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Maternal characteristics and pregnancy outcomes of hospitalized pregnant women with SARS-CoV-2 infection in South Africa: An International Network of Obstetric Survey Systems-based cohort study.

Samantha Budhram, Valerie Vannevel, Tanita Botha, Lawrence Chauke, Shastra Bhoora, Gaynor M Balie, Natalie Odell, Hennie Lombaard, Amy Wise, Chrysanthi Georgiou, Nondumiso Ngxola, Emma Wynne, Unati Mbewu, Mfundo Mabenge, Sibusiso Phinzi, Nontsikelelo Gubu-Ntaba, Gareth Goldman, Kay Tunkyi, Sudhir Prithipal, Keshree Naidoo, Santhi Venkatachalam, Terence Moodley, Sean Mould, Mzuvele Hlabisa, Logie Govender, Charlene Maistry, John P Habineza, Priya Israel, Serantha Foolchand, Nomandla V Tsibiyane, Mala Panday, Priya Soma-Pillay, Sumaiya Adam, Felicia Molokoane, Matthew S Mojela, Elizabeth J van Rensburg, Tshililo Mashamba, Mushi Matjila, Sue Fawcus, Ayesha Osman, Mareli Venter, Gregory Petro, Ahminah Fakier, Eduard Langenegger, Catherine A Cluver, Adrie Bekker, Liesl de Waard, Chantal Stewart, Nnabuike C Ngene, Ongombe Lunda, Sylvia N Cebekhulu, Siva Moodley, Mama-Asu Koranteng-Peprah, Emmanuel M C Ati, Salome Maswime, Laura M Yates,

<h4>Objective</h4>To describe risk factors and outcomes of pregnant women infected with SARS-CoV-2 admitted to South African healthcare facilities.<h4>Methods</h4>A population-based cohort study was conducted utilizing an amended International Obstetric Surveillance System protocol. Data on pregnant women with SARS-CoV-2 infection, hospitalized between April 14, 2020, and November 24, 2020, were analyzed.<h4>Results</h4>A total ... Read more >>

Int J Gynaecol Obstet (International journal of gynaecology and obstetrics: the official organ of the International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics)
[2021, :]

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Blood pressure as a risk factor for eclampsia and pulmonary oedema in pre-eclampsia.

Pauli Van Heerden, Catherine A Cluver, Karl Bergman, Lina Bergman,

<h4>Objective</h4>We evaluated whether blood pressure and change in blood pressure measurements during pregnancy were associated with eclampsia or pulmonary oedema among women with pre-eclampsia.<h4>Study design</h4>Observational study of women with eclampsia, pre-eclampsia complicated by pulmonary oedema and pre-eclampsia without end-organ complications (pre-eclampsia controls) at a large referral center in Cape Town, ... Read more >>

Pregnancy Hypertens (Pregnancy hypertension)
[2021, 26:2-7]

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Lucy C Chappell, Catherine A Cluver, John Kingdom, Stephen Tong,

Pre-eclampsia is a multisystem pregnancy disorder characterised by variable degrees of placental malperfusion, with release of soluble factors into the circulation. These factors cause maternal vascular endothelial injury, which leads to hypertension and multi-organ injury. The placental disease can cause fetal growth restriction and stillbirth. Pre-eclampsia is a major cause ... Read more >>

Lancet (Lancet (London, England))
[2021, 398(10297):341-354]

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Predictive Value of the Signs and Symptoms Preceding Eclampsia: A Systematic Review.

Roxanne Hastie, Fiona C Brownfoot, Catherine A Cluver, Susan P Walker, Susanne Hesselman, Stephen Tong, Lina Bergman,

<h4>Objective</h4>To estimate the predictive value of signs and symptoms that occur before onset of eclampsia among pregnant women.<h4>Data sources</h4>Electronic databases, including MEDLINE, EMBASE, Cochrane, and ClinicalTrials.gov were searched from inception to 2018. Search terms included eclampsia, predict, likelihood ratio, predictive value, and risk.<h4>Methods of study selection</h4>Abstracts and later full texts ... Read more >>

Obstet Gynecol (Obstetrics and gynecology)
[2019, 134(4):677-684]

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Esomeprazole to treat women with preterm preeclampsia: a randomized placebo controlled trial.

Catherine A Cluver, Natalie J Hannan, Erika van Papendorp, Richard Hiscock, Sally Beard, Ben W Mol, Gerhard B Theron, David R Hall, Eric H Decloedt, Marietjie Stander, Kim T Adams, Megan Rensburg, Pawel Schubert, Susan P Walker, Stephen Tong,

<h4>Background</h4>Preterm preeclampsia has a high rate of fetal death or disability. There is no treatment to slow the disease, except delivery. Preclinical studies have identified proton pump inhibitors as a possible treatment.<h4>Objective</h4>The purpose of this study was to examine whether esomeprazole could prolong pregnancy in women who have received a ... Read more >>

Am J Obstet Gynecol (American journal of obstetrics and gynecology)
[2018, 219(4):388.e1-388.e17]

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Double blind, randomised, placebo-controlled trial to evaluate the efficacy of esomeprazole to treat early onset pre-eclampsia (PIE Trial): a study protocol.

Catherine A Cluver, Susan P Walker, Ben W Mol, Gerard B Theron, David R Hall, Richard Hiscock, N Hannan, S Tong,

<h4>Introduction</h4>Pre-eclampsia is a major complication of pregnancy, globally responsible for 60 000 maternal deaths per year, and far greater numbers of fetal losses. There is no definitive treatment other than delivery. A drug that can quench the disease process could be useful to treat early onset pre-eclampsia, as it could allow ... Read more >>

BMJ Open (BMJ open)
[2015, 5(10):e008211]

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