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Acceptability and preferences for self-collected screening for cervical cancer within health systems in rural Uganda: A mixed-methods approach.

Angeli Rawat, Catherine Sanders, Nadia Mithani, Catherine Amuge, Heather Pedersen, Ruth Namugosa, Beth Payne, Sheona Mitchell-Foster, Jackson Orem, Gina Ogilvie, Carolyn Nakisige,

<h4>Objective</h4>To understand the knowledge, preferences, and barriers for self-collected cervical cancer screening (SC-CCS) and follow-up care at the individual and health system level to inform the implementation of community-based SC-CCS.<h4>Methods</h4>Surveys and focus group discussions (FGDs) with women and FGDs with healthcare providers were conducted in Uganda. Survey data were analyzed ... Read more >>

Int J Gynaecol Obstet (International journal of gynaecology and obstetrics: the official organ of the International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics)
[2021, 152(1):103-111]

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"Together we move a mountain": celebrating a decade of the Emerging Voices for Global Health network.

Prashanth Nuggehalli Srinivas, Dorcus Kiwanuka Henriksson, Vladimir S Gordeev, Kristof Decoster, Stephanie M Topp, Seye Abimbola, ,

BMJ Glob Health (BMJ global health)
[2020, 5(7):]

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Integrated cervical cancer screening in Mayuge District Uganda (ASPIRE Mayuge): a pragmatic sequential cluster randomized trial protocol.

Carolyn Nakisige, Jessica Trawin, Sheona Mitchell-Foster, Beth A Payne, Angeli Rawat, Nadia Mithani, Cathy Amuge, Heather Pedersen, Jackson Orem, Laurie Smith, Gina Ogilvie,

BACKGROUND:Cervical cancer is almost entirely preventable through vaccination and screening, yet remains one of the 'gravest threats to women's lives' according to the World Health Organization. Specific high-risk subtypes of human papillomavirus (HR-HPV) are well-established as the primary cause of cervical cancer. Uganda has one of the highest cervical cancer ... Read more >>

BMC Public Health (BMC public health)
[2020, 20(1):142]

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Integrated management of type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes within multi-morbidity conditions in Africa: a systematic review protocol.

Jean Claude Mutabazi, Mahmoud M Werfalli, Angeli Rawat, Ezekiel Musa, Shane A Norris, Katherine Murphy, Helen Trottier, Naomi Levitt, Christina Zarowsky,

<h4>Introduction</h4>Multi-morbidity, defined as the co-existence of more than one chronic condition in one person, has been increasing due to comorbid non-communicable and infectious chronic diseases (CNCICDs). Type 2 diabetes (T2D) and gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) incidences within the CNCICDs conditions are increasing and overwhelming already weak and under-resourced healthcare systems ... Read more >>

BMJ Open (BMJ open)
[2019, 9(3):e023684]

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Strengthening the health workforce to support integration of HIV and noncommunicable disease services in sub-Saharan Africa.

Miriam Rabkin, Helen de Pinho, Susan Michaels-Strasser, Doris Naitore, Angeli Rawat, Stephanie M Topp,

<h4>Objective</h4>The successful expansion of HIV services in sub-Saharan Africa has been a signature achievement of global public health. This article explores health workforce-related lessons from HIV scale-up, their implications for integrating noncommunicable disease (NCD) services into HIV programs, ways to ensure that healthcare workers have the knowledge, skills, resources, and ... Read more >>

AIDS (AIDS (London, England))
[2018, 32 Suppl 1:S47-S54]

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Community-based HPV self-collection versus visual inspection with acetic acid in Uganda: a cost-effectiveness analysis of the ASPIRE trial.

Alex K Mezei, Heather N Pedersen, Stephen Sy, Catherine Regan, Sheona M Mitchell-Foster, Josaphat Byamugisha, Musa Sekikubo, Heather Armstrong, Angeli Rawat, Joel Singer, Gina S Ogilvie, Jane J Kim, Nicole G Campos,

BACKGROUND:Cervical cancer is the leading cause of cancer death for women in Uganda, despite the potential for prevention through organised screening. Community-based self-collected human papillomavirus (HPV) testing has been proposed to reduce barriers to screening. OBJECTIVE:Our objective was to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the Advances in Screening and Prevention of ... Read more >>

BMJ Open (BMJ open)
[2018, 8(6):e020484]

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Patient Responses on Quality of Care and Satisfaction with Staff After Integrated HIV Care in South African Primary Health Care Clinics.

Angeli Rawat, Kerry Uebel, David Moore, Lubomir Cingl, Annalee Yassi,

HIV care integrated into primary health care (PHC) encourages reorganized service delivery but could increase workload. In 2012-2013, we surveyed 910 patients and caregivers at two time points after integration in four clinics in Free State, South Africa. Likert surveys measured quality of care (QoC) and satisfaction with staff (SwS). ... Read more >>

J Assoc Nurses AIDS Care (The Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care : JANAC)
[2018, 29(5):698-711]

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Integrated HIV-Care Into Primary Health Care Clinics and the Influence on Diabetes and Hypertension Care: An Interrupted Time Series Analysis in Free State, South Africa Over 4 Years.

Angeli Rawat, Kerry Uebel, David Moore, Annalee Yassi,

<h4>Background</h4>Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), specifically diabetes and hypertension, are rising in high HIV-burdened countries such as South Africa. How integrated HIV care into primary health care (PHC) influences NCD care is unknown. We aimed to understand whether differences existed in NCD care (pre- versus post-integration) and how changes may relate to ... Read more >>

J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr (Journal of acquired immune deficiency syndromes (1999))
[2018, 77(5):476-483]

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Strengthening Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Tuberculosis Prevention Capacity among South African Healthcare Workers: A Mixed Methods Study of a Collaborative Occupational Health Program.

Alexandre Liautaud, Prince A Adu, Annalee Yassi, Muzimkhulu Zungu, Jerry M Spiegel, Angeli Rawat, Elizabeth A Bryce, Michelle C Engelbrecht,

<h4>Background</h4>Insufficient training in infection control and occupational health among healthcare workers (HCWs) in countries with high human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and tuberculosis (TB) burdens requires attention. We examined the effectiveness of a 1-year Certificate Program in Occupational Health and Infection Control conducted in Free State Province, South Africa in an ... Read more >>

Saf Health Work (Safety and health at work)
[2018, 9(2):172-179]

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Injection drug use among female sex workers in Iran: Findings from a nationwide bio-behavioural survey.

Mohammad Karamouzian, Ali Mirzazadeh, Angeli Rawat, Mostafa Shokoohi, Ali A Haghdoost, Abbas Sedaghat, Armita Shahesmaeili, Hamid Sharifi,

<h4>Background</h4>Globally, one in three women who inject drugs is involved in sex work which increases their vulnerability to sexually transmitted infections including HIV. This study was conducted to improve our understanding of injection drug use practices among Iranian female sex workers (FSWs) and shed light on the high-risk profile of ... Read more >>

Int J Drug Policy (The International journal on drug policy)
[2017, 44:86-91]

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The Vancouver Consensus: antiretroviral medicines, medical evidence, and political will.

Chris Beyrer, Deborah L Birx, Linda-Gail Bekker, Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, Pedro Cahn, Mark R Dybul, Serge P Eholié, Matthew M Kavanagh, Elly T Katabira, Jens D Lundgren, Lilian Mworeko, Marama Pala, Thanyawee Puttanakit, Owen Ryan, Michel Sidibé, Julio S G Montaner, ,

Lancet (Lancet (London, England))
[2015, 386(9993):505-507]

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