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A tps1Δ persister-like state in Saccharomyces cerevisiae is regulated by MKT1.

Patrick A Gibney, Anqi Chen, Ariel Schieler, Jonathan C Chen, Yifan Xu, David G Hendrickson, R Scott McIsaac, Joshua D Rabinowitz, David Botstein,

Trehalose metabolism in yeast has been linked to a variety of phenotypes, including heat resistance, desiccation tolerance, carbon-source utilization, and sporulation. The relationships among the several phenotypes of mutants unable to synthesize trehalose are not understood, even though the pathway is highly conserved. One of these phenotypes is that tps1Δ ... Read more >>

PLoS ONE (PloS one)
[2020, 15(5):e0233779]

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Evolutionary Convergence of Pathway-Specific Enzyme Expression Stoichiometry.

Jean-Benoît Lalanne, James C Taggart, Monica S Guo, Lydia Herzel, Ariel Schieler, Gene-Wei Li,

Coexpression of proteins in response to pathway-inducing signals is the founding paradigm of gene regulation. However, it remains unexplored whether the relative abundance of co-regulated proteins requires precise tuning. Here, we present large-scale analyses of protein stoichiometry and corresponding regulatory strategies for 21 pathways and 67-224 operons in divergent bacteria ... Read more >>

Cell (Cell)
[2018, 173(3):749-761.e38]

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Red Blood Cell Invasion by the Malaria Parasite Is Coordinated by the PfAP2-I Transcription Factor.

Joana Mendonca Santos, Gabrielle Josling, Philipp Ross, Preeti Joshi, Lindsey Orchard, Tracey Campbell, Ariel Schieler, Ileana M Cristea, Manuel Llinás,

Obligate intracellular parasites must efficiently invade host cells in order to mature and be transmitted. For the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum, invasion of host red blood cells (RBCs) is essential. Here we describe a parasite-specific transcription factor PfAP2-I, belonging to the Apicomplexan AP2 (ApiAP2) family, that is responsible for regulating ... Read more >>

Cell Host Microbe (Cell host & microbe)
[2017, 21(6):731-741.e10]

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Characterizing the in vivo role of trehalose in Saccharomyces cerevisiae using the AGT1 transporter.

Patrick A Gibney, Ariel Schieler, Jonathan C Chen, Joshua D Rabinowitz, David Botstein,

Trehalose is a highly stable, nonreducing disaccharide of glucose. A large body of research exists implicating trehalose in a variety of cellular phenomena, notably response to stresses of various kinds. However, in very few cases has the role of trehalose been examined directly in vivo. Here, we describe the development ... Read more >>

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America)
[2015, 112(19):6116-6121]

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The Cryptosporidium parvum ApiAP2 gene family: insights into the evolution of apicomplexan AP2 regulatory systems.

Jenna Oberstaller, Yoanna Pumpalova, Ariel Schieler, Manuel Llinás, Jessica C Kissinger,

We provide the first comprehensive analysis of any transcription factor family in Cryptosporidium, a basal-branching apicomplexan that is the second leading cause of infant diarrhea globally. AP2 domain-containing proteins have evolved to be the major regulatory family in the phylum to the exclusion of canonical regulators. We show that apicomplexan ... Read more >>

Nucleic Acids Res. (Nucleic Acids Research)
[2014, 42(13):8271-8284]

Cited: 14 times

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