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Arc1 and the microbiota together modulate growth and metabolic traits in Drosophila.

Scott A Keith, Cassandra Bishop, Samantha Fallacaro, Brooke M McCartney,

Perturbations to animal-associated microbial communities (the microbiota) have deleterious effects on various aspects of host fitness, but the molecular processes underlying these impacts are poorly understood. Here, we identify a connection between the microbiota and the neuronal factor Arc1 that affects growth and metabolism in Drosophila. We find that Arc1 ... Read more >>

Development (Development (Cambridge, England))
[2021, 148(15):dev195222]

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Fibronectin-based nanomechanical biosensors to map 3D surface strains in live cells and tissue.

Daniel J Shiwarski, Joshua W Tashman, Alkiviadis Tsamis, Jaci M Bliley, Malachi A Blundon, Edgar Aranda-Michel, Quentin Jallerat, John M Szymanski, Brooke M McCartney, Adam W Feinberg,

Mechanical forces are integral to cellular migration, differentiation and tissue morphogenesis; however, it has proved challenging to directly measure strain at high spatial resolution with minimal perturbation in living sytems. Here, we fabricate, calibrate, and test a fibronectin (FN)-based nanomechanical biosensor (NMBS) that can be applied to the surface of cells ... Read more >>

Nat Commun (Nature communications)
[2020, 11(1):5883]

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