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The impact of cell adhesion changes on proliferation and survival during prostate cancer development and progression.

Beatrice S Knudsen, Cindy K Miranti,

In the normal prostate epithelium, androgen receptor (AR) negative basal epithelial cells adhere to the substratum, while AR expressing secretory cells lose substratum adhesion. In contrast, prostate cancer cells both express AR and adhere to a tumor basement membrane. In this review, we describe the differential expression of integrins, growth ... Read more >>

J. Cell. Biochem. (Journal of cellular biochemistry)
[2006, 99(2):345-361]

Cited: 28 times

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Epidermal growth factor receptor-dependent regulation of integrin-mediated signaling and cell cycle entry in epithelial cells.

Heather M Bill, Beatrice Knudsen, Sheri L Moores, Senthil K Muthuswamy, Vikram R Rao, Joan S Brugge, Cindy K Miranti,

Integrin-mediated adhesion of epithelial cells to extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins induces prolonged tyrosine phosphorylation and partial activation of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) in an integrin-dependent and EGFR ligand-independent manner. Integrin-mediated activation of EGFR in epithelial cells is required for multiple signal transduction events previously shown to be induced by ... Read more >>

Mol. Cell. Biol. (Molecular and cellular biology)
[2004, 24(19):8586-8599]

Cited: 87 times

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Overexpression of sprouty 2 inhibits HGF/SF-mediated cell growth, invasion, migration, and cytokinesis.

Chong-Chou Lee, Andrew J Putnam, Cindy K Miranti, Margaret Gustafson, Ling-Mei Wang, George F Vande Woude, Chong-Feng Gao,

A strict regulation of hepatocyte growth factor/scatter factor (HGF/SF)-Met signaling is essential for its appropriate function. Several negative regulators of Met signaling have been identified. Here we report that human Spry2 is induced by HGF/SF and negatively regulates HGF/SF-Met signaling. We show that overexpression of Spry2 inhibits cell proliferation, anchorage-independent ... Read more >>

Oncogene (Oncogene)
[2004, 23(30):5193-5202]

Cited: 74 times

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Delivery of short hairpin RNA sequences by using a replication-competent avian retroviral vector.

Jennifer L Bromberg-White, Craig P Webb, Veronique S Patacsil, Cindy K Miranti, Bart O Williams, Sheri L Holmen,

While recent studies have demonstrated that retroviral vectors can be used to stably express short hairpin RNA (shRNA) to inhibit gene expression, these studies have utilized replication-defective retroviruses. We describe the creation of a replication-competent, Gateway-compatible retroviral vector capable of expressing shRNA that inhibits the expression of specific genes. ... Read more >>

J. Virol. (Journal of virology)
[2004, 78(9):4914-4916]

Cited: 25 times

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Application of cell adhesion to study signaling networks.

Cindy K Miranti,

Methods Cell Biol. (Methods in cell biology)
[2002, 69:359-383]

Cited: 11 times

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Sensing the environment: a historical perspective on integrin signal transduction.

Cindy K Miranti, Joan S Brugge,

Cell adhesion mediated by integrin receptors has a critical function in organizing cells in tissues and in guiding haematopoietic cells to their sites of action. However, integrin adhesion receptors have broader functions in regulating cell behaviour through their ability to transduce bi-directional signals into and out of the cell and ... Read more >>

Nat. Cell Biol. (Nature cell biology)
[2002, 4(4):E83-90]

Cited: 384 times

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