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Effective stakeholder engagement: design and implementation of a clinical trial (SWOG S1415CD) to improve cancer care.

Sarah Barger, Sean D Sullivan, Ari Bell-Brown, Brad Bott, Anne Marie Ciccarella, John Golenski, Mark Gorman, Judy Johnson, Karma Kreizenbeck, Florence Kurttila, Ginny Mason, Jamie Myers, Carole Seigel, James L Wade, Guneet Walia, Kate Watabayashi, Gary H Lyman, Scott D Ramsey,

BACKGROUND:The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center has engaged an External Stakeholder Advisory Group (ESAG) in the planning and implementation of the TrACER Study (S1415CD), a five-year pragmatic clinical trial assessing the effectiveness of a guideline-based colony stimulating factor standing order intervention. The trial is being conducted by SWOG through the ... Read more >>

BMC Med Res Methodol (BMC medical research methodology)
[2019, 19(1):119]

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Palliative Care in the Global Setting: ASCO Resource-Stratified Practice Guideline.

Hibah Osman, Sudip Shrestha, Sarah Temin, Zipporah V Ali, Rumalie A Corvera, Henry D Ddungu, Liliana De Lima, Maria Del Pilar Estevez-Diz, Frank D Ferris, Nahla Gafer, Harmala K Gupta, Susan Horton, Graciela Jacob, Ruinuo Jia, Frank L Lu, Daniela Mosoiu, Christina Puchalski, Carole Seigel, Olaitan Soyannwo, James F Cleary,

Purpose The purpose of this new resource-stratified guideline is to provide expert guidance to clinicians and policymakers on implementing palliative care of patients with cancer and their caregivers in resource-constrained settings and is intended to complement the Integration of Palliative Care Into Standard Oncology Care: American Society of Clinical Oncology ... Read more >>

J Glob Oncol (Journal of global oncology)
[2018, 4:1-24]

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Patient-Clinician Communication: American Society of Clinical Oncology Consensus Guideline.

Timothy Gilligan, Nessa Coyle, Richard M Frankel, Donna L Berry, Kari Bohlke, Ronald M Epstein, Esme Finlay, Vicki A Jackson, Christopher S Lathan, Charles L Loprinzi, Lynne H Nguyen, Carole Seigel, Walter F Baile,

Purpose To provide guidance to oncology clinicians on how to use effective communication to optimize the patient-clinician relationship, patient and clinician well-being, and family well-being. Methods ASCO convened a multidisciplinary panel of medical oncology, psychiatry, nursing, hospice and palliative medicine, communication skills, health disparities, and advocacy experts to produce recommendations. ... Read more >>

J. Clin. Oncol. (Journal of clinical oncology : official journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology)
[2017, 35(31):3618-3632]

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Achieving Coordinated Care for Patients With Complex Cases of Cancer: A Multiteam System Approach.

Simon J Craddock Lee, Mark A Clark, John V Cox, Burton M Needles, Carole Seigel, Bijal A Balasubramanian,

Patients with cancer with multiple chronic conditions pose a unique challenge to how primary care and specialty care teams provide well-coordinated, patient-centered care. Effectiveness of these care teams in providing optimal health care depends on the extent to which they coordinate their goals and knowledge as components of a multiteam ... Read more >>

J Oncol Pract (Journal of oncology practice)
[2016, 12(11):1029-1038]

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