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Genetically divergent Symbiodinium sp. display distinct molecular responses to pathogenic Vibrio and thermal stress.

Briana Hauff, James M Cervino, Joshua A Haslun, Nancy Krucher, Andrew M Wier, Alexandra L Mannix, Konrad Hughen, Kevin B Strychar,

Global climate change and anthropogenic activities are threatening the future survival of coral reef ecosystems. The ability of reef-building zooxanthellate coral to survive these stressors may be determined through fundamental differences within their symbiotic dinoflagellates (Symbiodinium sp.). We define the in vitro apoptotic response of 2 evolutionarily distant Symbiodinium sp., ... Read more >>

Dis Aquat Organ (Diseases of aquatic organisms)
[2014, 112(2):149-159]

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Ulcerated yellow spot syndrome: implications of aquaculture-related pathogens associated with soft coral Sarcophyton ehrenbergi tissue lesions.

James M Cervino, Briana Hauff, Joshua A Haslun, Kathryn Winiarski-Cervino, Michael Cavazos, Pamela Lawther, Andrew M Wier, Konrad Hughen, Kevin B Strychar,

We introduce a new marine syndrome called ulcerated yellow spot, affecting the soft coral Sarcophyton ehrenbergi. To identify bacteria associated with tissue lesions, tissue and mucus samples were taken during a 2009 Indo-Pacific research expedition near the Wakatobi Island chain, Indonesia. Polymerase chain reaction targeting the 16S rDNA gene indicated ... Read more >>

Dis Aquat Organ (Diseases of aquatic organisms)
[2012, 102(2):137-148]

Cited: 4 times

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