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Therapeutic targeting of ATR yields durable regressions in small cell lung cancers with high replication stress.

Anish Thomas, Nobuyuki Takahashi, Vinodh N Rajapakse, Xiaohu Zhang, Yilun Sun, Michele Ceribelli, Kelli M Wilson, Yang Zhang, Erin Beck, Linda Sciuto, Samantha Nichols, Brian Elenbaas, Janusz Puc, Heike Dahmen, Astrid Zimmermann, Jillian Varonin, Christopher W Schultz, Sehyun Kim, Hirity Shimellis, Parth Desai, Carleen Klumpp-Thomas, Lu Chen, Jameson Travers, Crystal McKnight, Sam Michael, Zina Itkin, Sunmin Lee, Akira Yuno, Min-Jung Lee, Christophe E Redon, Jessica D Kindrick, Cody J Peer, Jun S Wei, Mirit I Aladjem, William Douglas Figg, Seth M Steinberg, Jane B Trepel, Frank T Zenke, Yves Pommier, Javed Khan, Craig J Thomas,

Small cell neuroendocrine cancers (SCNCs) are recalcitrant cancers arising from diverse primary sites that lack effective treatments. Using chemical genetic screens, we identified inhibition of ataxia telangiectasia and rad3 related (ATR), the primary activator of the replication stress response, and topoisomerase I (TOP1), nuclear enzyme that suppresses genomic instability, as ... Read more >>

Cancer Cell (Cancer cell)
[2021, 39(4):566-579.e7]

Cited: 5 times

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MEK inhibition leads to BRCA2 downregulation and sensitization to DNA damaging agents in pancreas and ovarian cancer models.

Francesca Vena, Ruochen Jia, Arman Esfandiari, Juan J Garcia-Gomez, Manuel Rodriguez-Justo, Jianguo Ma, Sakeena Syed, Lindsey Crowley, Brian Elenbaas, Samantha Goodstal, John A Hartley, Daniel Hochhauser,

Targeting the DNA damage response (DDR) in tumors with defective DNA repair is a clinically successful strategy. The RAS/RAF/MEK/ERK signalling pathway is frequently deregulated in human cancers. In this study, we explored the effects of MEK inhibition on the homologous recombination pathway and explored the potential for combination therapy of ... Read more >>

Oncotarget (Oncotarget)
[2018, 9(14):11592-11603]

Cited: 6 times

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Structure-based design of low-nanomolar PIM kinase inhibitors.

Alexey Ishchenko, Lin Zhang, Jean-Yves Le Brazidec, Junhua Fan, Jer Hong Chong, Aparna Hingway, Annie Raditsis, Latika Singh, Brian Elenbaas, Victor Sukbong Hong, Doug Marcotte, Laura Silvian, Istvan Enyedy, Jianhua Chao,

PIM kinases are implicated in variety of cancers by promoting cell survival and proliferation and are targets of interest for therapeutic intervention. We have identified a low-nanomolar pan-PIM inhibitor (PIM1/2/3 potency 5:14:2nM) using structure based modeling. The crystal structure of this compound with PIM1 confirmed the predicted binding mode and ... Read more >>

Bioorg Med Chem Lett (Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters)
[2015, 25(3):474-480]

Cited: 5 times

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Identification of SFRP1 as a candidate mediator of stromal-to-epithelial signaling in prostate cancer.

Margaret S Joesting, Steve Perrin, Brian Elenbaas, Stephen E Fawell, Jeffrey S Rubin, Omar E Franco, Simon W Hayward, Gerald R Cunha, Paul C Marker,

Genetic changes in epithelial cells initiate the development of prostatic adenocarcinomas. As nascent tumors grow and undergo progression, epithelial tumor cells are intimately associated with stromal cells. Stromal cells within the tumor microenvironment acquire new properties, including the capacity to promote phenotypic and genetic progression in adjacent epithelial cells. Affymetrix ... Read more >>

Cancer Res (Cancer research)
[2005, 65(22):10423-10430]

Cited: 102 times

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Enumeration of the Simian Virus 40 Early Region Elements Necessary for Human Cell Transformation

William C. Hahn, Scott K. Dessain, Mary W. Brooks, Jessie E. King, Brian Elenbaas, David M. Sabatini, James A. DeCaprio, Robert A. Weinberg,

Mol Cell Biol (Molecular and cellular biology)
[2002, 22(10):3562-3562]

Cited: 0 times

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Immortalization and transformation of primary human airway epithelial cells by gene transfer.

Ante S Lundberg, Scott H Randell, Sheila A Stewart, Brian Elenbaas, Kimberly A Hartwell, Mary W Brooks, Mark D Fleming, John C Olsen, Scott W Miller, Robert A Weinberg, William C Hahn,

One critical step in the development of a cancerous cell is its acquisition of an unlimited replicative lifespan, the process termed immortalization. Experimental model systems designed to study cellular transformation ex vivo have relied to date on the in vitro selection of a subpopulation of cells that have become immortalized ... Read more >>

Oncogene (Oncogene)
[2002, 21(29):4577-4586]

Cited: 134 times

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Human breast cancer cells generated by oncogenic transformation of primary mammary epithelial cells.

B Elenbaas, L Spirio, F Koerner, M D Fleming, D B Zimonjic, J L Donaher, N C Popescu, W C Hahn, R A Weinberg,

A number of genetic mutations have been identified in human breast cancers, yet the specific combinations of mutations required in concert to form breast carcinoma cells remain unknown. One approach to identifying the genetic and biochemical alterations required for this process involves the transformation of primary human mammary epithelial cells ... Read more >>

Genes Dev (Genes & development)
[2001, 15(1):50-65]

Cited: 519 times

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Essential function of Wnt-4 in mammary gland development downstream of progesterone signaling.

C Brisken, A Heineman, T Chavarria, B Elenbaas, J Tan, S K Dey, J A McMahon, A P McMahon, R A Weinberg,

Female reproductive hormones control mammary gland morphogenesis. In the absence of the progesterone receptor (PR) from the mammary epithelium, ductal side-branching fails to occur. We can overcome this defect by ectopic expression of the protooncogene Wnt-1. Transplantation of mammary epithelia from Wnt-4(-)/(-) mice shows that Wnt-4 has an essential role ... Read more >>

Genes Dev (Genes & development)
[2000, 14(6):650-654]

Cited: 281 times

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