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The Biological Significance and Implications of Planar Cell Polarity for Nephrology.

Eugenia Papakrivopoulou, Daniyal J Jafree, Charlotte H Dean, David A Long,

The orientation of cells in two-dimensional and three-dimensional space underpins how the kidney develops and responds to disease. The process by which cells orientate themselves within the plane of a tissue is termed planar cell polarity. In this Review, we discuss how planar cell polarity and the proteins that underpin ... Read more >>

Front Physiol (Frontiers in physiology)
[2021, 12:599529]

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An Ex Vivo Acid Injury and Repair (AIR) Model Using Precision-Cut Lung Slices to Understand Lung Injury and Repair.

Sally Yunsun Kim, Róisín Mongey, Mark Griffiths, Matthew Hind, Charlotte H Dean,

Recent advances in cell culture models like air-liquid interface culture and ex vivo models such as organoids have advanced studies of lung biology; however, gaps exist between these models and tools that represent the complexity of the three-dimensional environment of the lung. Precision-cut lung slices (PCLS) mimic the in vivo ... Read more >>

Curr Protoc Mouse Biol (Current protocols in mouse biology)
[2020, 10(4):e85]

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The acid injury and repair (AIR) model: A novel ex-vivo tool to understand lung repair.

Sally Yunsun Kim, Róisín Mongey, Peizhu Wang, Stephen Rothery, David C A Gaboriau, Matthew Hind, Mark Griffiths, Charlotte H Dean,

Research into mechanisms underlying lung injury and subsequent repair responses is currently of paramount importance. There is a paucity of models that bridge the gap between in vitro and in vivo research. Such intermediate models are critical for researchers to decipher the mechanisms that drive repair and to test potential ... Read more >>

Biomaterials (Biomaterials)
[2021, 267:120480]

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Lung Development Genes and Adult Lung Function.

Laura Portas, Miguel Pereira, Seif O Shaheen, Annah B Wyss, Stephanie J London, Peter G J Burney, Matthew Hind, Charlotte H Dean, Cosetta Minelli,

<b>Rationale:</b> Poor lung health in adult life may occur partly through suboptimal growth and development, as suggested by epidemiological evidence pointing to early life risk factors.<b>Objectives:</b> To systematically investigate the effects of lung development genes on adult lung function.<b>Methods:</b> Using UK Biobank data, we tested the association of 391 genes ... Read more >>

Am J Respir Crit Care Med (American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine)
[2020, 202(6):853-865]

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Mechanism of lung development in the aetiology of adult congenital pulmonary airway malformations.

Bethany Taylor, Alexandra Rice, Andrew G Nicholson, Matthew Hind, Charlotte H Dean,

Congenital pulmonary airway malformations (CPAMs) are rare lung abnormalities that result in cyst formation and are associated with respiratory distress in infants and malignant potential in adults. The pathogenesis of CPAMs remains unknown but data suggest disruption of the normal proximo-distal programme of airway branching and differentiation. Here, we demonstrate ... Read more >>

Thorax (Thorax)
[2020, 75(11):1001-1003]

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Hedgehog-Activated Fat4 and PCP Pathways Mediate Mesenchymal Cell Clustering and Villus Formation in Gut Development.

Abilasha Rao-Bhatia, Min Zhu, Wen-Chi Yin, Sabrina Coquenlorge, Xiaoyun Zhang, Janghee Woo, Yu Sun, Charlotte H Dean, Aimin Liu, Chi-Chung Hui, Ramesh A Shivdasani, Helen McNeill, Sevan Hopyan, Tae-Hee Kim,

During development, intestinal epithelia undergo dramatic morphogenesis mediated by mesenchymal signaling to form villi, which are required for efficient nutrient absorption and host defense. Although both smooth-muscle-induced physical forces and mesenchymal cell clustering beneath emerging villi are implicated in epithelial folding, the underlying cellular mechanisms are unclear. Hedgehog (Hh) signaling ... Read more >>

Dev Cell (Developmental cell)
[2020, 52(5):647-658.e6]

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Time-lapse Imaging of Alveologenesis in Mouse Precision-cut Lung Slices.

Khondoker M Akram, Laura L Yates, Róisín Mongey, Stephen Rothery, David C A Gaboriau, Jeremy Sanderson, Matthew Hind, Mark Griffiths, Charlotte H Dean,

Alveoli are the gas-exchange units of lung. The process of alveolar development, alveologenesis, is regulated by a complex network of signaling pathways that act on various cell types including alveolar type I and II epithelial cells, fibroblasts and the vascular endothelium. Dysregulated alveologenesis results in bronchopulmonary dysplasia in neonates and ... Read more >>

Bio Protoc (Bio-protocol)
[2019, 9(20):e3403]

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Live imaging of alveologenesis in precision-cut lung slices reveals dynamic epithelial cell behaviour.

Khondoker M Akram, Laura L Yates, Róisín Mongey, Stephen Rothery, David C A Gaboriau, Jeremy Sanderson, Matthew Hind, Mark Griffiths, Charlotte H Dean,

Damage to alveoli, the gas-exchanging region of the lungs, is a component of many chronic and acute lung diseases. In addition, insufficient generation of alveoli results in bronchopulmonary dysplasia, a disease of prematurity. Therefore visualising the process of alveolar development (alveologenesis) is critical for our understanding of lung homeostasis and ... Read more >>

Nat Commun (Nature communications)
[2019, 10(1):1178]

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Vangl2, a planar cell polarity molecule, is implicated in irreversible and reversible kidney glomerular injury.

Eugenia Papakrivopoulou, Elisavet Vasilopoulou, Maja T Lindenmeyer, Sabrina Pacheco, Hortensja Ł Brzóska, Karen L Price, Maria Kolatsi-Joannou, Kathryn E White, Deborah J Henderson, Charlotte H Dean, Clemens D Cohen, Alan D Salama, Adrian S Woolf, David A Long,

Planar cell polarity (PCP) pathways control the orientation and alignment of epithelial cells within tissues. Van Gogh-like 2 (Vangl2) is a key PCP protein that is required for the normal differentiation of kidney glomeruli and tubules. Vangl2 has also been implicated in modifying the course of acquired glomerular disease, and ... Read more >>

J Pathol (The Journal of pathology)
[2018, 246(4):485-496]

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New Rules for Club Development: New Insights into Human Small Airway Epithelial Club Cell Ontogeny and Function.

Charlotte H Dean, Robert J Snelgrove,

Am J Respir Crit Care Med (American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine)
[2018, 198(11):1355-1356]

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Planar cell polarity in organ formation.

Deborah J Henderson, David A Long, Charlotte H Dean,

The planar cell polarity (PCP) pathway controls a variety of morphological events across many species. During embryonic development, the PCP pathway regulates coordinated behaviour of groups of cells to direct morphogenetic processes such as convergent extension and collective cell migration. In this review we discuss the increasingly prominent role of ... Read more >>

Curr Opin Cell Biol (Current opinion in cell biology)
[2018, 55:96-103]

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Manipulation of dipeptidylpeptidase 10 in mouse and human in vivo and in vitro models indicates a protective role in asthma.

Youming Zhang, Thanushiyan Poobalasingam, Laura L Yates, Simone A Walker, Martin S Taylor, Lauren Chessum, Jackie Harrison, Loukia Tsaprouni, Ian M Adcock, Clare M Lloyd, William O Cookson, Miriam F Moffatt, Charlotte H Dean,

We previously identified dipeptidylpeptidase 10 (<i>DPP10</i>) on chromosome 2 as a human asthma susceptibility gene, through positional cloning. Initial association results were confirmed in many subsequent association studies but the functional role of DPP10 in asthma remains unclear. Using the MRC Harwell N-ethyl-N-nitrosourea (ENU) DNA archive, we identified a point ... Read more >>

Dis Model Mech (Disease models & mechanisms)
[2018, 11(1):]

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A mutation in Nischarin causes otitis media via LIMK1 and NF-κB pathways.

Michael Crompton, Tom Purnell, Hayley E Tyrer, Andrew Parker, Greg Ball, Rachel E Hardisty-Hughes, Richard Gale, Debbie Williams, Charlotte H Dean, Michelle M Simon, Ann-Marie Mallon, Sara Wells, Mahmood F Bhutta, Martin J Burton, Hilda Tateossian, Steve D M Brown,

Otitis media (OM), inflammation of the middle ear (ME), is a common cause of conductive hearing impairment. Despite the importance of the disease, the aetiology of chronic and recurrent forms of middle ear inflammatory disease remains poorly understood. Studies of the human population suggest that there is a significant genetic ... Read more >>

PLoS Genet (PLoS genetics)
[2017, 13(8):e1006969]

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Lung Alveolar Repair: Not All Cells Are Equal.

Charlotte H Dean, Clare M Lloyd,

The lungs are capable of repair but the extent to which this occurs varies widely. Recent data indicate that, following injury, different progenitor cell populations can arise, depending on the molecular environment. In turn, these result in either normal or aberrant alveolar repair. Thus, a key question in lung regenerative ... Read more >>

Trends Mol Med (Trends in molecular medicine)
[2017, 23(10):871-873]

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Heterozygous Vangl2Looptail mice reveal novel roles for the planar cell polarity pathway in adult lung homeostasis and repair.

Thanushiyan Poobalasingam, Laura L Yates, Simone A Walker, Miguel Pereira, Nina Y Gross, Akmol Ali, Maria Kolatsi-Joannou, Marjo-Riitta Jarvelin, Juha Pekkanen, Eugenia Papakrivopoulou, David A Long, Mark Griffiths, Darcy Wagner, Melanie Königshoff, Matthew Hind, Cosetta Minelli, Clare M Lloyd, Charlotte H Dean,

Lung diseases impose a huge economic and health burden worldwide. A key aspect of several adult lung diseases, such as idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), including emphysema, is aberrant tissue repair, which leads to an accumulation of damage and impaired respiratory function. Currently, there are ... Read more >>

Dis Model Mech (Disease models & mechanisms)
[2017, 10(4):409-423]

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Deficient retinoid-driven angiogenesis may contribute to failure of adult human lung regeneration in emphysema.

John-Poul Ng-Blichfeldt, Joana Alçada, M Angeles Montero, Charlotte H Dean, Uta Griesenbach, Mark J Griffiths, Matthew Hind,

<h4>Background</h4>Molecular pathways that regulate alveolar development and adult repair represent potential therapeutic targets for emphysema. Signalling via retinoic acid (RA), derived from vitamin A, is required for mammalian alveologenesis, and exogenous RA can induce alveolar regeneration in rodents. Little is known about RA signalling in the human lung and its ... Read more >>

Thorax (Thorax)
[2017, 72(6):510-521]

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Pulmonary ORMDL3 is critical for induction of Alternaria-induced allergic airways disease.

Stephan Löser, Lisa G Gregory, Youming Zhang, Katrein Schaefer, Simone A Walker, James Buckley, Laura Denney, Charlotte H Dean, William O C Cookson, Miriam F Moffatt, Clare M Lloyd,

<h4>Background</h4>Genome-wide association studies have identified the ORM (yeast)-like protein isoform 3 (ORMDL3) gene locus on human chromosome 17q to be a highly significant risk factor for childhood-onset asthma.<h4>Objective</h4>We sought to investigate in vivo the functional role of ORMDL3 in disease inception.<h4>Methods</h4>An Ormdl3-deficient mouse was generated and the role of ORMDL3 in ... Read more >>

J Allergy Clin Immunol (The Journal of allergy and clinical immunology)
[2017, 139(5):1496-1507.e3]

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Imaging the lung: the old ways and the new.

Thanushiyan Poobalasingam, David Salman, Henry Li, Joana Alçada, Charlotte H Dean,

Our understanding of lung biology can be greatly enhanced by studying embryonic and postnatal lung development, and the perturbations which occur during disease. Imaging techniques provide a unique insight into these processes. A wide variety of imaging techniques have been used to study the lungs at various stages of development ... Read more >>

Histol Histopathol (Histology and histopathology)
[2017, 32(4):325-337]

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Association of Forced Vital Capacity with the Developmental Gene NCOR2.

Cosetta Minelli, Charlotte H Dean, Matthew Hind, Alexessander Couto Alves, André F S Amaral, Valerie Siroux, Ville Huikari, María Soler Artigas, David M Evans, Daan W Loth, Yohan Bossé, Dirkje S Postma, Don Sin, John Thompson, Florence Demenais, John Henderson, , , Emmanuelle Bouzigon, Deborah Jarvis, Marjo-Riitta Järvelin, Peter Burney,

<h4>Background</h4>Forced Vital Capacity (FVC) is an important predictor of all-cause mortality in the absence of chronic respiratory conditions. Epidemiological evidence highlights the role of early life factors on adult FVC, pointing to environmental exposures and genes affecting lung development as risk factors for low FVC later in life. Although highly ... Read more >>

PLoS One (PloS one)
[2016, 11(2):e0147388]

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Interactions between the otitis media gene, Fbxo11, and p53 in the mouse embryonic lung.

Hilda Tateossian, Susan Morse, Michelle M Simon, Charlotte H Dean, Steve D M Brown,

Otitis media with effusion (OME) is the most common cause of hearing loss in children, and tympanostomy (ear tube insertion) to alleviate the condition remains the commonest surgical intervention in children in the developed world. Chronic and recurrent forms of otitis media (OM) are known to have a very substantial ... Read more >>

Dis Model Mech (Disease models & mechanisms)
[2015, 8(12):1531-1542]

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Atmin mediates kidney morphogenesis by modulating Wnt signaling.

Paraskevi Goggolidou, Nazreen F Hadjirin, Aggie Bak, Eugenia Papakrivopoulou, Helen Hilton, Dominic P Norris, Charlotte H Dean,

The DNA damage protein and transcription factor Atmin (Asciz) is required for both lung tubulogenesis and ciliogenesis. Like the lungs, kidneys contain a tubular network that is critical for their function and in addition, renal ciliary dysfunction has been implicated in the pathogenesis of cystic kidney disease. Using the Atmin ... Read more >>

Hum Mol Genet (Human molecular genetics)
[2014, 23(20):5303-5316]

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Planar cell polarity and the kidney.

Eugenia Papakrivopoulou, Charlotte H Dean, Andrew J Copp, David A Long,

Planar cell polarity (PCP) is the uniform orientation and alignment of a group of cells orthogonal to the apical-basal axis within a tissue. Originally described in insects, it is now known that PCP is required for many processes in vertebrates, including directional cell movement, polarized cell division, ciliary orientation, neural ... Read more >>

Nephrol Dial Transplant (Nephrology, dialysis, transplantation : official publication of the European Dialysis and Transplant Association - European Renal Association)
[2014, 29(7):1320-1326]

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Scribble is required for normal epithelial cell-cell contacts and lumen morphogenesis in the mammalian lung.

Laura L Yates, Carsten Schnatwinkel, Lee Hazelwood, Lauren Chessum, Anju Paudyal, Helen Hilton, M Rosario Romero, Jonathan Wilde, Debora Bogani, Jeremy Sanderson, Caroline Formstone, Jennifer N Murdoch, Lee A Niswander, Andy Greenfield, Charlotte H Dean,

During lung development, proper epithelial cell arrangements are critical for the formation of an arborized network of tubes. Each tube requires a lumen, the diameter of which must be tightly regulated to enable optimal lung function. Lung branching and lumen morphogenesis require close epithelial cell-cell contacts that are maintained as ... Read more >>

Dev Biol (Developmental biology)
[2013, 373(2):267-280]

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Planar polarity: A new player in both lung development and disease.

Laura L Yates, Charlotte H Dean,

The clinical burden of both adult and neonatal lung disease worldwide is substantial; in the UK alone, respiratory disease kills one in four people. It is increasingly recognized that genes and pathways that regulate lung development, may be aberrantly activated in disease and/or reactivated as part of the lungs' intrinsic ... Read more >>

Organogenesis (Organogenesis)
[2011, 7(3):209-216]

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The novel mouse mutant, chuzhoi, has disruption of Ptk7 protein and exhibits defects in neural tube, heart and lung development and abnormal planar cell polarity in the ear.

Anju Paudyal, Christine Damrau, Victoria L Patterson, Alexander Ermakov, Caroline Formstone, Zuzanna Lalanne, Sara Wells, Xiaowei Lu, Dominic P Norris, Charlotte H Dean, Deborah J Henderson, Jennifer N Murdoch,

<h4>Background</h4>The planar cell polarity (PCP) signalling pathway is fundamental to a number of key developmental events, including initiation of neural tube closure. Disruption of the PCP pathway causes the severe neural tube defect of craniorachischisis, in which almost the entire brain and spinal cord fails to close. Identification of mouse ... Read more >>

BMC Dev Biol (BMC developmental biology)
[2010, 10:87]

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