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Protective effects of melatonin and L-carnitine against methotrexate-induced toxicity in isolated rat hepatocytes.

Lamiaa A Khatab, Ihab T Abdel-Raheem, Asser I Ghoneim,

The present study was designed to evaluate the possible protective effects of melatonin (MEL) and/or L-carnitine (L-CAR) against methotrexate (MTX)-induced toxicity in isolated rat hepatocytes. Hepatocytes were prepared using collagenase techniques of perfusion and digestion of rat liver. Trypan blue uptake, as well as, glutathione (GSH), lipid peroxidation (LPO), nitric ... Read more >>

Naunyn Schmiedebergs Arch Pharmacol (Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's archives of pharmacology)
[2022, 395(1):87-97]

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Community pharmacists' needs, education, and readiness in facing COVID-19: Actions & recommendations in Egypt.

Amira B Kassem, Asser I Ghoneim, Mohamed I Nounou, Noha A El-Bassiouny,

<h4>Introduction</h4>Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak is considered one of the most important public health crises all over the world and in Egypt. Community pharmacists represent the third largest health care professional group after physicians and nurses. Community pharmacists are expected to be fully prepared at the frontline of defending their ... Read more >>

Int J Clin Pract (International journal of clinical practice)
[2021, 75(11):e14762]

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Combinatorial antitumor effects of amino acids and epigenetic modulations in hepatocellular carcinoma cell lines.

Yasmine A Hassan, Maged W Helmy, Asser I Ghoneim,

Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is a highly fatal form of liver cancer. Recently, the interest in using amino acids as therapeutic agents has noticeably grown. The present work aimed to evaluate the possible antiproliferative effects of selected amino acids supplementation or deprivation in human HCC cell lines and to investigate their ... Read more >>

Naunyn Schmiedebergs Arch Pharmacol (Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's archives of pharmacology)
[2021, 394(11):2245-2257]

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Transforming iodoquinol into broad spectrum anti-tumor leads: Repurposing to modulate redox homeostasis.

Ibrahim Chaaban, Haidy Hafez, Ibrahim AlZaim, Cynthia Tannous, Hanan Ragab, Aly Hazzaa, Salma Ketat, Asser Ghoneim, Mohamed Katary, Mohammad M Abd-Alhaseeb, Fouad A Zouein, Amgad Albohy, Ahmed Noby Amer, Ahmed F El-Yazbi, Ahmed S F Belal,

We managed to repurpose the old drug iodoquinol to a series of novel anticancer 7-iodo-quinoline-5,8-diones. Twelve compounds were identified as inhibitors of moderate to high potency on an inhouse MCF-7 cell line, of which 2 compounds (5 and 6) were capable of reducing NAD level in MCF-7 cells in concentrations ... Read more >>

Bioorg Chem (Bioorganic chemistry)
[2021, 113:105035]

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Systemic bee venom exerts anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory properties in a rat model of arthritis.

Doaa Mohamed El-Tedawy, Mohammad Mahmoud Abd-Alhaseeb, Maged Wasfy Helmy, Asser Ibrahim Ghoneim,

Bee venom (BV) is widely used as a traditional China medicine to treat various conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis (RA). The aim of the present study was to evaluate the effects of systemic BV (60 mg/kg) as an anti-arthritic natural product, compare it with Methotrexate and determine the possible underlying mechanisms ... Read more >>

Biomed Rep (Biomedical reports)
[2020, 13(4):20]

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The synergistic anti-proliferative effect of the combination of diosmin and BEZ-235 (dactolisib) on the HCT-116 colorectal cancer cell line occurs through inhibition of the PI3K/Akt/mTOR/NF-κB axis.

Maged W Helmy, Asser I Ghoneim, Mohamed A Katary, Rana K Elmahdy,

One of the most lethal malignancies worldwide is colorectal cancer (CRC). Alterations in various signalling pathways, including PI3K-mTOR and NF-κB, have been reported in CRC with subsequent dysregulation of proliferation, apoptosis, angiogenesis and, questionably, autophagy processes. BEZ-235 (dactolisib) is a dual PI3K-mTOR inhibitor with potent anti-tumour activity. However, the observed ... Read more >>

Mol Biol Rep (Molecular biology reports)
[2020, 47(3):2217-2230]

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Synergistic antiproliferative effects of curcumin and celecoxib in hepatocellular carcinoma HepG2 cells.

Fatma M Abdallah, Maged W Helmy, Mohamed A Katary, Asser I Ghoneim,

Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is still a leading cancer killer in the community. Molecular targeted therapy with celecoxib (CXB) has shown promising antitumor effects; however, its use may be limited due to serious side effects. Curcumin (CUR) has also shown beneficial effects against HCC. Then, it was aimed to investigate the ... Read more >>

Naunyn Schmiedebergs Arch Pharmacol (Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's archives of pharmacology)
[2018, 391(12):1399-1410]

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Evaluation of anti-inflammatory, analgesic activities, and side effects of some pyrazole derivatives.

Souraya Domiati, Ahmed El-Mallah, Asser Ghoneim, Adnan Bekhit, Heba Abd El Razik,

<h4>Background and purpose</h4>Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are associated with several side effects, such as gastrointestinal mucosal damage, renal toxicity, and cardiovascular side effects. Aiming to find a novel analgesic/anti-inflammatory drug with minimal side effects, the present study was designed to screen and evaluate some newly synthesized pyrazole derivatives.<h4>Method</h4>Anti-inflammatory activity using carrageenan-induced ... Read more >>

Inflammopharmacology (Inflammopharmacology)
[2016, 24(4):163-172]

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Anti-Inflammatory and Antioxidant Activities of Salvia fruticosa: An HPLC Determination of Phenolic Contents.

Rima Boukhary, Karim Raafat, Asser I Ghoneim, Maha Aboul-Ela, Abdalla El-Lakany,

Objectives. Salvia fruticosa Mill. (S. fruticosa) is widely used in folk medicine. Accordingly, the present study was designed to evaluate the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities of S. fruticosa, and to determine the phenolic constituents of its extracts. Methods. The antioxidant activity was determined using 2,2-diphenylpicrylhydrazyl assay. Total phenolic contents were ... Read more >>

Evid Based Complement Alternat Med (Evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine : eCAM)
[2016, 2016:7178105]

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Synthesis of some new amide-linked bipyrazoles and their evaluation as anti-inflammatory and analgesic agents.

Wissam H Faour, Mohamed Mroueh, Costatantine F Daher, Rasha Y Elbayaa, Hanan M Ragab, Asser I Ghoneim, Ahmed I El-Mallah, Hayam M A Ashour,

Four series of new bipyrazoles comprising the N-phenylpyrazole scaffold linked to polysubstituted pyrazoles or to antipyrine moiety through different amide linkages were synthesized. The synthesized compounds were evaluated for their anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities. In vitro COX-1/COX-2 inhibition study revealed that compound 16b possessed the lowest IC50 value against both ... Read more >>

J Enzyme Inhib Med Chem (Journal of enzyme inhibition and medicinal chemistry)
[2016, 31(6):1079-1094]

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Hepatoprotective effects of Astragalus kahiricus root extract against ethanol-induced liver apoptosis in rats.

Rasha M Allam, Dina A Selim, Asser I Ghoneim, Mohamed M Radwan, Salwa M Nofal, Amani E Khalifa, Ola A Sharaf, Soad M Toaima, Aya M Asaad, Nadia A El-Sebakhy,

The hepatoprotective activity of the ethanol extract of Astragalus kahiricus (Fabaceae) roots against ethanol-induced liver apoptosis was evaluated and it showed very promising hepatoprotective actions through different mechanisms. The extract counteracted the ethanol-induced liver enzymes leakage and glutathione depletion. In addition, it demonstrated anti-apoptotic effects against caspase-3 activation and DNA ... Read more >>

Chin J Nat Med (Chinese journal of natural medicines)
[2013, 11(4):354-361]

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Anti-apoptotic effects of tamarind leaves against ethanol-induced rat liver injury.

Asser I Ghoneim, Omayma A Eldahshan,

The leaf decoctions of Tamarindus indica (TI) have long been traditionally used in liver ailments. The aim of this study was to investigate the anti-apoptotic activity of TI leaf extract against acute ethanol (EtOH)-induced liver injury. The major constituents of the extract were also examined for standardization purposes.Rats (n = ... Read more >>

J Pharm Pharmacol (The Journal of pharmacy and pharmacology)
[2012, 64(3):430-438]

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Dichloroacetonitrile induces oxidative stress and developmental apoptotic imbalance in mouse fetal brain.

Ahmed Esmat, Asser I Ghoneim, Ebtehal El-Demerdash, Amani E Khalifa, Ashraf B Abdel-Naim,

Dichloroacetonitrile (DCAN) is one of the disinfection by-products of chlorination of drinking water. Limited mechanistic studies exist on the developmental toxicity of haloacetonitriles (HANs). The present study was designed to investigate the potential adverse effects of maternal exposure to DCAN on mouse fetal brain. Based on initial dose-response experiment, DCAN ... Read more >>

Environ Toxicol Pharmacol (Environmental toxicology and pharmacology)
[2012, 33(1):78-84]

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Rubus sanctus protects against carbon tetrachloride-induced toxicity in rat isolated hepatocytes: isolation and characterization of its galloylated flavonoids.

Amira M Badr, Ebtehal El-Demerdash, Amani E Khalifa, Asser I Ghoneim, Nahla A Ayoub, Ashraf B Abdel-Naim,

<h4>Objectives</h4>Rubus sanctus Schreb., known from the Bible as 'holy thorn bush', grows wild in Egypt. Rubus sanctus aqueous alcoholic extract (RE) contains a complicated phenolic mixture (ellagitanins, flavonoids and caffeic acid derivatives). In this study, the phytochemical investigation of the plant was re-evaluated. Herein, we report on the isolation and ... Read more >>

J Pharm Pharmacol (The Journal of pharmacy and pharmacology)
[2009, 61(11):1511-1520]

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Lactoperoxidase catalyzes in vitro activation of acrylonitrile to cyanide.

Sherry N Nasralla, Asser I Ghoneim, Amani E Khalifa, Mohamed Z Gad, Ashraf B Abdel-Naim,

Acrylonitrile (ACN) is a widely used industrial chemical. Although it is a well reported animal carcinogen, its current designation to humans is "possibly carcinogenic". The present study aimed at investigating the ability of LPO enzyme system to oxidize ACN to cyanide (CN(-)) in vitro. Detection of CN(-) served as a ... Read more >>

Toxicol Lett (Toxicology letters)
[2009, 191(2-3):347-352]

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Effects of curcumin on ethanol-induced hepatocyte necrosis and apoptosis: implication of lipid peroxidation and cytochrome c.

Asser I Ghoneim,

Ethanol-induced hepatocyte necrosis and apoptosis are valid in vitro models to investigate the modulatory effects of hepatoprotective/toxic agents such as curcumin. In this study, suspension and monolayer cultures of isolated rat hepatocytes were used. Levels of trypan blue uptake, reduced glutathione, and lipid peroxidation were quantified. Chromatin condensation, caspase-3 activity, ... Read more >>

Naunyn Schmiedebergs Arch Pharmacol (Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's archives of pharmacology)
[2009, 379(1):47-60]

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Protective effects of curcumin against ischaemia/reperfusion insult in rat forebrain.

Asser I Ghoneim, Ashraf B Abdel-Naim, Amani E Khalifa, Ezzeddin S El-Denshary,

Oxidative stress is believed to be implicated in the pathogenesis of postischaemic cerebral injury. Many antioxidants were shown to be neuroprotective in experimental models of cerebral ischaemia/reperfusion (I/R). The present study was designed to investigate the potential protective effects of curcumin (CUR) against I/R insult in rat forebrain. The model ... Read more >>

Pharmacol Res (Pharmacological research)
[2002, 46(3):273-279]

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