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Use of Human Intestinal Enteroids to Evaluate Persistence of Infectious Human Norovirus in Seawater.

Marion Desdouits, David Polo, Cecile Le Mennec, Sofia Strubbia, Xi-Lei Zeng, Khalil Ettayebi, Robert L Atmar, Mary K Estes, Françoise S Le Guyader,

Little data on the persistence of human norovirus infectivity are available to predict its transmissibility. Using human intestinal enteroids, we demonstrate that 2 human norovirus strains can remain infectious for several weeks in seawater. Such experiments can improve understanding of factors associated with norovirus survival in coastal waters and shellfish. ... Read more >>

Emerg Infect Dis (Emerging infectious diseases)
[2022, 28(7):1475-1479]

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Metagenomic to evaluate norovirus genomic diversity in oysters: Impact on hexamer selection and targeted capture-based enrichment.

Sofia Strubbia, Julien Schaeffer, Alban Besnard, Candice Wacrenier, Cécile Le Mennec, Pascal Garry, Marion Desdouits, Françoise S Le Guyader,

Human virus transmission through food consumption has been identified since many years and the international trade increases the risk of dissemination of viral pathogens. The development of metagenomic approach holds many promises for the surveillance of viruses in food and water. This work aimed to analyze norovirus diversity and to ... Read more >>

Int J Food Microbiol (International journal of food microbiology)
[2020, 323:108588]

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