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Reliable use of silver chloride HD-tDCS electrodes.

Benjamin M Hampstead, Marny Ehmann, Annalise Rahman-Filipiak,

Brain Stimul (Brain stimulation)
[2020, 13(4):1005-1007]

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Annalise M Rahman-Filipiak, Arijit Bhaumik, Bruno Giordani, Henry Paulson, Benjamin M Hampstead,

AbstractSubjective cognitive complaints (SCCs) remain part of the diagnostic criteria for amnestic mild cognitive impairment (aMCI), the prodromal stage of dementia - Alzheimer’s type (DAT), despite weak relationships between self-reported and objectively-measured functioning. Most metacognitive measures focus on ratings of global retrospective memory rating only; greater subtlety in measurement of ... Read more >>

(Innovation in aging)
[2019, 3(Suppl 1):S2-S2]

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Grooved Pegboard Test as a measure of executive functioning.

Kathryn Ann Tolle, Annalise M Rahman-Filipiak, Andrew C Hale, Katherine A Kitchen Andren, Robert J Spencer,

The Grooved Pegboard Test (GPT) is used primarily as a measure of motor functioning, but some research indicates that performance on this test my also reflect cognitive factors, particularly attention and executive functioning. The aim of this study was to examine rule violations as a possible quantifiable measure of executive ... Read more >>

Appl Neuropsychol Adult (Applied neuropsychology. Adult)
[2020, 27(5):414-420]

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Self- and Informant-Reported Memory Complaints: Frequency and Severity in Cognitively Intact Individuals and those with Mild Cognitive Impairment and Neurodegenerative Dementias.

Annalise M Rahman-Filipiak, Bruno Giordani, Judith Heidebrink, Arijit Bhaumik, Benjamin M Hampstead,

BACKGROUND:Subjective memory complaints (SMCs) are incorporated into the diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and neurodegenerative dementias; however, the relative frequency of SMCs in cognitively intact older adults and those with different types of dementia is poorly understood. Similarly, the concordance between self- versus informant-reported SMCs has not been compared ... Read more >>

J. Alzheimers Dis. (Journal of Alzheimer's disease : JAD)
[2018, 65(3):1011-1027]

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Tolerability and blinding of 4x1 high-definition transcranial direct current stimulation (HD-tDCS) at two and three milliamps.

Jaclyn Reckow, Annalise Rahman-Filipiak, Sarah Garcia, Stephen Schlaefflin, Oliver Calhoun, Alexandre F DaSilva, Marom Bikson, Benjamin M Hampstead,

BACKGROUND:Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) is an in-demand form of neuromodulation generally regarded as safe and well tolerated. However, few studies have examined the safety, tolerability, or blinding of High Definition (HD-) tDCS, especially in older adults and at stimulation intensities of 2 milliamps (mA) or greater. OBJECTIVE:We examined the ... Read more >>

Brain Stimul (Brain stimulation)
[2018, 11(5):991-997]

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Incidental learning from the coding subtest of the Repeatable Battery for the Assessment of Neuropsychological Status.

Robert J Spencer, Katherine A Kitchen Andren, Annalise Rahman-Filipiak,

Incidental learning (IL) measures provide complementary assessment data reflecting subconscious encoding of information using methods that differ from the procedures of many traditional memory tests. We examined the concurrent validity of an IL measure based on the coding subtest of the Repeatable Battery for the Assessment of Neuropsychological Status (RBANS). ... Read more >>

Appl Neuropsychol Adult (Applied neuropsychology. Adult)
[2018, 25(1):5-10]

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Financial decision-making abilities and financial exploitation in older African Americans: Preliminary validity evidence for the Lichtenberg Financial Decision Rating Scale (LFDRS).

Peter A Lichtenberg, Lisa J Ficker, Annalise Rahman-Filipiak,

This study examines preliminary evidence for the Lichtenberg Financial Decision Rating Scale (LFDRS), a new person-centered approach to assessing capacity to make financial decisions, and its relationship to self-reported cases of financial exploitation in 69 older African Americans. More than one third of individuals reporting financial exploitation also had questionable ... Read more >>

J Elder Abuse Negl (Journal of elder abuse & neglect)
[2016, 28(1):14-33]

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Psychological and Functional Vulnerability Predicts Fraud Cases in Older Adults: Results of a Longitudinal Study.

Peter Alexander Lichtenberg, Michael A Sugarman, Daniel Paulson, Lisa J Ficker, Annalise Rahman-Filipiak,

Using cross sectional data Psychological vulnerability was identified as a correlate of older adult's being defrauded. We extend that research by examining fraud prevalence using longitudinal data from the Health and Retirement Study, and to identify the best predictors of fraud longitudinally across a 4-year time frame. Whereas reported fraud ... Read more >>

Clin Gerontol (Clinical gerontologist)
[2016, 39(1):48-63]

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Octogenarian and centenarian performance on the Fuld Object Memory Evaluation.

Annalise Rahman-Filipiak, John L Woodard, L Stephen Miller, Peter Martin, Adam Davey, Leonard W Poon, ,

The Fuld Object Memory Evaluation (FOME) has considerable utility for cognitive assessment in older adults, but there are few normative data, particularly for the oldest old. In this study, 80 octogenarians and 244 centenarians from the Georgia Centenarian Study completed the FOME. Total and trial-to-trial performance on the storage, retrieval, ... Read more >>

Neuropsychol Dev Cogn B Aging Neuropsychol Cogn (Neuropsychology, development, and cognition. Section B, Aging, neuropsychology and cognition)
[2015, 22(4):438-451]

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Administration and environment considerations in computer-based sports-concussion assessment.

Annalise A M Rahman-Filipiak, John L Woodard,

Computer-based testing has become a vital tool for the assessment of sport-related concussion (SRC). An increasing number of papers have been published on this topic, focusing on subjects such as the purpose and validity of baseline testing, the performance of special populations on computer-based tests, the psychometric properties of different ... Read more >>

Neuropsychol Rev (Neuropsychology review)
[2013, 23(4):314-334]

Cited: 7 times

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