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Science Identity among Latinx Students in the Biomedical Sciences: The Role of a Critical Race Theory-Informed Undergraduate Research Experience.

Tissyana C Camacho, Yolanda Vasquez-Salgado, Gabriela Chavira, David Boyns, Scott Appelrouth, Carrie Saetermoe, Crist Khachikian,

Underrepresented racial minority (URM) students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics majors encounter educational, social, and structural challenges on the path toward their degrees and careers. An undergraduate research program grounded in critical race theory was developed and implemented to address this disparity. NIH BUILD PODER focuses on developing science ... Read more >>

CBE Life Sci Educ (CBE life sciences education)
[2021, 20(2):ar23]

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Baseline Characteristics of the 2015-2019 First Year Student Cohorts of the NIH Building Infrastructure Leading to Diversity (BUILD) Program.

Keith C Norris, Heather E McCreath, Karsten Hueffer, Stephen B Aley, Gabriela Chavira, Christina A Christie, Catherine M Crespi, Carlos Crespo, Gene D'Amour, Kevin Eagan, Lourdes E Echegoyen, Andrew Feig, Maryam Foroozesh, Lourdes R Guerrero, Kelly Johanson, Farin Kamangar, Laura Kingsford, William LaCourse, Nicole Marie-Gerardi Maccalla, Leticia Márquez-Magaña, Ambika Mathur, Kenneth Maton, Shiva Mehravaran, Danielle X Morales, Terry Nakazono, Elizabeth Ofili, Kolawole Okuyemi, Laura Ott, Audrey Parangan-Smith, Christine Pfund, Dawn Purnell, Arleigh Reynolds, Phillip J Rous, Carrie Saetermoe, Katherine Snyder, Jamboor K Vishwanatha, Amy Wagler, Steven P Wallace, Teresa Seeman,

<h4>Objective</h4>The biomedical/behavioral sciences lag in the recruitment and advancement of students from historically underrepresented backgrounds. In 2014 the NIH created the Diversity Program Consortium (DPC), a prospective, multi-site study comprising 10 Building Infrastructure Leading to Diversity (BUILD) institutional grantees, the National Research Mentoring Network (NRMN) and a Coordination and Evaluation ... Read more >>

Ethn Dis (Ethnicity & disease)
[2020, 30(4):681-692]

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Pilot Study of an Intervention to Increase Cultural Awareness in Research Mentoring: Implications for Diversifying the Scientific Workforce.

Angela Byars-Winston, Veronica Y Womack, Amanda R Butz, Richard McGee, Sandra C Quinn, Emily Utzerath, Carrie L Saetermoe, Stephen Thomas,

<h4>Introduction</h4>Innovative evidence-based-interventions are needed to equip research mentors with skills to address cultural diversity within research mentoring relationships. A pilot study assessed initial outcomes of a culturally tailored effort to create and disseminate a novel intervention titled Culturally Aware Mentoring (CAM) for research mentors.<h4>Intervention</h4>Intervention development resulted in four products: a ... Read more >>

J Clin Transl Sci (Journal of clinical and translational science)
[2018, 2(2):86-94]

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Critical race theory as a bridge in science training: the California State University, Northridge BUILD PODER program.

Carrie L Saetermoe, Gabriela Chavira, Crist S Khachikian, David Boyns, Beverly Cabello,

<h4>Background and purpose</h4>Unconscious bias and explicit forms of discrimination continue to pervade academic institutions. Multicultural and diversity training activities have not been sufficient in making structural and social changes leading to equity, therefore, a new form of critical consciousness is needed to train diverse scientists with new research questions, methods, ... Read more >>

BMC Proc (BMC proceedings)
[2017, 11(Suppl 12):21]

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Doing no harm and getting it right: guidelines for ethical research with immigrant communities.

María G Hernández, Jacqueline Nguyen, Saskias Casanova, Carola Suárez-Orozco, Carrie L Saetermoe,

This chapter provides a guide to research logistics and ethics in studying immigrant families. The authors outline major pragmatic issues in research design and data collection to which all scholars must attend, although current practices often do not respond to the idiosyncratic issues related to vulnerable immigrant populations (e.g., undocumented ... Read more >>

New Dir Child Adolesc Dev (New directions for child and adolescent development)
[2013, 2013(141):43-60]

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An ethical frame for research with immigrant families.

Jacqueline Nguyen, María G Hernández, Carrie L Saetermoe, Carola Suárez-Orozco,

In this introduction, the editors give an overview of the ways the volume addresses the growing individual and institutional calls for increased clarity and rigor in methodological, ethical, and practical research policies and guidelines for conducting research with immigrant individuals, families, and communities. In addition to summarizing the volume's purpose, ... Read more >>

New Dir Child Adolesc Dev (New directions for child and adolescent development)
[2013, 2013(141):1-7]

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A qualitative enquiry of caregivers of adolescents with severe disabilities in Guatemala City.

Carrie Saetermoe, Jennifer Gómez, Mayra Bámaca, Cristina Gallardo,

<h4>Purpose</h4>This study explores the experiences of lower middle class Ladino and Indígena parents and caregivers of adolescents with severe physical disabilities as they negotiate Guatemala's urban health care and education systems.<h4>Method</h4>Interviews with parents and guardians regarding the diagnostic period, current functioning in several domains and resources were analysed using Constructivist ... Read more >>

Disabil Rehabil (Disability and rehabilitation)
[2004, 26(17):1032-1047]

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