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Post-treatment Hematological Variations and the Role of Hemoglobin as a Predictor of Disease-free Survival in Stage 2 Breast Cancer Patients.

Uzma Raza, Aminuddin Sheikh, Shah Nawaz Jamali, Mohsin Turab, Syeda Amber Zaidi, Haris Jawaid,

Objectives The primary objective of this study was to determine post-treatment variations in the hematological profile of stage 2 breast cancer patientsĀ and investigate the influence of disease stage and treatment pattern on these changes. The secondary objective was to evaluate the role of post-treatment hemoglobin as a predictor of disease-free ... Read more >>

Cureus (Cureus)
[2020, 12(3):e7259]

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Hyperlipidemia and hyper glycaemia in Breast Cancer Patients is related to disease stage.

Uzma Raza, Mahay Rookh Asif, Asif Bin Rehman, Aminuddin Sheikh,

Objective:The study was designed to determine the hyperlipidemia in breast cancer of patients at disease presentation, without any treatment and to correlate these variations with disease stage. Methods:This cross sectional study was conducted at Liaquat National teaching hospital in Karachi from 2006 to 2011, Age and family history of 208 ... Read more >>

(Pakistan journal of medical sciences)
[2018, 34(1):209-214]

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