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Short-term repeat cognitive testing and its relationship to hippocampal volumes in older adults.

Kevin Duff, Jeffrey S Anderson, Atul K Mallik, Kayla R Suhrie, Taylor J Atkinson, Bonnie C A Dalley, Sarah Shizuko Morimoto, John M Hoffman,

BACKGROUND:Practice effects are improvements in cognitive test scores due to repeated exposure to testing materials. If practice effects provide information about Alzheimer's disease pathology, then they could be useful for clinical trials enrichment. The current study sought to add to the limited literature on short-term practice effects on cognitive tests ... Read more >>

J Clin Neurosci (Journal of clinical neuroscience : official journal of the Neurosurgical Society of Australasia)
[2018, 57:121-125]

Cited: 2 times

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Abnormal Functional Connectivity Between Default and Salience Networks in Pediatric Bipolar Disorder.

Melissa P Lopez-Larson, Lubdha M Shah, Howard R Weeks, Jace B King, Atul K Mallik, Deborah A Yurgelun-Todd, Jeffrey S Anderson,

BACKGROUND:Pediatric bipolar disorder (PBD) (occurring prior to 18 years of age) is a developmental brain disorder that is among the most severe and disabling psychiatric conditions affecting youth. Despite increasing evidence that brain connectivity is atypical in adults with bipolar disorder, it is not clear how brain connectivity may be ... Read more >>

Biol Psychiatry Cogn Neurosci Neuroimaging (Biological psychiatry. Cognitive neuroscience and neuroimaging)
[2017, 2(1):85-93]

Cited: 4 times

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Molecular Imaging and Precision Medicine in Dementia and Movement Disorders.

Atul K Mallik, Alexander Drzezga, Satoshi Minoshima,

Precision medicine (PM) has been defined as "prevention and treatment strategies that take individual variability into account." Molecular imaging (MI) is an ideally suited tool for PM approaches to neurodegenerative dementia and movement disorders (MD). Here we review PM approaches and discuss how they may be applied to other associated ... Read more >>

PET Clin (PET clinics)
[2017, 12(1):119-136]

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In vitro imaging using laser photostimulation with flavoprotein autofluorescence.

Brian B Theyel, Daniel A Llano, Naoum P Issa, Atul K Mallik, S Murray Sherman,

Imaging of 300-500 μm mouse brain slices by laser photostimulation with flavoprotein autofluorescence (LFPA) allows the rapid and sensitive mapping of neuronal connectivity. It is accomplished using UV laser-based photo-uncaging of glutamate and imaging neuronal activation by capturing changes in green light (∼520 nm) emitted under blue light (∼460 nm) ... Read more >>

Nat Protoc (Nature protocols)
[2011, 6(4):502-508]

Cited: 8 times

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Molecular analysis of neocortical layer structure in the ferret.

Joanna J Rowell, Atul K Mallik, Jennifer Dugas-Ford, Clifton W Ragsdale,

Molecular markers that distinguish specific layers of rodent neocortex are increasingly employed to study cortical development and the physiology of cortical circuits. The extent to which these markers represent general features of neocortical cell type identity across mammals, however, is unknown. To assess the conservation of layer markers more broadly, ... Read more >>

J Comp Neurol (The Journal of comparative neurology)
[2010, 518(16):3272-3289]

Cited: 26 times

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Glomerular activation patterns and the perception of odor mixtures.

Kimberly J Grossman, Atul K Mallik, Jessica Ross, Leslie M Kay, Naoum P Issa,

Odor mixtures can produce several qualitatively different percepts; it is not known at which stage of processing these are determined. We asked if activity within the first stage of olfactory processing, the glomerular layer of the olfactory bulb, predicts odor mixture perception. We characterized how mice respond to components after ... Read more >>

Eur. J. Neurosci. (The European journal of neuroscience)
[2008, 27(10):2676-2685]

Cited: 24 times

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Functional imaging of primary visual cortex using flavoprotein autofluorescence.

T Robert Husson, Atul K Mallik, Jing X Zhang, Naoum P Issa,

Neuronal autofluorescence, which results from the oxidation of flavoproteins in the electron transport chain, has recently been used to map cortical responses to sensory stimuli. This approach could represent a substantial improvement over other optical imaging methods because it is a direct (i.e., nonhemodynamic) measure of neuronal metabolism. However, its ... Read more >>

J. Neurosci. (The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience)
[2007, 27(32):8665-8675]

Cited: 52 times

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The organization of spatial frequency maps measured by cortical flavoprotein autofluorescence.

Atul K Mallik, T Robert Husson, Jing X Zhang, Ari Rosenberg, Naoum P Issa,

To determine the organization of spatial frequency (SF) preference within cat Area 17, we imaged responses to stimuli with different SFs using optical intrinsic signals (ISI) and flavoprotein autofluorescence (AFI). Previous studies have suggested that neurons cluster based on SF preference, but a recent report argued that SF maps measured ... Read more >>

Vision Res (Vision research)
[2008, 48(14):1545-1553]

Cited: 7 times

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The representation of complex images in spatial frequency domains of primary visual cortex.

Jing X Zhang, Ari Rosenberg, Atul K Mallik, T Robert Husson, Naoum P Issa,

The organization of cat primary visual cortex has been well mapped using simple stimuli such as sinusoidal gratings, revealing superimposed maps of orientation and spatial frequency preferences. However, it is not yet understood how complex images are represented across these maps. In this study, we ask whether a linear filter ... Read more >>

J. Neurosci. (The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience)
[2007, 27(35):9310-9318]

Cited: 7 times

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