders, Richard M Tolman, Kathleen C Faller,

Although child custody evaluations can lead to unsafe outcomes in cases of intimate partner violence (IPV), little is known about factors associated with evaluators' recommendations. In this study of 465 child custody evaluators, we investigated the association between evaluators' beliefs, background, and knowledge and their custody and visitation recommendations in ... Read more >>

J Fam Psychol (Journal of family psychology : JFP : journal of the Division of Family Psychology of the American Psychological Association (Division 43))
[2013, 27(3):473-483]

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Trajectory prediction of saccadic eye movements using a compressed exponential model.

Peng Han, Daniel R Saunders, Russell L Woods, Gang Luo,

Gaze-contingent display paradigms play an important role in vision research. The time delay due to data transmission from eye tracker to monitor may lead to a misalignment between the gaze direction and image manipulation during eye movements, and therefore compromise the contingency. We present a method to reduce this misalignment ... Read more >>

J Vis (Journal of vision)
[2013, 13(8):]

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Crowdsourcing a normative natural language dataset: a comparison of Amazon Mechanical Turk and in-lab data collection.

Daniel R Saunders, Peter J Bex, Russell L Woods,

Crowdsourcing has become a valuable method for collecting medical research data. This approach, recruiting through open calls on the Web, is particularly useful for assembling large normative datasets. However, it is not known how natural language datasets collected over the Web differ from those collected under controlled laboratory conditions.To compare ... Read more >>

J Med Internet Res (Journal of medical Internet research)
[2013, 15(5):e100]

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Celecoxib plus hormone therapy versus hormone therapy alone for hormone-sensitive prostate cancer: first results from the STAMPEDE multiarm, multistage, randomised controlled trial.

Nicholas D James, Matthew R Sydes, Malcolm D Mason, Noel W Clarke, John Anderson, David P Dearnaley, John Dwyer, Gordana Jovic, Alastair W S Ritchie, J Martin Russell, Karen Sanders, George N Thalmann, Gianfilippo Bertelli, Alison J Birtle, Joe M O'Sullivan, Andrew Protheroe, Denise Sheehan, Narayanan Srihari, Mahesh K B Parmar, ,

BACKGROUND:Long-term hormone therapy alone is standard care for metastatic or high-risk, non-metastatic prostate cancer. STAMPEDE--an international, open-label, randomised controlled trial--uses a novel multiarm, multistage design to assess whether the early additional use of one or two drugs (docetaxel, zoledronic acid, celecoxib, zoledronic acid and docetaxel, or zoledronic acid and celecoxib) ... Read more >>

Lancet Oncol (The Lancet. Oncology)
[2012, 13(5):549-558]

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A comparison of women of color and non-Hispanic White women on factors related to leaving a violent relationship.

Krim K Lacey, Daniel G Saunders, Lingling Zhang,

This study compares women of color and non-Hispanic White women regarding the influence of socioeconomic status, family investment, and psychological abuse on leaving a violent relationship. It was found that most women who left stayed away for less than a month. Women of color and non-Hispanic White women did not ... Read more >>

J Interpers Violence (Journal of interpersonal violence)
[2011, 26(5):1036-1055]

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Body configuration modulates the usage of local cues to direction in biological-motion perception.

Masahiro Hirai, Dorita H F Chang, Daniel R Saunders, Nikolaus F Troje,

The presence of information in a visual display does not guarantee its use by the visual system. Studies of inversion effects in both face recognition and biological-motion perception have shown that the same information may be used by observers when it is presented in an upright display but not used ... Read more >>

Psychol Sci (Psychological science)
[2011, 22(12):1543-1549]

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Gaze patterns during perception of direction and gender from biological motion.

Daniel R Saunders, David K Williamson, Nikolaus F Troje,

Humans can perceive many properties of a creature in motion from the movement of the major joints alone. However it is likely that some regions of the body are more informative than others, dependent on the task. We recorded eye movements while participants performed two tasks with point-light walkers: determining ... Read more >>

J Vis (Journal of vision)
[2010, 10(11):9]

Cited: 11 times

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