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Prognostic capabilities and clinical utility of cell cycle progression testing, prostate imaging reporting and data system, version 2, and clinicopathologic data in management of localized prostate cancer.

David S Morris, J Scott Woods, Byard Edwards, Lauren Lenz, Jennifer Logan, Darl D Flake, Brent Mabey, Jay T Bishoff, Todd Cohen, Steven Stone,

<h4>Objectives</h4>To compare the prognostic capabilities and clinical utility of the cell cycle progression (CCP) gene expression classifier test, multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging (mpMRI) with Prostate Imaging Reporting and Data System (PI-RADS) scoring, and clinicopathologic data in select prostate cancer (PCa) medical management scenarios.<h4>Patients and methods</h4>Retrospective, observational analysis of patients (N = 222) ... Read more >>

Urol Oncol (Urologic oncology)
[2021, 39(6):366.e19-366.e28]

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Effects of aging on glomerular function and number in living kidney donors.

Jane C Tan, Stephan Busque, Biruh Workeneh, Bing Ho, Geraldine Derby, Kristina L Blouch, F Graham Sommer, Byard Edwards, Bryan D Myers,

To elucidate the pathophysiologic changes in the kidney due to aging, we used physiological, morphometric, and imaging techniques to quantify GFR and its determinants in a group of 24 older (≥ 55 years) compared to 33 younger (≤ 45 years) living donors. Mathematical modeling was used to estimate the glomerular ... Read more >>

Kidney Int (Kidney international)
[2010, 78(7):686-692]

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An evaluation of multidetector computed tomography in detecting pancreatic injury: results of a multicenter AAST study.

Herb A Phelan, George C Velmahos, Gregory J Jurkovich, Randall S Friese, Joseph P Minei, Jay A Menaker, Allan Philp, Heather L Evans, Martin L Gunn, Alexander L Eastman, Susan E Rowell, Carrie E Allison, Ronald L Barbosa, Scott H Norwood, Malek Tabbara, Christopher J Dente, Matthew M Carrick, Matthew J Wall, Jim Feeney, Patrick J O'Neill, Gujjarappa Srinivas, Carlos V R Brown, Andrew C Reifsnyder, Moustafa O Hassan, Scott Albert, Jose L Pascual, Michelle Strong, Forrest O Moore, David A Spain, Mary-Anne Purtill, Byard Edwards, Jason Strauss, Rodney M Durham, Juan C Duchesne, Patrick Greiffenstein, C Clay Cothren,

<h4>Background</h4>Efforts to determine the suitability of low-grade pancreatic injuries for nonoperative management have been hindered by the inaccuracy of older computed tomography (CT) technology for detecting pancreatic injury (PI). This retrospective, multicenter American Association for the Surgery of Trauma-sponsored trial examined the sensitivity of newer 16- and 64-multidetector CT (MDCT) ... Read more >>

J Trauma (The Journal of trauma)
[2009, 66(3):641-6; discussion 646-7]

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The dangling diaphragm sign: sensitivity and comparison with existing CT signs of blunt traumatic diaphragmatic rupture.

Terry S Desser, Byard Edwards, Stephen Hunt, Jarrett Rosenberg, Mary Anne Purtill, R Brooke Jeffrey,

The objectives of our study were to describe a new CT sign of diaphragmatic injury, the "dangling diaphragm" sign, and assess its comparative utility relative to other signs in the diagnosis of diaphragmatic injury resulting from blunt trauma. CT scans of 16 blunt trauma patients (12 men and four women, ... Read more >>

Emerg Radiol (Emergency radiology)
[2010, 17(1):37-44]

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