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Microangiopathy in Inflammatory Diseases-Strategies in Surgery of the Lower Extremity.

Christoph Biehl, Lotta Biehl, Ingo Helmut Tarner, Ulf Müller-Ladner, Christian Heiss, Martin Heinrich,

Patients with an inflammatory disease frequently develop chronic angiopathy of the capillaries. Due to this pathology, there is an increased rate of complications in lower extremity surgical procedures. It is not uncommon for microangiopathic wound healing disorders to cause deep infections and fistulas, which lead to prolonged courses and hospitalizations. ... Read more >>

Life (Basel) (Life (Basel, Switzerland))
[2022, 12(2):200]

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Porous 3D Scaffolds Enhance MSC Vitality and Reduce Osteoclast Activity.

Miriam Spreda, Nicole Hauptmann, Veronika Lehner, Christoph Biehl, Klaus Liefeith, Katrin Susanne Lips,

In the context of an aging population, unhealthy Western lifestyle, and the lack of an optimal surgical treatment, deep osteochondral defects pose a great challenge for the public health system. Biodegradable, biomimetic scaffolds seem to be a promising solution. In this study we investigated the biocompatibility of porous poly-((D,L)-lactide-ε-caprolactone)dimethacrylate (LCM) ... Read more >>

Molecules (Molecules (Basel, Switzerland))
[2021, 26(20):6258]

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