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Targeting Mucosal Endothelin-A-Receptor Expression by Fluorescence Endoscopy is Feasible to Detect and Characterize Colitis-Associated Cancer in Mice.

Marcus M Mücke, Dominik Bettenworth, Christiane Geyer, Katrin Schwegmann, Christopher Poremba, Michael Schäfers, Dirk Domagk, Carsten Höltke, Philipp Lenz,

Background:To facilitate onsite decision-making during endoscopy, both accurate detection and in vivo characterization of preneoplasia are prerequisites. However, no endoscopy technique is available that meets both demands satisfactorily. We evaluated endothelin-receptor A (ETAR)-guided fluorescence endoscopy (FE) in vivo and fluorescence reflectance imaging (FRI) ex vivo for detection and characterization of ... Read more >>

Inflamm Bowel Dis (Inflammatory bowel diseases)
[2017, 24(1):111-122]

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Quantitative phase microscopy for evaluation of intestinal inflammation and wound healing utilizing label-free biophysical markers.

Dominik Bettenworth, Arne Bokemeyer, Christopher Poremba, Nik Sheng Ding, Steffi Ketelhut, Philipp Lenz, Björn Kemper,

Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) are inflammatory disorders of the gastrointestinal tract characterized by a chronic relapsing disease course. As uncontrolled intestinal inflammation can result in severe disease complications, recent treatment targets of IBD evolved toward seeking the absence of mucosal and histological inflammation. However, this approach requires adequate histological evaluation ... Read more >>

Histol Histopathol (Histology and histopathology)
[2018, 33(5):417-432]

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The pseudokinase MLKL mediates programmed hepatocellular necrosis independently of RIPK3 during hepatitis.

Claudia Günther, Gui-Wei He, Andreas E Kremer, James M Murphy, Emma J Petrie, Kerstin Amann, Peter Vandenabeele, Andreas Linkermann, Christopher Poremba, Ulrike Schleicher, Christin Dewitz, Stefan Krautwald, Markus F Neurath, Christoph Becker, Stefan Wirtz,

Although necrosis and necroinflammation are central features of many liver diseases, the role of programmed necrosis in the context of inflammation-dependent hepatocellular death remains to be fully determined. Here, we have demonstrated that the pseudokinase mixed lineage kinase domain-like protein (MLKL), which plays a key role in the execution of ... Read more >>

J Clin Invest (The Journal of clinical investigation)
[2016, 126(11):4346-4360]

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PGAM5-mediated programmed necrosis of hepatocytes drives acute liver injury.

Gui-Wei He, Claudia Günther, Andreas E Kremer, Veronika Thonn, Kerstin Amann, Christopher Poremba, Markus F Neurath, Stefan Wirtz, Christoph Becker,

<h4>Objectives</h4>Autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) is a severe necroinflammatory liver disease associated with significant mortality. Although loss of hepatocytes is generally recognised as a key trigger of liver inflammation and liver failure, the regulation of hepatic cell death causing AIH remains poorly understood. The aim of this study was to identify molecular ... Read more >>

Gut (Gut)
[2017, 66(4):716-723]

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The prognostic impact of SYT-SSX fusion type and histological grade in pediatric patients with synovial sarcoma treated according to the CWS (Cooperative Weichteilsarkom Studie) trials.

Sabine Stegmaier, Ivo Leuschner, Christopher Poremba, Ruth Ladenstein, Bernarda Kazanowska, Gustaf Ljungman, Monika Scheer, Bernd Blank, Stefan Bielack, Thomas Klingebiel, Ewa Koscielniak,

<h4>Background</h4>The aim of our analysis was the evaluation of the prognostic impact of SYT-SSX fusion status and histological grading in synovial sarcoma (SS) of children and adolescents in the context of the consistent multimodal treatment strategy of the CWS (Cooperative Weichteilsarkom Studie; Cooperative Soft Tissue Sarcoma Study Group) and in ... Read more >>

Pediatr Blood Cancer (Pediatric blood & cancer)
[2017, 64(1):89-95]

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Endoscopy-guided orthotopic implantation of colorectal cancer cells results in metastatic colorectal cancer in mice.

Dominik Bettenworth, Marcus M Mücke, Katrin Schwegmann, Andreas Faust, Christopher Poremba, Michael Schäfers, Dirk Domagk, Philipp Lenz,

Advanced stage colorectal cancer (CRC) is still associated with limited prognosis. For preclinical evaluation of novel therapeutic approaches, murine models with orthotopic tumor growth and distant metastases are required. However, these models usually require surgical procedures possibly influencing tumor immunogenicity and development. The aim of this study was to establish ... Read more >>

Clin Exp Metastasis (Clinical & experimental metastasis)
[2016, 33(6):551-562]

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Detection of Early Murine Colorectal Cancer by MMP-2/-9-Guided Fluorescence Endoscopy.

Katrin Schwegmann, Dominik Bettenworth, Sven Hermann, Andreas Faust, Christopher Poremba, Dirk Foell, Michael Schäfers, Dirk Domagk, Philipp Lenz,

<h4>Background</h4>Patients with ulcerative colitis are at increased risk for colorectal cancer and endoscopic surveillance is mandatory. Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs)-2 and -9 activities are increased in malignant colonic mucosa. The aim of the study was to evaluate molecular imaging of MMP-2/-9 by fluorescence endoscopy (FE) for early tumor detection.<h4>Methods</h4>Colorectal cancer in ... Read more >>

Inflamm Bowel Dis (Inflammatory bowel diseases)
[2016, 22(1):82-91]

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Preanalytical variables and performance of diagnostic RNA-based gene expression analysis in breast cancer.

Christopher Poremba, Jennifer Uhlendorff, Berit M Pfitzner, Guido Hennig, Kerstin Bohmann, Hans Bojar, Veit Krenn, Jan C Brase, Franziska Haufe, Manuela Averdick, Manfred Dietel, Ralf Kronenwett, Carsten Denkert,

Prognostic multigene expression assays have become widely available to provide additional information to standard clinical parameters and to support clinicians in treatment decisions. In this study, we analyzed the impact of variations in tissue handling on the diagnostic EndoPredict test results. EndoPredict is a quantitative reverse transcription PCR assay conducted ... Read more >>

Virchows Arch (Virchows Archiv : an international journal of pathology)
[2014, 465(4):409-417]

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Increased CD44s and decreased CD44v6 RNA expression are associated with better survival in myxofibrosarcoma patients: a pilot study.

Christiane Matuschek, Marcus Lehnhardt, Peter Arne Gerber, Christopher Poremba, Jackson Hamilton, Guido Lammering, Klaus Orth, Wilfried Budach, Hans Bojar, Edwin Bölke, Matthias Peiper,

<h4>Background</h4>New prognostic markers may be of value in determining survival and informing decisions of adjuvant treatment in the heterogeneous group of soft tissue sarcomas known as malignant fibrous sarcomas (MFS). Increased CD44 expression has been associated with a better outcome in cancers such as bladder tumors and could potentially relate ... Read more >>

Eur J Med Res (European journal of medical research)
[2014, 19:6]

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L-arginine-NO-cGMP signalling pathway in pancreatitis.

Igor Buchwalow, Jürgen Schnekenburger, Katharina Tiemann, Vera Samoilova, Agnes Bankfalvi, Christopher Poremba, Christine Schleicher, Joachim Neumann, Werner Boecker,

The role of nitric oxide (NO) in the human pancreas and in pancreatitis still remains controversial. Furthermore, conflicting conclusions have been reached by different laboratories about the localization of the NO-generating enzyme (NO synthase, NOS) in the pancreas. Here, we investigated the co-expression of NOS with enzymes involved in regulation ... Read more >>

Sci Rep (Scientific reports)
[2013, 3:1899]

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[Chronic hepatitis B with an unexpected coinfection].

Thomas Göbel, Andreas Erhardt, Joachim Richter, Christopher Poremba, Dieter Häussinger,

<h4>Background</h4>Schistosomiasis and hepatitis B are both tropical diseases with more than 200 and 350 million people infected worldwide respectively, but are rare in western countries. Worldwide a high rate of coinfections can be expected.<h4>Case report</h4>A 34-year-old African patient was referred to our clinic with known hepatitis B/D-coinfection for evaluation of ... Read more >>

Med Klin (Munich) (Medizinische Klinik (Munich, Germany : 1983))
[2010, 105(11):827-830]

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Prognostic value of PAX-FKHR fusion status in alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma: a report from the cooperative soft tissue sarcoma study group (CWS).

Sabine Stegmaier, Christopher Poremba, Karl-Ludwig Schaefer, Ivo Leuschner, Bernarda Kazanowska, Albert N Békássy, Stefan S Bielack, Thomas Klingebiel, Ewa Koscielniak,

<h4>Background</h4>Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcomas (RMA) are characterized by chromosomal translocations, fusing the PAX3 or PAX7 gene with FKHR in about 85%. Previous studies have suggested that the fusion type is associated with prognosis. In order to investigate the predictive value of the PAX-FKHR fusion status on disease outcome of patients with RMA ... Read more >>

Pediatr Blood Cancer (Pediatric blood & cancer)
[2011, 57(3):406-414]

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Genomic alterations and allelic imbalances are strong prognostic predictors in osteosarcoma.

Jan Smida, Daniel Baumhoer, Michael Rosemann, Axel Walch, Stefan Bielack, Christopher Poremba, Klaus Remberger, Eberhard Korsching, Wolfram Scheurlen, Christian Dierkes, Stefan Burdach, Gernot Jundt, Michael J Atkinson, Michaela Nathrath,

<h4>Purpose</h4>Osteosarcoma, the most common primary malignant tumor of the bone, is characterized by complex karyotypes with numerous structural and numerical alterations. Despite attempts to establish molecular prognostic markers at the time of diagnosis, the most accepted predictive factor remains the histologic evaluation of necrosis after neoadjuvant chemotherapy. The present approach ... Read more >>

Clin Cancer Res (Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research)
[2010, 16(16):4256-4267]

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Differential expression of invasion promoting genes in childhood rhabdomyosarcoma.

Sorin Armeanu-Ebinger, Michael Bonin, Karina Häbig, Christopher Poremba, Ewa Koscielniak, Jan Godzinski, Steven W Warmann, Jörg Fuchs, Guido Seitz,

Expression profiling of tumor tissue allows a systematic search for targeted therapies and offers relevant prognostic information. Molecular studies on rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) revealed a more differentiated classification than the histological subgrouping into embryonal (RME) and alveolar (RMA) rhabdomyosarcoma, and reflected the chromosomal aberrations found in RMS. We addressed biological processes ... Read more >>

Int J Oncol (International journal of oncology)
[2011, 38(4):993-1000]

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Tumor angiogenesis as prognostic and predictive marker for chemotherapy dose-intensification efficacy in high-risk breast cancer patients within the WSG AM-01 trial.

Oleg Gluz, Peter Wild, Cornelia Liedtke, Ronald Kates, Heiko Mendrik, Elisabeth Ehm, Verena Artinger, Raihanatou Diallo-Danebrock, Evelyn Ting, Svjetlana Mohrmann, Christopher Poremba, Nadia Harbeck, Ulrike Nitz, Arndt Hartmann, Andreas Gaumann,

The goal of this analysis was to characterize the survival impact of angiogenesis in the patients with high-risk breast cancer, particularly the predictive impact on benefit from dose intensification of adjuvant chemotherapy. Formalin-fixed tissue sample of 152 patients treated as part of the WSG AM-01 trial by either high-dose or ... Read more >>

Breast Cancer Res Treat (Breast cancer research and treatment)
[2011, 126(3):643-651]

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Impact of EWS-ETS fusion type on disease progression in Ewing's sarcoma/peripheral primitive neuroectodermal tumor: prospective results from the cooperative Euro-E.W.I.N.G. 99 trial.

Marie-Cecile Le Deley, Olivier Delattre, Karl-Ludwig Schaefer, Sue A Burchill, Gabriele Koehler, Pancras C W Hogendoorn, Thomas Lion, Christopher Poremba, Julien Marandet, Stelly Ballet, Gaelle Pierron, Samantha C Brownhill, Michaela Nesslböck, Andreas Ranft, Uta Dirksen, Odile Oberlin, Ian J Lewis, Alan W Craft, Heribert Jürgens, Heinrich Kovar,

PURPOSE EWS-ETS fusion genes are the driving force in Ewing's sarcoma pathogenesis. Because of the variable breakpoint locations in the involved genes, there is heterogeneity in fusion RNA and protein architecture. Since previous retrospective studies suggested prognostic differences among patients expressing different EWS-FLI1 fusion types, the impact of fusion RNA ... Read more >>

J Clin Oncol (Journal of clinical oncology : official journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology)
[2010, 28(12):1982-1988]

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RNA extraction from archival formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue: a comparison of manual, semiautomated, and fully automated purification methods.

Kerstin Bohmann, Guido Hennig, Uwe Rogel, Christopher Poremba, Berit Maria Mueller, Peter Fritz, Stephan Stoerkel, Karl-L Schaefer,

<h4>Background</h4>Formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tumor material represents a valuable resource for the analysis of RNA-based biomarkers, both in research laboratories and in routine clinical testing. A robust and automated RNA-extraction method with a high sample throughput is required.<h4>Methods</h4>We evaluated extraction performance for 4 silica-based RNA-extraction protocols: (a) a fully automated, bead-based ... Read more >>

Clin Chem (Clinical chemistry)
[2009, 55(9):1719-1727]

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Hypoxia modulates EWS-FLI1 transcriptional signature and enhances the malignant properties of Ewing's sarcoma cells in vitro.

Dave N T Aryee, Stephan Niedan, Maximilian Kauer, Raphaela Schwentner, Idriss M Bennani-Baiti, Jozef Ban, Karin Muehlbacher, Michael Kreppel, Robert L Walker, Paul Meltzer, Christopher Poremba, Reinhard Kofler, Heinrich Kovar,

Hypoxia is an important condition in the tumor cell microenvironment and approximately 1% to 1.5% of the genome is transcriptionally responsive to hypoxia with hypoxia-inducible factor-1 (HIF-1) as a major mediator of transcriptional activation. Tumor hypoxia is associated with a more aggressive phenotype of many cancers in adults, but data ... Read more >>

Cancer Res (Cancer research)
[2010, 70(10):4015-4023]

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Molecular characterization of commonly used cell lines for bone tumor research: a trans-European EuroBoNet effort.

Laura Ottaviano, Karl-Ludwig Schaefer, Melanie Gajewski, Wolfgang Huckenbeck, Stefan Baldus, Uwe Rogel, Carlos Mackintosh, Enrique de Alava, Ola Myklebost, Stine H Kresse, Leonardo A Meza-Zepeda, Massimo Serra, Anne-Marie Cleton-Jansen, Pancras C W Hogendoorn, Horst Buerger, Thomas Aigner, Helmut E Gabbert, Christopher Poremba,

Usage of cancer cell lines has repeatedly generated conflicting results provoked by differences among subclones or contamination with mycoplasm or other immortal mammalian cells. To overcome these limitations, we decided within the EuroBoNeT consortium to characterize a common set of cell lines including osteosarcomas (OS), Ewing sarcomas (ES), and chondrosarcomas ... Read more >>

Genes Chromosomes Cancer (Genes, chromosomes & cancer)
[2010, 49(1):40-51]

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Y-box-binding protein YB-1 identifies high-risk patients with primary breast cancer benefiting from rapidly cycled tandem high-dose adjuvant chemotherapy.

Oleg Gluz, Karin Mengele, Manfred Schmitt, Ronald Kates, Raihana Diallo-Danebrock, Frauke Neff, Hans-Dieter Royer, Niels Eckstein, Svjetlana Mohrmann, Evelyn Ting, Marion Kiechle, Christopher Poremba, Ulrike Nitz, Nadia Harbeck,

<h4>Purpose</h4>To investigate the potential of Y-box-binding protein YB-1, a multifunctional protein linked to tumor aggressiveness and multidrug resistance, to identify patients with breast cancer likely to benefit from dose-intensified chemotherapy regimens.<h4>Patients and methods</h4>YB-1 was immunohistochemically determined in 211 primary tumors from the prospective, randomized West German Study Group WSG-AM-01 trial ... Read more >>

J Clin Oncol (Journal of clinical oncology : official journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology)
[2009, 27(36):6144-6151]

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Leiomyosarcoma of the inferior vena cava: radical surgery and vascular reconstruction.

Andrea Alexander, Alexander Rehders, Andreas Raffel, Christopher Poremba, Wolfram T Knoefel, Claus F Eisenberger,

<h4>Background</h4>Vascular leiomyosarcoma are rare tumors typically originating from the inferior vena cava (IVC). Due to nonspecific clinical signs most tumors are diagnosed at advanced stages. Complete surgical resection remains the only potential curative therapeutic option. Surgical strategy is particularly influenced by the level of the IVC affected. Due to the ... Read more >>

World J Surg Oncol (World journal of surgical oncology)
[2009, 7:56]

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Long-term survival after surgery for primary hepatic sarcoma in adults.

Hanno Matthaei, Andreas Krieg, Moritz Schmelzle, Edwin Boelke, Christopher Poremba, Xavier Rogiers, Wolfram Trudo Knoefel, Matthias Peiper,

<h4>Hypothesis</h4>Patients with primary hepatic sarcomas benefit from resection, with possible long-term cure.<h4>Design</h4>Retrospective and prospective cohort study.<h4>Setting</h4>University hospitals of Hamburg-Eppendorf and Düsseldorf, Germany.<h4>Patients</h4>Between 1985 and 2006, 22 patients (8 men and 14 women; median age at initial diagnosis, 54 years [range, 19-80 years]) were surgically treated for primary hepatic sarcomas.<h4>Intervention</h4>Tumor resection ... Read more >>

Arch Surg (Archives of surgery (Chicago, Ill. : 1960))
[2009, 144(4):339-44; discussion 344]

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Superficial soft tissue sarcomas of the extremities and trunk.

Anja Lachenmayer, Qin Yang, Claus F Eisenberger, Edwin Boelke, Christopher Poremba, Antje Heinecke, Christian Ohmann, Wolfram Trudo Knoefel, Matthias Peiper,

<h4>Background</h4>Superficial soft tissue sarcomas (sSTS) are an important and frequent subtype of soft tissue sarcoma (STS). A wider knowledge of this tumor type may lead to better strategies in tumor therapy.<h4>Methods</h4>An institutional review was performed on all patients with primary sSTS of the extremities and trunk operated on between 1990 ... Read more >>

World J Surg (World journal of surgery)
[2009, 33(8):1641-1649]

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Primary peripheral primitive neuroectodermal tumor/Ewing's tumor of the testis in a 46-year-old man-differential diagnosis and review of the literature.

Sebastian Heikaus, Karl-Ludwig Schaefer, Jan Eucker, Esther Hogrebe, Raihanatou Danebrock, Daniel H Wai, Veit Krenn, Helmut E Gabbert, Christopher Poremba,

Peripheral primitive neuroectodermal tumor/Ewing's tumors are rare bone and soft tissue malignancies with a highly aggressive clinical course and early metastases occurring at multiple peripheral sites. Here, we present for the first time a case of a 46-year-old man with a primary peripheral primitive neuroectodermal tumor/Ewing's tumor of the testis. ... Read more >>

Hum Pathol (Human pathology)
[2009, 40(6):893-897]

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Gene Therapy of βc-Deficient Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis (βc-PAP): Studies in a Murine in vivo Model.

Veronika Kleff, Ursula R Sorg, Carsten Bury, Takuji Suzuki, Ina Rattmann, Moran Jerabek-Willemsen, Christopher Poremba, Michael Flasshove, Bertram Opalka, Bruce Trapnell, Uta Dirksen, Thomas Moritz,

Pulmonary alveolar proteinosis (PAP) due to deficiency of the common β-chain (βc) of the interleukin-3 (IL-3)/IL-5/granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF) receptors is a rare monogeneic disease characterized by functional insufficiency of pulmonary macrophages. Hematopoietic stem cell gene therapy for restoring expression of βc-protein in the hematopoietic system may offer a curative ... Read more >>

Mol Ther (Molecular therapy : the journal of the American Society of Gene Therapy)
[2008, 16(4):757-764]

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