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Maren J H Rytter, Ulrikka Nygaard, Ida Nikoline Mandic, Jonathan Peter Glenthøj, Lisbeth Samsø Schmidt, Dina Cortes, Birgitte Smith, Tatjana Zaharov, Mia Johanna Søndergaard, Marie Cecilie Lawaetz, Susanne Saekmose, Lise Heilmann Jensen, Kjeld Schmiegelow, Kim Kristensen,

In Denmark, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 antibodies were assessed in a cross-sectional study among 1033 children visiting pediatric departments and 750 blood donors in June 2020, using a point-of-care test. Antibodies were detected in 17 children (1.6%) and 15 blood donors (2.0%) (P = 0.58). In conclusion, children ... Read more >>

Pediatr Infect Dis J (The Pediatric infectious disease journal)
[2021, Publish Ahead of Print:]

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The influence of probiotics for preterm neonates on the incidence of atopic dermatitis-results from a historically controlled cohort study.

Julie A Damm, Birgitte Smith, Gorm Greisen, Karen A Krogfelt, Maja-Lisa Clausen, Tove Agner,

Probiotic supplementation is a promising preventive strategy for atopic dermatitis (AD). To help clarifying the significance of timing with respect to prevention of AD, we here evaluate the benefit of prophylactic use of probiotic supplementation in neonates younger than 30 weeks of gestation. Preterm children from the Department of Neonatology, ... Read more >>

Arch Dermatol Res (Archives of dermatological research)
[2017, 309(4):259-264]

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[The first case of cap polyposis in Denmark].

Thomas Blixt, Susanne Eiholm, Birgitte Smith, Bo Pilsgaard, Frank Jørgensen,

Cap polyposis (CP) is characterized by the presence of inflammatory polyps mainly involving the rectosigmoid. It primarily causes mucous to bloody diarrhoea and is often misdiagnosed initially. We report the first case in Denmark with multiple polyps in the rectosigmoid causing constipation in between periods of mucous and bloody diarrhoea. ... Read more >>

Ugeskr Laeger (Ugeskrift for laeger)
[2014, 176(25A):]

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Intestinal proteome changes during infant necrotizing enterocolitis.

Pingping Jiang, Birgitte Smith, Niels Qvist, Christian Nielsen, Jennifer Man-Fan Wan, Wai-Hung Sit, Tim Kåre Jensen, Hualin Wang, Per Torp Sangild,

<h4>Background</h4>Changes in the intestinal and colonic proteome in patients with necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) may help to characterize the disease pathology and identify new biomarkers and treatment targets for NEC.<h4>Methods</h4>Using gel-based proteomics, proteins in NEC-affected intestinal and colonic sections were compared with those in adjacent, near-normal tissue sections within the same ... Read more >>

Pediatr Res (Pediatric research)
[2013, 73(3):268-276]

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[Prophylactic probiotics for preterm infants reduces mortality].

Jesper Brok, Ole Pryds, Birgitte Smith,

Meta-analyses indicate that prophylactic probiotics for preterm infants reduces mortality and necrotising enterocolitis significantly. Despite the robust evidence clinicians are reluctant to implement probiotics because the beneficial mechanism is not clearly understood and due to concerns about the safety, the long-term effects, and the optimal treatment regimen. Hence, only few ... Read more >>

Ugeskr Laeger (Ugeskrift for laeger)
[2012, 174(7):409-412]

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Investigation of the early intestinal microflora in premature infants with/without necrotizing enterocolitis using two different methods.

Birgitte Smith, Susan Bodé, Thomas H Skov, Hengameh Mirsepasi, Gorm Greisen, Karen A Krogfelt,

<h4>Introduction</h4>The pathophysiology of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) is multifactorial, and gastrointestinal bacteria are thought to play an important role. In this study, the role of microflora in the gastrointestinal tract of neonates with NEC was assessed by comparing cases with controls.<h4>Results</h4>Of the 163 neonates, 21 developed NEC. The risk of NEC ... Read more >>

Pediatr Res (Pediatric research)
[2012, 71(1):115-120]

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Reduced diversity of the intestinal microbiota during infancy is associated with increased risk of allergic disease at school age.

Hans Bisgaard, Nan Li, Klaus Bonnelykke, Bo Lund Krogsgaard Chawes, Thomas Skov, Georg Paludan-Müller, Jakob Stokholm, Birgitte Smith, Karen Angeliki Krogfelt,

<h4>Background</h4>Changes in the human microbiome have been suggested as a risk factor for a number of lifestyle-related disorders, such as atopic diseases, possibly through a modifying influence on immune maturation in infancy.<h4>Objectives</h4>We aimed to explore the association between neonatal fecal flora and the development of atopic disorders until age 6 ... Read more >>

J Allergy Clin Immunol (The Journal of allergy and clinical immunology)
[2011, 128(3):646-52.e1-5]

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Community analysis of bacteria colonizing intestinal tissue of neonates with necrotizing enterocolitis.

Birgitte Smith, Susan Bodé, Bodil L Petersen, Tim K Jensen, Christian Pipper, Julie Kloppenborg, Mette Boyé, Karen A Krogfelt, Lars Mølbak,

<h4>Background</h4>Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) is the most common gastrointestinal emergency in newborn neonates. Bacteria are believed to be important in the pathogenesis of NEC but bacterial characterization has only been done on human faecal samples and experimental animal studies. The aim of this study was to investigate the microbial composition and ... Read more >>

BMC Microbiol (BMC microbiology)
[2011, 11:73]

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Optimising bacterial DNA extraction from faecal samples: comparison of three methods.

Birgitte Smith, Nan Li, Anders Schou Andersen, Hans Christian Slotved, Karen Angeliki Krogfelt,

Culture independent methods are used widely in diagnostic laboratories for infectious disease Isolation of genomic DNA from clinical samples is the first and important step in the procedure. Several procedures for extracting DNA from faecal samples have been described, including different mechanical cell disruptors. To our knowledge, the use of ... Read more >>

Open Microbiol J (The open microbiology journal)
[2011, 5:14-17]

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[A case of tularemia in a Danish hunter].

Robert Edfors, Birgitte Smith, Troels Lillebaek,

"Rabbit fever" (Francisella Tularensis) is a rare infection in Denmark. It was first described in Denmark in 1987. It is most likely to affect people who come into close contact with infected animals or ticks, such as hunters, butchers and veterinarians. The diagnosis should be suspected in such persons presenting ... Read more >>

Ugeskr Laeger (Ugeskrift for laeger)
[2010, 172(5):381-382]

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Determination of new cutoff values for indirect immunofluorescence antibody test for Q fever diagnosis in Denmark.

Steen Villumsen, Charlotte Svaerke Jørgensen, Birgitte Smith, Søren Uldum, Peter Schiellerup, Karen Angeliki Krogfelt,

Q fever is a ubiquitous zoonosis caused by Coxiella burnetii. The disease is emerging in many parts of the world, likely because of increased awareness and availability of better diagnostics. The diagnosis is primarily based on serology. Because the prevalence of the disease varies worldwide, the establishment of local cutoff ... Read more >>

Diagn Microbiol Infect Dis (Diagnostic microbiology and infectious disease)
[2009, 65(2):93-98]

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Outbreak of non-O157 Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli infection from consumption of beef sausage.

Steen Ethelberg, Birgitte Smith, Mia Torpdahl, Morten Lisby, Jeppe Boel, Tenna Jensen, Eva Møller Nielsen, Kåre Mølbak,

We describe an outbreak of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli O26:H11 infection in 20 patients (median age, 2 years). The source of the infection was an organic fermented beef sausage. The source was discovered by using credit card information to obtain and compare customer transaction records from the computer systems of ... Read more >>

Clin Infect Dis (Clinical infectious diseases : an official publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America)
[2009, 48(8):e78-81]

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Listeria monocytogenes: maternal-foetal infections in Denmark 1994-2005.

Birgitte Smith, Michael Kemp, Steen Ethelberg, Peter Schiellerup, Brita G Bruun, Peter Gerner-Smidt, Jens J Christensen,

Maternal-foetal infection by Listeria monocytogenes is a rare complication in pregnancy. In the period 1994-2005, 37 culture-confirmed cases of maternal-foetal Listeria monocytogenes infections were reported in Denmark. We examined 36 patients' files in order to evaluate risk factors, clinical and laboratory findings, response to therapy, and outcome for maternal-foetal listeriosis. ... Read more >>

Scand J Infect Dis (Scandinavian journal of infectious diseases)
[2009, 41(1):21-25]

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[Congenital methaemoglobinaemia: an infrequent cause of neonatal cyanosis].

Birgitte Smith, Ole Axel Pryds, Ernst Christensen, Allan Meldgaard Lund,

We present a case study of a newborn girl with a reduced erythrocytic nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NADH)-dependent methaemoglobin reductase level. Within the first days of life she developed cyanosis due to a methaemoglobin level of 21%. The hyperoxia test was characteristic, with normal increases in blood oxygen tension, whereas the ... Read more >>

Ugeskr Laeger (Ugeskrift for laeger)
[2008, 170(33):2460]

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