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Comparison of in vivo measured loads in knee, hip and spinal implants during level walking.

Philipp Damm, Ines Kutzner, Georg Bergmann, Antonius Rohlmann, Hendrik Schmidt,

Walking is a task that we seek to understand because it is the most relevant human locomotion. Walking causes complex loading patterns and high load magnitudes within the human body. This work summarizes partially published load data collected in earlier in vivo measurement studies on 9 patients with telemeterized knee ... Read more >>

J Biomech (Journal of biomechanics)
[2017, 51:128-132]

Cited: 18 times

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Estimation of loads on human lumbar spine: A review of in vivo and computational model studies.

Marcel Dreischarf, Aboulfazl Shirazi-Adl, Navid Arjmand, Antonius Rohlmann, Hendrik Schmidt,

Spinal loads are recognized to play a causative role in back disorders and pain. Knowledge of lumbar spinal loads is required in proper management of various spinal disorders, effective risk prevention and assessment in the workplace, sports and rehabilitation, realistic testing of spinal implants as well as adequate loading in ... Read more >>

J Biomech (Journal of biomechanics)
[2016, 49(6):833-845]

Cited: 41 times

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