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Association of outcomes in acute flaccid myelitis with identification of enterovirus at presentation: a Canadian, nationwide, longitudinal study.

Carmen Yea, Ari Bitnun, Helen M Branson, Beyza Ciftci-Kavaklioglu, Mubeen F Rafay, Olivier Fortin, Paola Moresoli, Guillaume Sébire, Myriam Srour, Hélène Decaluwe, Louis Marois, Félixe Pelletier, Michelle Barton, Maryam Nabavi Nouri, Jason Brophy, Sunita Venkateswaran, Daniela Pohl, Kathryn Selby, Kevin Jones, Joan Robinson, Aleksandra Mineyko, Christoph Licht, Birgit Ertl-Wagner, E Ann Yeh,

BACKGROUND:Acute flaccid myelitis (AFM) is characterised by rapid onset of limb weakness with spinal cord grey-matter abnormalities on MRI scan. We aimed to assess whether detection of enterovirus in respiratory or other specimens can help predict prognosis in children with AFM. METHODS:In this nationwide, longitudinal study, we evaluated the significance ... Read more >>

Lancet Child Adolesc Health (The Lancet. Child & adolescent health)
[2020, 4(11):828-836]

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Rituximab in children with myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein antibody and relapsing neuroinflammatory disease.

Fahad Albassam, Giulia Longoni, Carmen Yea, Colin Wilbur, Stephanie A Grover, E Ann Yeh,

The aim of this study was to evaluate tolerability of and response to rituximab in children with myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein (MOG) antibody-positive relapsing neuroinflammatory disease. This was an observational study of prospectively collected data on 12 consecutive children (eight females, four males; median age at onset 10y 6mo [interquartile range ... Read more >>

Dev Med Child Neurol (Developmental medicine and child neurology)
[2020, 62(3):390-395]

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An upfront immunomodulatory therapy protocol for pediatric opsoclonus-myoclonus syndrome.

Colin Wilbur, Carmen Yea, Christoph Licht, Meredith S Irwin, E Ann Yeh,

BACKGROUND:Treatment of opsoclonus-myoclonus syndrome (OMS) has historically involved corticosteroids and intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) for a duration of 6-12 months or longer. This study evaluated whether a brief upfront immunomodulatory therapy protocol with rituximab reduces the duration of OMS therapy without adversely affecting OMS outcomes. PROCEDURE:Retrospective chart review was performed for ... Read more >>

Pediatr Blood Cancer (Pediatric blood & cancer)
[2019, 66(8):e27776]

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Longitudinal Outcomes in the 2014 Acute Flaccid Paralysis Cluster in Canada.

Carmen Yea, Ari Bitnun, Joan Robinson, Aleksandra Mineyko, Michelle Barton, Jean K Mah, Jiri Vajsar, Susan Richardson, Christoph Licht, Jason Brophy, Megan Crone, Shalini Desai, Juliette Hukin, Kevin Jones, Katherine Muir, Jeffrey M Pernica, Robert Pless, Daniela Pohl, Mubeen F Rafay, Kathryn Selby, Sunita Venkateswaran, Geneviève Bernard, E Ann Yeh,

We describe the presenting features and long-term outcome of an unusual cluster of pediatric acute flaccid paralysis cases that occurred in Canada during the 2014 enterovirus D68 outbreak. Children (n = 25; median age 7.8 years) presenting to Canadian centers between July 1 and October 31, 2014, and who met ... Read more >>

J. Child Neurol. (Journal of child neurology)
[2017, 32(3):301-307]

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Viral exposures and MS outcome in a prospective cohort of children with acquired demyelination.

Naila Makhani, Brenda Banwell, Raymond Tellier, Carmen Yea, Suzanne McGovern, Julia O'Mahony, Jean M Ahorro, Douglas Arnold, A Dessa Sadovnick, Ruth A Marrie, Amit Bar-Or, ,

Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) infection is associated with increased multiple sclerosis (MS) risk. Recently, cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection has been proposed as a protective factor against MS development. We determined EBV, herpes simplex virus, varicella-zoster virus and CMV seroprevalence in 247 prospectively followed children with acquired demyelinating syndromes (ADS). Remote EBV infection ... Read more >>

Mult Scler (Multiple sclerosis (Houndmills, Basingstoke, England))
[2016, 22(3):385-388]

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Epstein-Barr virus in oral shedding of children with multiple sclerosis.

Carmen Yea, Raymond Tellier, Patrick Chong, Garrett Westmacott, Ruth Ann Marrie, Amit Bar-Or, Brenda Banwell, ,

OBJECTIVE: To investigate Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) oral shedding frequency and EBV genetic diversity in pediatric patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). METHODS: This was a prospective case-control study. We used PCR-based assays to detect viral DNA in the monthly mouth swabs of 22 pediatric patients with MS and 77 age- and ... Read more >>

Neurology (Neurology)
[2013, 81(16):1392-1399]

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A bacterial acetyltransferase destroys plant microtubule networks and blocks secretion.

Amy Huei-Yi Lee, Brenden Hurley, Corinna Felsensteiner, Carmen Yea, Wenzislava Ckurshumova, Verena Bartetzko, Pauline W Wang, Van Quach, Jennifer D Lewis, Yulu C Liu, Frederik Börnke, Stephane Angers, Andrew Wilde, David S Guttman, Darrell Desveaux,

The eukaryotic cytoskeleton is essential for structural support and intracellular transport, and is therefore a common target of animal pathogens. However, no phytopathogenic effector has yet been demonstrated to specifically target the plant cytoskeleton. Here we show that the Pseudomonas syringae type III secreted effector HopZ1a interacts with tubulin and ... Read more >>

PLoS Pathog (PLoS pathogens)
[2012, 8(2):e1002523]

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Characterization of HCV quasispecies in the hypervariable region 1 (HVR1) by in vitro translation and mass spectrometry.

Carmen Yea, Melissa Ayers, Raymond Tellier,

HCV infection provides a classic example of the phenomenon of quasispecies. Because several lines of investigation support the contribution of quasispecies to HCV's capacity to maintain a persistent infection, adequate characterization of the quasispecies is important. The hypervariable region 1 (HVR1) of the E2 glycoprotein has been particularly well studied ... Read more >>

Methods Mol Biol (Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.))
[2009, 510:73-81]

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Monitoring of hepatitis C virus quasispecies in chronic infection by matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization-time of flight mass spectrometry mutation detection.

Carmen Yea, Jens Bukh, Melissa Ayers, Eve Roberts, Mel Krajden, Raymond Tellier,

Using both a mass spectrometry-based method and the classical method of cloning and sequencing, we demonstrated weekly changes in the hypervariable region 1 quasispecies of a chimpanzee infected with an infectious clone, coinciding with neutralizing antibody emergence. We also used the mass spectrometry method in the clinical follow-up of a ... Read more >>

J Clin Microbiol (Journal of clinical microbiology)
[2007, 45(3):1053-1057]

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