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Parenteral hydroxocobalamin dose intensification in five patients with different types of early onset intracellular cobalamin defects: Clinical and biochemical responses.

Emmanuel Scalais, Elise Osterheld, Christine Geron, Charlotte Pierron, Ronit Chafai, Vincent Schlesser, Patricia Borde, Luc Regal, Hilde Laeremans, Koen L I van Gassen, L Bert van den Heuvel, Linda De Meirleir,

Intracellular cobalamin metabolism (ICM) defects can be present as autosomal recessive or X-linked disorders. Parenteral hydroxocobalamin (P-OHCbl) is the mainstay of therapy, but the optimal dose has not been determined. Despite early treatment, long-term complications may develop. We have analyzed the biochemical and clinical responses in five patients with early ... Read more >>

JIMD Rep (JIMD reports)
[2019, 49(1):70-79]

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Antiviral Drug-Resistance Typing Reveals Compartmentalization and Dynamics of Acyclovir-Resistant Herpes Simplex Virus Type-2 (HSV-2) in a Case of Neonatal Herpes.

Manon Bache, Graciela Andrei, Lutz Bindl, Léon Bofferding, Jean Bottu, Christine Géron, Christoph Neuhäuser, Sarah Gillemot, Pierre Fiten, Ghislain Opdenakker, Robert Snoeck,

A neonate suffering from herpes simplex virus type 2 disease with central nervous system involvement developed an early recurrence under acyclovir therapy. Isolates from the cerebrospinal fluid and skin lesions were acyclovir resistant, while viruses from blood and trachea were not. Acyclovir combined with foscavir followed by long-term suppressive acyclovir ... Read more >>

J Pediatric Infect Dis Soc (Journal of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society)
[2014, 3(2):e24-7]

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