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Nicotine replacement therapy sampling via primary care: Methods from a pragmatic cluster randomized clinical trial.

Jennifer Dahne, Amy E Wahlquist, Amy S Boatright, Elizabeth Garrett-Mayer, Douglas O Fleming, Robert Davis, Brent Egan, Matthew J Carpenter,

BACKGROUND:Primary care is the most important point of healthcare contact for smokers. Brief physician advice to quit, based on the 5As/AAR model, offers some efficacy but is inconsistently administered and has limited population impact. Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) sampling, defined as provision of a brief NRT starter kit, when added ... Read more >>

Contemp Clin Trials (Contemporary clinical trials)
[2018, 72:1-7]

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'Closet' quit attempts: prevalence, correlates and association with outcome.

Matthew J Carpenter, Katherine Regan Sterba, Amy S Boatright, Robert West,

To examine the (i) prevalence, (ii) predictors and (iii) cessation outcomes of smokers who engage in undisclosed quit attempts.ā€ƒ Online survey (nā€ƒ=ā€ƒ524), with balanced recruitment of current smokers (55%) and past-year quitters (45%). Participants were daily smokers (current or previous) who had at least one quit attempt in the past ... Read more >>

Addiction (Addiction (Abingdon, England))
[2011, 106(12):2214-2220]

Cited: 4 times

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