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Variant interpretation in molecular autopsy: a useful dilemma.

Stefanie Scheiper-Welling, Monika Tabunscik, Theresa E Gross, Tina Jenewein, Britt M Beckmann, Constanze Niess, Elise Gradhand, Cora Wunder, Peter M Schneider, Markus A Rothschild, Marcel A Verhoff, Silke Kauferstein,

Sudden cardiac death (SCD) in adolescents and young adults may be the first manifestation of an inherited arrhythmic syndrome. Thus identification of a genetic origin in sudden death cases deemed inconclusive after a comprehensive autopsy and may help to reduce the risk of lethal episodes in the remaining family. Using ... Read more >>

Int J Legal Med (International journal of legal medicine)
[2022, 136(2):475-482]

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Mongolian spots as a finding in forensic examinations of possible child abuse-implications for case work.

Mattias Kettner, Christoph G Birngruber, Constanze Niess, Marco Baz-Bartels, Lena Bunzel, Marcel A Verhoff, Constantin Lux, Frank Ramsthaler,

Mongolian spots (MS) are congenital dermal conditions resulting from neural crest-derived melanocytes migration to the skin during embryogenesis. MS incidences are highly variable in different populations. Morphologically, MS present as hyperpigmented maculae of varying size and form, ranging from round spots of 1 cm in diameter to extensive discolorations covering ... Read more >>

Int J Legal Med (International journal of legal medicine)
[2020, 134(3):1141-1148]

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