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Identifying the core concepts of pharmacology education.

Paul J White, Elizabeth A Davis, Marina Santiago, Tom Angelo, Alison Shield, Anna-Marie Babey, Barbara Kemp-Harper, Gregg Maynard, Hesham S Al-Sallami, Ian F Musgrave, Lynette B Fernandes, Suong N T Ngo, Tina Hinton,

Pharmacology education currently lacks an agreed knowledge curriculum. Evidence from physics and biology education indicates that core concepts are useful and effective structures around which such a curriculum can be designed to facilitate student learning. Building on previous work, we developed a novel, criterion-based method to identify the core concepts ... Read more >>

Pharmacol Res Perspect (Pharmacology research & perspectives)
[2021, 9(4):e00836]

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Synthesis of the Mechanisms of Opioid Tolerance: Do We Still Say NO?

Laura J Gledhill, Anna-Marie Babey,

The use of morphine as a first-line agent for moderate-to-severe pain is limited by the development of analgesic tolerance. Initially opioid receptor desensitization in response to repeated stimulation, thought to underpin the establishment of tolerance, was linked to a compensatory increase in adenylate cyclase responsiveness. The subsequent demonstration of cross-talk ... Read more >>

Cell Mol Neurobiol (Cellular and molecular neurobiology)
[2021, 41(5):927-948]

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An evaluation of pharmacology curricula in Australian science and health-related degree programs.

Hilary Lloyd, Tina Hinton, Shane Bullock, Anna-Marie Babey, Elizabeth Davis, Lynette Fernandes, Joanne Hart, Ian Musgrave, James Ziogas,

<h4>Background</h4>Pharmacology is a biomedical discipline taught in basic science and professional degree programs. In order to provide information that would facilitate pharmacology curricula to be refined and developed, and approaches to teaching to be updated, a national survey was undertaken in Australia that investigated pharmacology course content, teaching and summative ... Read more >>

BMC Med Educ (BMC medical education)
[2013, 13:153]

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Functionally differentiating two neuronal nitric oxide synthase isoforms through antisense mapping: evidence for opposing NO actions on morphine analgesia and tolerance.

Y A Kolesnikov, Y X Pan, A M Babey, S Jain, R Wilson, G W Pasternak,

Several isoforms of neuronal nitric oxide synthase (nNOS) have been identified. Antisense approaches have been developed which can selectively down-regulate nNOS-1, which corresponds to the full-length nNOS originally cloned from the brain, and nNOS-2, a truncated form lacking two exons which is generated by alternative splicing, as demonstrated by decreases ... Read more >>

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America)
[1997, 94(15):8220-8225]

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