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Integrated cervical cancer screening in Mayuge District Uganda (ASPIRE Mayuge): a pragmatic sequential cluster randomized trial protocol.

Carolyn Nakisige, Jessica Trawin, Sheona Mitchell-Foster, Beth A Payne, Angeli Rawat, Nadia Mithani, Cathy Amuge, Heather Pedersen, Jackson Orem, Laurie Smith, Gina Ogilvie,

BACKGROUND:Cervical cancer is almost entirely preventable through vaccination and screening, yet remains one of the 'gravest threats to women's lives' according to the World Health Organization. Specific high-risk subtypes of human papillomavirus (HR-HPV) are well-established as the primary cause of cervical cancer. Uganda has one of the highest cervical cancer ... Read more >>

BMC Public Health (BMC public health)
[2020, 20(1):142]

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