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Hyperhomocysteinemia in a Patient with Moyamoya Disease.

Durga Shankar Meena, Gopal Krishana Bohra, Mahadev Meena, Bharat Kumar Maheshwari,

Moyamoya disease is a chronic progressive cerebrovascular disease characterized by bilateral occlusion or stenosis of arteries around circle of Willis. We report a case of 18-year-old female presented with recurrent episodes of headache and vertigo. On cerebral angiography, the patient was diagnosed to have moyamoya disease. On further evaluation, thrombophilia ... Read more >>

Case Rep Neurol Med (Case reports in neurological medicine)
[2018, 2018:7806873]

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The common causes leading to pancytopenia in patients presenting to tertiary care hospital.

Kirpal Das Makheja, Bharat Kumar Maheshwari, Shafique Arain, Suneel Kumar, Sangeeta Kumari, Vikash,

OBJECTIVE:The objective of this study was to determine the frequency of common causes leading to Pancytopenia in patients presenting to tertiary care hospital at Karachi. METHODS:A total of 62 patients with the diagnosis of Pancytopenia of more than one week duration were enrolled in the study. All patients underwent a ... Read more >>

Pak J Med Sci (Pakistan journal of medical sciences)
[2013, 29(5):1108-1111]

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