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Effects of the Positive Threshold and Data Analysis on Human MOG Antibody Detection by Live Flow Cytometry.

Fiona Tea, Deepti Pilli, Sudarshini Ramanathan, Joseph A Lopez, Vera Merheb, Fiona X Z Lee, Alicia Zou, Ganesha Liyanage, Chelsea B Bassett, Selina Thomsen, Stephen W Reddel, Michael H Barnett, David A Brown, Russell C Dale, Fabienne Brilot, ,

Human autoantibodies targeting myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein (MOG Ab) have become a useful clinical biomarker for the diagnosis of a spectrum of inflammatory demyelinating disorders. Live cell-based assays that detect MOG Ab against conformational MOG are currently the gold standard. Flow cytometry, in which serum binding to MOG-expressing cells and control ... Read more >>

Front Immunol (Frontiers in immunology)
[2020, 11:119]

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