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Teaching Discipline-Based Problem Solving.

Regina F Frey, Cynthia J Brame, Angela Fink, Paula P Lemons,

Problem solving plays an essential role in all scientific disciplines, and solving problems can reveal essential concepts that underlie those disciplines. Thus, problem solving serves both as a common tool and desired outcome in many science classes. Research on teaching problem solving offers principles for instruction that are guided by ... Read more >>

CBE Life Sci Educ (CBE life sciences education)
[2022, 21(2):fe1]

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Interactions between Lexical Access and Articulation.

Angela Fink, Gary M Oppenheim, Matthew Goldrick,

This study investigates the interaction of lexical access and articulation in spoken word production, examining two dimensions along which theories vary. First, does articulatory variation reflect a fixed plan, or do lexical access-articulatory interactions continue after response initiation? Second, to what extent are interactive mechanisms hard-wired properties of the production ... Read more >>

Lang Cogn Neurosci (Language, cognition and neuroscience)
[2018, 33(1):12-24]

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