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Equal prevalence of severe cervical dysplasia by HPV self-sampling and by midwife-collected samples for primary HPV screening: a randomised controlled trial.

Caroline Hellsten, Avalon Ernstson, Gunilla Bodelsson, Ola Forslund, Christer Borgfeldt,

<h4>Objectives</h4>HPV self-sampling is an option for cervical screening. The aim of this randomised study was to investigate the compliance, prevalence of HPV, and prevalence of severe dysplasia in a vaginal self-sampling group in comparison to cervical samples collected by midwives (control arm). The hypothesis was that there would be no ... Read more >>

Eur J Cancer Prev (European journal of cancer prevention : the official journal of the European Cancer Prevention Organisation (ECP))
[2021, 30(4):334-340]

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