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Commentary: Novel Use of Offset Analgesia to Assess Adolescents and Adults with Treatment Resistant Endometriosis-Associated Pain.

Claire E Lunde, Edina Szabo, Scott A Holmes, David Borsook, Christine B Sieberg,

Background and Objective:Endometriosis, affecting approximately 176 million adults and adolescents worldwide, is a debilitating condition in which uterine tissue grows outside the uterus. The condition costs the US economy approximately $78 billion annually in pain-related disability. By understanding the neural underpinnings of endometriosis-associated pain (EAP) and risk factors for chronification, ... Read more >>

J Pain Res (Journal of pain research)
[2020, 13:2775-2782]

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Delivering transformative action in paediatric pain: a Lancet Child & Adolescent Health Commission.

Christopher Eccleston, Emma Fisher, Richard F Howard, Rebeccah Slater, Paula Forgeron, Tonya M Palermo, Kathryn A Birnie, Brian J Anderson, Christine T Chambers, Geert Crombez, Gustaf Ljungman, Isabel Jordan, Zachary Jordan, Caitriona Roberts, Neil Schechter, Christine B Sieberg, Dick Tibboel, Suellen M Walker, Dominic Wilkinson, Chantal Wood,

Lancet Child Adolesc Health (The Lancet. Child & adolescent health)
[2020, :]

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Comorbid chronic pain and opioid misuse in youth: Knowns, unknowns, and implications for behavioral treatment.

Melissa Pielech, Claire E Lunde, Sara J Becker, Kevin E Vowles, Christine B Sieberg,

Chronic pain and opioid misuse occur in pediatric populations and can be associated with a range of negative adverse outcomes that may persist into adulthood. While the association between chronic pain, opioid prescribing, and opioid-related adverse consequences is reasonably well established in adults, the relation in pediatric patients is not ... Read more >>

Am Psychol (The American psychologist)
[2020, 75(6):811-824]

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The Potential Role of Preoperative Pain, Catastrophizing, and Differential Gene Expression on Pain Outcomes after Pediatric Spinal Fusion.

Mallory Perry, Christine B Sieberg, Erin E Young, Kyle Baumbauer, Vijender Singh, Cindy Wong, Angela Starkweather,

BACKGROUND:Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis is one of the most common spinal deformities in children and adolescents requiring extensive surgical intervention. Due to the nature of surgery, spinal fusion increases their risk of experiencing persistent postsurgical pain. Up to 20% of adolescents report pain for months or years after corrective spinal fusion ... Read more >>

Pain Manag Nurs (Pain management nursing : official journal of the American Society of Pain Management Nurses)
[2020, :]

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Walking the Tightrope: A Proposed Model of Chronic Pain and Stress.

Claire E Lunde, Christine B Sieberg,

Pain and stress are both phenomena that challenge an individual's homeostasis and have significant overlap in conceptual and physiological processes. Allostasis is the ability to adapt to pain and stress and maintain homeostasis; however, if either process becomes chronic, it may result in negative long-term outcomes. The negative effects of ... Read more >>

Front Neurosci (Frontiers in neuroscience)
[2020, 14:270]

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Avoid or engage? Outcomes of graded exposure in youth with chronic pain using a sequential replicated single-case randomized design.

Laura E Simons, Johan W S Vlaeyen, Lies Declercq, Allison M Smith, Justin Beebe, Melinda Hogan, Eileen Li, Corey A Kronman, Farah Mahmud, Jenelle R Corey, Christine B Sieberg, Christine Ploski,

Pain-related fear is typically associated with avoidance behavior and pain-related disability in youth with chronic pain. Youth with elevated pain-related fear have attenuated treatment responses; thus, targeted treatment is highly warranted. Evidence supporting graded in vivo exposure treatment (GET) for adults with chronic pain is considerable, but just emerging for ... Read more >>

Pain (Pain)
[2020, 161(3):520-531]

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Parent Attributions of Ambiguous Symptoms in Their Children: A Preliminary Measure Validation in Parents of Children with Chronic Pain.

Lauren C Heathcote, Sara E Williams, Allison M Smith, Christine B Sieberg, Laura E Simons,

How parents attribute cause to their child’s physical symptoms is likely important in understanding how the parent responds to the child, as well as the child’s health outcomes, especially within the context of chronic illness. Here, we adapt the Symptom Interpretation Questionnaire for parent report (SIQ-PR) and provide preliminary validation ... Read more >>

Children (Basel) (Children (Basel, Switzerland))
[2018, 5(6):]

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Neuropathic pain drives anxiety behavior in mice, results consistent with anxiety levels in diabetic neuropathy patients.

Christine B Sieberg, Caitlin Taras, Aya Gomaa, Chelsea Nickerson, Cindy Wong, Catherine Ward, Georgios Baskozos, David L H Bennett, Juan D Ramirez, Andreas C Themistocleous, Andrew S C Rice, Pallai R Shillo, Solomon Tesfaye, Robert R Edwards, Nick A Andrews, Charles Berde, Michael Costigan,

Background:Epidemiological studies in patients with neuropathic pain demonstrate a strong association with psychiatric conditions such as anxiety; however, the precipitating pathology between these symptoms remains unclear. To investigate this, we studied the effects of lifelong stress on levels of neuropathic pain-like behavior and conversely, the effects of chronic neuropathic injury ... Read more >>

Pain Rep (Pain reports)
[2018, 3(3):e651]

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Subliminal (latent) processing of pain and its evolution to conscious awareness.

David Borsook, Andrew M Youssef, Nadia Barakat, Christine B Sieberg, Igor Elman,

By unconscious or covert processing of pain we refer to nascent interactions that affect the eventual deliverance of pain awareness. Thus, internal processes (viz., repeated nociceptive events, inflammatory kindling, reorganization of brain networks, genetic) or external processes (viz., environment, socioeconomic levels, modulation of epigenetic status) contribute to enhancing or inhibiting ... Read more >>

Neurosci Biobehav Rev (Neuroscience and biobehavioral reviews)
[2018, 88:1-15]

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Predicting Postsurgical Satisfaction in Adolescents With Idiopathic Scoliosis: The Role of Presurgical Functioning and Expectations.

Christine B Sieberg, Juliana Manganella, Gem Manalo, Laura E Simons, M Timothy Hresko,

There is a need to better assess patient satisfaction and surgical outcomes. The purpose of the current study is to identify how preoperative expectations can impact postsurgical satisfaction among youth with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis undergoing spinal fusion surgery.The present study includes patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis undergoing spinal fusion surgery ... Read more >>

J Pediatr Orthop (Journal of pediatric orthopedics)
[2017, 37(8):e548-e551]

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Children With Chronic Pain: Response Trajectories After Intensive Pain Rehabilitation Treatment.

Laura E Simons, Christine B Sieberg, Caitlin Conroy, Edin T Randall, Julie Shulman, David Borsook, Charles Berde, Navil F Sethna, Deirdre E Logan,

Intensive pain rehabilitation programs for children with chronic pain are effective for many patients. However, characteristics associated with treatment response have not been well documented. In this article we report trajectories of pain and functional impairment in patients with chronic pain up to 1 year after intensive pain rehabilitation and ... Read more >>

J Pain (The journal of pain : official journal of the American Pain Society)
[2018, 19(2):207-218]

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Predictors and trajectories of chronic postoperative pain following hip preservation surgery.

Christine B Sieberg, Justyna Klajn, Cindy Wong, Garrett Bowen, Laura E Simons, Michael B Millis,

Factors contributing to chronic postoperative pain (CPOP) are poorly defined in young people and developmental considerations are poorly understood. With over 5 million children undergoing surgery yearly and 25% of adults referred to chronic pain clinics identifying surgery as the antecedent, there is a need to elucidate factors that contribute ... Read more >>

(Journal of hip preservation surgery)
[2017, 4(1):45-53]

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Changes in Maternal and Paternal Pain-Related Attitudes, Behaviors, and Perceptions across Pediatric Pain Rehabilitation Treatment: A Multilevel Modeling Approach.

Christine B Sieberg, Allison Smith, Matthew White, Juliana Manganella, Navil Sethna, Deirdre E Logan, ,

Objectives:This prospective study compared paternal versus maternal factors and their impact on child outcomes in the context of an intensive pediatric pain rehabilitation program. Methods:One hundred four youth with treatment refractory chronic pain and their parents enrolled in an intensive pediatric pain rehabilitation program completed measures of pain, functional disability, ... Read more >>

J Pediatr Psychol (Journal of pediatric psychology)
[2017, 42(1):52-64]

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The Association Between a History of Lifetime Traumatic Events and Pain Severity, Physical Function, and Affective Distress in Patients With Chronic Pain.

Andrea L Nicol, Christine B Sieberg, Daniel J Clauw, Afton L Hassett, Stephanie E Moser, Chad M Brummett,

Evidence suggests that pain patients who report lifetime abuse experience greater psychological distress, have more severe pain and other physical symptoms, and greater functional disability. The aim of the present study was to determine the associations between a history of lifetime abuse and affective distress, fibromyalgianess (measured using the 2011 ... Read more >>

J Pain (The journal of pain : official journal of the American Pain Society)
[2016, 17(12):1334-1348]

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Nonpharmacologic Treatment of Pain.

Anna Monica Agoston, Christine B Sieberg,

Pain is a complex biopsychosocial experience that is influenced by neurological processes and psychosocial factors. Systematic reviews and meta-analyses of randomized controlled trials of psychological interventions have demonstrated evidence for psychological approaches in treating procedural pain and multiple types of chronic pain, including headaches, abdominal pain, and musculoskeletal pain. This ... Read more >>

Semin Pediatr Neurol (Seminars in pediatric neurology)
[2016, 23(3):220-223]

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Living Life With My Child's Pain: The Parent Pain Acceptance Questionnaire (PPAQ).

Allison M Smith, Christine B Sieberg, Shannon Odell, Edin Randall, Laura E Simons,

OBJECTIVE:Parents' emotional, cognitive, and behavioral responses are highly influential on children's pain and functional outcomes. One important response to pediatric pain is acceptance: the degree to which an individual participates in routine daily activities in the presence of pain and is willing to let pain be a part of their ... Read more >>

Clin J Pain (The Clinical journal of pain)
[2015, 31(7):633-641]

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Parents--to help or hinder pain memories in children.

Laura E Simons, Christine B Sieberg,

Pain (Pain)
[2015, 156(5):761-762]

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Family Beliefs and Interventions in Pediatric Pain Management.

Christine B Sieberg, Juliana Manganella,

Whether a child has to endure a procedure that incurs acute pain or a child has chronic pain, the impact on the family, especially parents, can be profound. Parents need to be active members of their child's health care team; however, they are often ill equipped to cope with either ... Read more >>

Child Adolesc Psychiatr Clin N Am (Child and adolescent psychiatric clinics of North America)
[2015, 24(3):631-645]

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Changes in sleep habits in adolescents during intensive interdisciplinary pediatric pain rehabilitation.

Deirdre E Logan, Christine B Sieberg, Caitlin Conroy, Kelly Smith, Shannon Odell, Navil Sethna,

Sleep behaviors play an important role in the experience of chronic pain in adolescence; less well known is the effect of improved sleep in the context of pain rehabilitation. This study examined changes in sleep habits and their association with pain and functioning following day-hospital interdisciplinary pediatric pain rehabilitation. Participants ... Read more >>

J Youth Adolesc (Journal of youth and adolescence)
[2015, 44(2):543-555]

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Pain prevalence and trajectories following pediatric spinal fusion surgery.

Christine B Sieberg, Laura E Simons, Mark R Edelstein, Maria R DeAngelis, Melissa Pielech, Navil Sethna, M Timothy Hresko,

Factors contributing to pain following surgery are poorly understood, with previous research largely focused on adults. With approximately 6 million children undergoing surgery each year, there is a need to study pediatric persistent postsurgical pain. The present study includes patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis undergoing spinal fusion surgery enrolled in ... Read more >>

J Pain (The journal of pain : official journal of the American Pain Society)
[2013, 14(12):1694-1702]

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Connecting parents of children with chronic pain through art therapy.

Melissa Pielech, Christine B Sieberg, Laura E Simons,

OBJECTIVES:To help address the unique needs of parents of children with chronic pain, a four module, parent-only, group art therapy curriculum was designed and implemented within an interdisciplinary pain rehabilitation treatment program. We evaluated perceived satisfaction and helpfulness of the group intervention. METHODS:Fifty-three parents of children experiencing chronic pain enrolled ... Read more >>

Clin Pract Pediatr Psychol (Clinical practice in pediatric psychology)
[2013, 1(3):214-226]

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Patients with pain are not all the same: considering fear of pain and other individual factors in treatment.

Laura E Simons, Christine B Sieberg, Rachael M Coakley,

Pain Manag (Pain management)
[2013, 3(2):87-89]

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What does it take? Comparing intensive rehabilitation to outpatient treatment for children with significant pain-related disability.

Laura E Simons, Christine B Sieberg, Melissa Pielech, Caitlin Conroy, Deirdre E Logan,

This study compared outcomes between day hospital pain rehabilitation patients and patients engaged in outpatient multidisciplinary pain treatment.This study included 100 children who presented for an initial tertiary care pain clinic evaluation. 50 patients enrolled in intensive day hospital pain rehabilitation and 50 patients pursued outpatient multidisciplinary treatment. Across 2 ... Read more >>

J Pediatr Psychol (Journal of pediatric psychology)
[2013, 38(2):213-223]

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Ecological system influences in the treatment of pediatric chronic pain.

Deirdre E Logan, Lisa B Engle, Amanda B Feinstein, Christine B Sieberg, Penny Sparling, Lindsey L Cohen, Caitlin Conroy, Dana Driesman, Akihiko Masuda,

Family, school and the peer network each shape the chronic pain experience of the individual child, and each of these contexts also represents a domain of functioning often impaired by chronic pain. The goal of the present article is to summarize what is known about these bidirectional influences between children ... Read more >>

Pain Res Manag (Pain research & management)
[2012, 17(6):407-411]

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Changes in willingness to self-manage pain among children and adolescents and their parents enrolled in an intensive interdisciplinary pediatric pain treatment program.

Deirdre E Logan, Caitlin Conroy, Christine B Sieberg, Laura E Simons,

The importance of willingness to adopt a self-management approach to chronic pain has been demonstrated in the context of cognitive-behaviorally oriented interdisciplinary pain treatment programs for adults, both as a treatment outcome and as a process that facilitates functional improvements. Willingness to self-manage pain has not been studied in pediatric ... Read more >>

Pain (Pain)
[2012, 153(9):1863-1870]

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