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From Combinations to Single-Molecule Polypharmacology-Cromolyn-Ibuprofen Conjugates for Alzheimer's Disease.

Claudia Albertini, Marina Naldi, Sabrina Petralla, Silvia Strocchi, Daniela Grifoni, Barbara Monti, Manuela Bartolini, Maria Laura Bolognesi,

Despite Alzheimer's disease (AD) incidence being projected to increase worldwide, the drugs currently on the market can only mitigate symptoms. Considering the failures of the classical paradigm "one target-one drug-one disease" in delivering effective medications for AD, polypharmacology appears to be a most viable therapeutic strategy. Polypharmacology can involve combinations ... Read more >>

Molecules (Molecules (Basel, Switzerland))
[2021, 26(4):]

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Turning Donepezil into a Multi-Target-Directed Ligand through a Merging Strategy.

Rosaria Perone, Claudia Albertini, Elisa Uliassi, Flaminia Di Pietri, Pedro de Sena Murteira Pinheiro, Sabrina Petralla, Nicola Rizzardi, Romana Fato, Lenka Pulkrabkova, Ondrej Soukup, Anna Tramarin, Manuela Bartolini, Maria Laura Bolognesi,

Thanks to the widespread use and safety profile of donepezil (1) in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease (AD), one of the most widely adopted multi-target-directed ligand (MTDL) design strategies is to modify its molecular structure by linking a second fragment carrying an additional AD-relevant biological property. Herein, supported by a ... Read more >>

ChemMedChem (ChemMedChem)
[2021, 16(1):187-198]

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From combinations to multitarget-directed ligands: A continuum in Alzheimer's disease polypharmacology.

Claudia Albertini, Alessandra Salerno, Pedro de Sena Murteira Pinheiro, Maria L Bolognesi,

The continued drug discovery failures in complex neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer's disease (AD), has raised questions about the classical paradigm "one-drug, one-target, one-disease." In parallel, the ever-increasing awareness of the multiplicity of the underlying pathways has led to the affirmation of polypharmacological approaches. Polypharmacology, which broadly embodies the use of ... Read more >>

Med Res Rev (Medicinal research reviews)
[2021, 41(5):2606-2633]

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Molecular Hybridization as a Tool for Designing Multitarget Drug Candidates for Complex Diseases.

Viktoriya Ivasiv, Claudia Albertini, Ana E Gonçalves, Michele Rossi, Maria L Bolognesi,

Molecular hybridization is a well-exploited medicinal chemistry strategy that aims to combine two molecules (or parts of them) in a new, single chemical entity. Recently, it has been recognized as an effective approach to design ligands able to modulate multiple targets of interest. Hybrid compounds can be obtained by linking ... Read more >>

Curr Top Med Chem (Current topics in medicinal chemistry)
[2019, 19(19):1694-1711]

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