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Vascular smooth muscle cell-specific miRNA-214 knockout inhibits angiotensin II-induced hypertension through upregulation of Smad7.

Youyou Li, Hongxing Li, Wenjuan Xing, Jianwei Li, Ruikai Du, Dengchao Cao, Yinbo Wang, Xueyi Yang, Guohui Zhong, Yinlong Zhao, Weijia Sun, Caizhi Liu, Xingcheng Gao, Yeheng Li, Zizhong Liu, Xiaoyan Jin, Dingsheng Zhao, Yingjun Tan, Yanqing Wang, Shujuan Liu, Min Yuan, Jinping Song, Yan-Zhong Chang, Feng Gao, Shukuan Ling, Yingxian Li,

Vascular remodeling is a prominent trait during the development of hypertension, attributable to the phenotypic transition of vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs). Increasing studies demonstrate that microRNA plays an important role in this process. Here, we surprisingly found that smooth muscle cell-specific miR-214 knockout (miR-214 cKO) significantly alleviates angiotensin II ... Read more >>

FASEB J (FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology)
[2021, 35(11):e21947]

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3' untranslated region of Ckip-1 inhibits cardiac hypertrophy independently of its cognate protein.

Yinlong Zhao, Shukuan Ling, Jianwei Li, Guohui Zhong, Ruikai Du, Youyou Li, Yanqing Wang, Caizhi Liu, Xiaoyan Jin, Wei Liu, Tong Liu, Yuheng Li, Dingsheng Zhao, Weijia Sun, Zizhong Liu, Zifan Liu, Junjie Pan, Xinxin Yuan, Xingcheng Gao, Wenjuan Xing, Yan-Zhong Chang, Yingxian Li,

<h4>Aims</h4>3' untranslated region (3' UTR) of mRNA is more conserved than other non-coding sequences in vertebrate genomes, and its sequence space has substantially expanded during the evolution of higher organisms, which substantiates their significance in biological regulation. However, the independent role of 3' UTR in cardiovascular disease was largely unknown.<h4>Methods ... Read more >>

Eur Heart J (European heart journal)
[2021, 42(36):3786-3799]

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Skeletal muscle-targeted delivery of Fgf6 protects mice from diet-induced obesity and insulin resistance.

Bo Xu, Caizhi Liu, Hong Zhang, Rong Zhang, Mengyang Tang, Yan Huang, Li Jin, Lingyan Xu, Cheng Hu, Weiping Jia,

Obesity, a major health care issue, is characterized by metabolic abnormalities in multiple tissues, including the skeletal muscle. Although dysregulation of skeletal muscle metabolism can strongly influence the homeostasis of systemic energy, the underlying mechanism remains unclear. We found promoter hypermethylation and decreased gene expression of fibroblast growth factor 6 ... Read more >>

JCI Insight (JCI insight)
[2021, 6(19):]

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Nuclear UHRF1 is a gate-keeper of cellular AMPK activity and function.

Xiang Xu, Guangjin Ding, Caizhi Liu, Yuhan Ding, Xiaoxin Chen, Xiaoli Huang, Chen-Song Zhang, Shanxin Lu, Yunpeng Zhang, Yuanyong Huang, Zhaosu Chen, Wei Wei, Lujian Liao, Shu-Hai Lin, Jingya Li, Wei Liu, Jiwen Li, Sheng-Cai Lin, Xinran Ma, Jiemin Wong,

The AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) is a central regulator of energy homeostasis. Although much has been learned on how low energy status and glucose starvation activate AMPK, how AMPK activity is properly controlled in vivo is still poorly understood. Here we report that UHRF1, an epigenetic regulator highly expressed in ... Read more >>

Cell Res (Cell research)
[2021, :]

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Targeting E3 Ubiquitin Ligase WWP1 Prevents Cardiac Hypertrophy Through Destabilizing DVL2 via Inhibition of K27-Linked Ubiquitination.

Dingsheng Zhao, Guohui Zhong, Jianwei Li, Junjie Pan, Yinlong Zhao, Hailin Song, Weijia Sun, Xiaoyan Jin, Yuheng Li, Ruikai Du, Jielin Nie, Tong Liu, Junmeng Zheng, Yixin Jia, Zifan Liu, Wei Liu, Xinxin Yuan, Zizhong Liu, Jinping Song, Guanghan Kan, Youyou Li, Caizhi Liu, Xingcheng Gao, Wenjuan Xing, Yan-Zhong Chang, Yingxian Li, Shukuan Ling,

<h4>Background</h4>Without adequate treatment, pathological cardiac hypertrophy induced by sustained pressure overload eventually leads to heart failure. WWP1 (WW domain-containing E3 ubiquitin protein ligase 1) is an important regulator of aging-related pathologies, including cancer and cardiovascular diseases. However, the role of WWP1 in pressure overload-induced cardiac remodeling and heart failure is ... Read more >>

Circulation (Circulation)
[2021, 144(9):694-711]

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FOXA3 induction under endoplasmic reticulum stress contributes to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Caizhi Liu, Bing Zhou, Meiyao Meng, Wenjun Zhao, Dongmei Wang, Youwen Yuan, Ying Zheng, Jin Qiu, Yu Li, Guoqiang Li, Xuelian Xiong, Hua Bian, Huijie Zhang, Hua Wang, Xinran Ma, Cheng Hu, Lingyan Xu, Yan Lu,

<h4>Background & aims</h4>Chronic endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress in the liver has been shown to play a causative role in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) progression, yet the underlying molecular mechanisms remain to be elucidated. Forkhead box A3 (FOXA3), a member of the FOX family, plays critical roles in metabolic homeostasis, ... Read more >>

J Hepatol (Journal of hepatology)
[2021, 75(1):150-162]

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PPARγ agonists delay age-associated metabolic disease and extend longevity.

Lingyan Xu, Xinran Ma, Narendra Verma, Luce Perie, Jay Pendse, Sama Shamloo, Anne Marie Josephson, Dongmei Wang, Jin Qiu, Mingwei Guo, Xiaodan Ping, Michele Allen, Audrey Noguchi, Danielle Springer, Fei Shen, Caizhi Liu, Shiwei Zhang, Lingyu Li, Jin Li, Junjie Xiao, Jian Lu, Zhenyu Du, Jian Luo, Jose O Aleman, Philipp Leucht, Elisabetta Mueller,

Aging leads to a number of disorders caused by cellular senescence, tissue damage, and organ dysfunction. It has been reported that anti-inflammatory and insulin-sensitizing compounds delay, or reverse, the aging process and prevent metabolic disorders, neurodegenerative disease, and muscle atrophy, improving healthspan and extending lifespan. Here we investigated the effects ... Read more >>

Aging Cell (Aging cell)
[2020, 19(11):e13267]

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The coupling of reduced type H vessels with unloading-induced bone loss and the protection role of Panax quinquefolium saponin in the male mice.

Shuai Liang, Shukuan Ling, Ruikai Du, Yuheng Li, Caizhi Liu, Junhe Shi, Jie Gao, Weijia Sun, Jianwei Li, Guohui Zhong, Zizhong Liu, Dingsheng Zhao, Huiyuan Sun, Yang Li, Xinxin Yuan, Hua Qu, Xiaoyan Jin, Dong Li, Dazhuo Shi, Yingxian Li,

Unloading-induced bone loss is a critical complication characterized by the imbalance of bone formation and resorption induced by long-term confinement in bed or spaceflight. CD31<sup>hi</sup>Emcn<sup>hi</sup> (type H) vessel is a specific subtype of capillary, which was coupled with osteogenesis. However, the change of type H vessel and its contributions to ... Read more >>

Bone (Bone)
[2021, 143:115712]

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N6 -Methyladenosine Reader Protein YT521-B Homology Domain-Containing 2 Suppresses Liver Steatosis by Regulation of mRNA Stability of Lipogenic Genes.

Bing Zhou, Caizhi Liu, Lingyan Xu, Youwen Yuan, Jiejie Zhao, Wenjun Zhao, Yiyan Chen, Jin Qiu, Meiyao Meng, Ying Zheng, Dongmei Wang, Xin Gao, Xiaoying Li, Qihong Zhao, Xiaohui Wei, Duojiao Wu, Huijie Zhang, Cheng Hu, Xiaozhen Zhuo, Minghua Zheng, Hua Wang, Yan Lu, Xinran Ma,

<h4>Background and aims</h4>Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is characterized by accumulation of excessive triglycerides (TGs) in hepatocytes. Obesity is a major risk factor for developing fatty liver, although the intracellular molecular basis remains largely unclear. N<sup>6</sup> -methyladenosine (m<sup>6</sup> A) RNA methylation is the most common internal modification in eukaryotic mRNA.<h4>Approach ... Read more >>

Hepatology (Hepatology (Baltimore, Md.))
[2021, 73(1):91-103]

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Ginsenoside Re Treatment Attenuates Myocardial Hypoxia/Reoxygenation Injury by Inhibiting HIF-1α Ubiquitination.

Huiyuan Sun, Shukuan Ling, Dingsheng Zhao, Jianwei Li, Yang Li, Hua Qu, Ruikai Du, Ying Zhang, Feng Xu, Yuheng Li, Caizhi Liu, Guohui Zhong, Shuai Liang, Zizhong Liu, Xingcheng Gao, Xiaoyan Jin, Yingxian Li, Dazhuo Shi,

Previous studies have shown an attenuating effect of ginsenoside Re on myocardial injury induced by hypoxia/reoxygenation (H/R). However, the underlying mechanism remains unclear. This study was designed to determine the underlying mechanism by which ginsenoside Re protects from myocardial injury induced by H/R. HL-1 cells derived from AT-1 mouse atrial ... Read more >>

Front Pharmacol (Frontiers in pharmacology)
[2020, 11:532041]

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Alteration of calcium signalling in cardiomyocyte induced by simulated microgravity and hypergravity.

Caizhi Liu, Guohui Zhong, Yuezhang Zhou, Yuchen Yang, Yingjun Tan, Yuheng Li, Xingcheng Gao, Weijia Sun, Jianwei Li, Xiaoyan Jin, Dengchao Cao, Xinxin Yuan, Zizhong Liu, Shuai Liang, Youyou Li, Ruikai Du, Yinlong Zhao, Jianqi Xue, Dingsheng Zhao, Jinping Song, Shukuan Ling, Yingxian Li,

<h4>Objectives</h4>Cardiac Ca<sup>2+</sup> signalling plays an essential role in regulating excitation-contraction coupling and cardiac remodelling. However, the response of cardiomyocytes to simulated microgravity and hypergravity and the effects on Ca<sup>2+</sup> signalling remain unknown. Here, we elucidate the mechanisms underlying the proliferation and remodelling of HL-1 cardiomyocytes subjected to rotation-simulated microgravity and ... Read more >>

Cell Prolif (Cell proliferation)
[2020, 53(3):e12783]

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miR-214 stimulated by IL-17A regulates bone loss in patients with ankylosing spondylitis.

Zizhong Liu, Feng Huang, Gui Luo, Yiwen Wang, Ruikai Du, Weijia Sun, Jianwei Li, Xinxin Yuan, Dengchao Cao, Yuheng Li, Caizhi Liu, Shuai Liang, Xiaoyan Jin, Shukuan Ling, Deqing Wang, Yingxian Li,

<h4>Objective</h4>Bone loss is common in AS, and miR-214 plays an important role in regulating bone formation. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of miR-214, the production of which is stimulated by IL-17A, on bone loss in AS.<h4>Methods</h4>Peripheral blood was obtained from 32 patients with AS and ... Read more >>

Rheumatology (Oxford) (Rheumatology (Oxford, England))
[2020, 59(5):1159-1169]

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Effects of spaceflight on the composition and function of the human gut microbiota.

Zizhong Liu, Gui Luo, Ruikai Du, Weijia Sun, Jianwei Li, Haiyun Lan, Pu Chen, Xinxin Yuan, Dengchao Cao, Yuheng Li, Caizhi Liu, Shuai Liang, Xiaoyan Jin, Ruifu Yang, Yujing Bi, Yanping Han, Ping Cao, Wei Zhao, Shukuan Ling, Yingxian Li,

Interaction between humans and the gut microbiota is important for human physiology. Here, the gut microbiota was analyzed via metagenomic sequencing, and the fluctuations in the gut microbiota under the conditions of spaceflight were characterized. The composition and function of the gut microbiota were substantially affected by spaceflight; however, individual ... Read more >>

Gut Microbes (Gut microbes)
[2020, 11(4):807-819]

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The mechanosensitive Piezo1 channel is required for bone formation.

Weijia Sun, Shaopeng Chi, Yuheng Li, Shukuan Ling, Yingjun Tan, Youjia Xu, Fan Jiang, Jianwei Li, Caizhi Liu, Guohui Zhong, Dengchao Cao, Xiaoyan Jin, Dingsheng Zhao, Xingcheng Gao, Zizhong Liu, Bailong Xiao, Yingxian Li,

Mechanical load of the skeleton system is essential for the development, growth, and maintenance of bone. However, the molecular mechanism by which mechanical stimuli are converted into osteogenesis and bone formation remains unclear. Here we report that Piezo1, a bona fide mechanotransducer that is critical for various biological processes, plays ... Read more >>

Elife (eLife)
[2019, 8:]

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TMCO1-mediated Ca2+ leak underlies osteoblast functions via CaMKII signaling.

Jianwei Li, Caizhi Liu, Yuheng Li, Qiaoxia Zheng, Youjia Xu, Beibei Liu, Weijia Sun, Yuan Li, Shuhui Ji, Mingwei Liu, Jing Zhang, Dingsheng Zhao, Ruikai Du, Zizhong Liu, Guohui Zhong, Cuiwei Sun, Yanqing Wang, Jinping Song, Shu Zhang, Jun Qin, Shukuan Ling, Xianhua Wang, Yingxian Li,

Transmembrane and coiled-coil domains 1 (TMCO1) is a recently identified Ca<sup>2+</sup> leak channel in the endoplasmic reticulum. TMCO1 dysfunction in humans is associated with dysmorphism, mental retardation, glaucoma and the occurrence of cancer. Here we show an essential role of TMCO1 in osteogenesis mediated by local Ca<sup>2+</sup>/CaMKII signaling in osteoblasts. ... Read more >>

Nat Commun (Nature communications)
[2019, 10(1):1589]

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Hematopoietic stem cells and lineage cells undergo dynamic alterations under microgravity and recovery conditions.

Dengchao Cao, Jinping Song, Shukuan Ling, Shuaishuai Niu, Liang Lu, Zhengzhi Cui, Yuheng Li, Shanshan Hao, Guohui Zhong, Zhihong Qi, Weijia Sun, Xinxin Yuan, Hongxing Li, Dingsheng Zhao, Xiaoyan Jin, Caizhi Liu, Xiaorui Wu, Guanghan Kan, Hongqing Cao, Youmin Kang, Shuyang Yu, Yingxian Li,

Spaceflight leads to health risks including bone demineralization, skeletal muscle atrophy, cardiovascular dysfunction, and disorders of almost all physiologic systems. However, the impacts of microgravity on blood lineage cells and hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) in vivo are largely unknown. In this study, we analyzed peripheral blood samples from 6 astronauts ... Read more >>

FASEB J (FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology)
[2019, 33(6):6904-6918]

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Panax quinquefolium saponin attenuates cardiac remodeling induced by simulated microgravity.

Huiyuan Sun, Shukuan Ling, Dingsheng Zhao, Yang Li, Guohui Zhong, Ming Guo, Yuheng Li, Lin Yang, Jianpeng Du, Yuezhang Zhou, Jianwei Li, Shuai Liang, Yanqing Wang, Xingcheng Gao, Yating Zhang, Dengchao Cao, Caizhi Liu, Xiaoyan Jin, Zizhong Liu, Weijia Sun, Xiaorui Wu, Jinping Song, Yingxian Li, Dazhuo Shi,

<h4>Background</h4>Cardiac atrophy and reduced cardiac distensibility have been reported following space flight. Cardiac function is correspondingly regulated in response to changes in loading conditions. Panax quinquefolium saponin (PQS) improves ventricular remodeling after acute myocardial infarction by alleviating endoplasmic reticulum stress and Ca<sup>2+</sup>overload. However, whether PQS can ameliorate cardiac atrophy following ... Read more >>

Phytomedicine (Phytomedicine : international journal of phytotherapy and phytopharmacology)
[2019, 56:83-93]

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Myocardial CKIP-1 Overexpression Protects from Simulated Microgravity-Induced Cardiac Remodeling.

Shukuan Ling, Yuheng Li, Guohui Zhong, Yongjun Zheng, Qing Xu, Dingsheng Zhao, Weijia Sun, Xiaoyan Jin, Hongxing Li, Jianwei Li, Huiyuan Sun, Dengchao Cao, Jinping Song, Caizhi Liu, Xinxin Yuan, Xiaorui Wu, Yinlong Zhao, Zizhong Liu, Qi Li, Yingxian Li,

Human cardiovascular system has adapted to Earth's gravity of 1G. The microgravity during space flight can induce cardiac remodeling and decline of cardiac function. At present, the mechanism of cardiac remodeling induced by microgravity remains to be disclosed. Casein kinase-2 interacting protein-1 (CKIP-1) is an important inhibitor of pressure-overload induced ... Read more >>

Front Physiol (Frontiers in physiology)
[2018, 9:40]

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Deferoxamine attenuates lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammatory responses and protects against endotoxic shock in mice.

Shengnan Wang, Caizhi Liu, Shuhong Pan, Qing Miao, Jianqi Xue, Jingna Xun, Yuling Zhang, Yanhong Gao, Xianglin Duan, Yumei Fan,

To examine the role of the intracellular labile iron pool (LIP) in the induction of inflammatory responses, we investigated the anti-inflammatory effect of the iron chelator deferoxamine (DFO) on lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced inflammatory responses in RAW264.7 macrophage cells and endotoxic shock in mice in the present study. Our data showed that ... Read more >>

Biochem Biophys Res Commun (Biochemical and biophysical research communications)
[2015, 465(2):305-311]

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The effect of anti-inflammatory properties of ferritin light chain on lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammatory response in murine macrophages.

Yumei Fan, Jie Zhang, Linlin Cai, Shengnan Wang, Caizhi Liu, Yongze Zhang, Linhao You, Yujian Fu, Zhenhua Shi, Zhimin Yin, Lan Luo, Yanzhong Chang, Xianglin Duan,

Ferritin light chain (FTL) reduces the free iron concentration by forming ferritin complexes with ferritin heavy chain (FTH). Thus, FTL competes with the Fenton reaction by acting as an antioxidant. In the present study, we determined that FTL influences the lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced inflammatory response. FTL protein expression was regulated by ... Read more >>

Biochim Biophys Acta (Biochimica et biophysica acta)
[2014, 1843(11):2775-2783]

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