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Discovery of small molecule acting as multitarget inhibitor of colorectal cancer by simultaneous blocking of the key COX-2, 5-LOX and PIM-1 kinase enzymes.

Mostafa M M El-Miligy, Ahmed K Al-Kubeisi, Saad R El-Zemity, Rasha A Nassra, Marwa M Abu-Serie, Aly A Hazzaa,

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the second cause of cancer death worldwide. Inhibitors of COX-2, 5-LOX and PIM-1 kinase were very effective in the treatment and prevention of CRC in mouse models in vivo. Furthermore, thymol was confirmed to inhibit CRC cell proliferation in cancer cell lines and inhibitory activity against ... Read more >>

Bioorg Chem (Bioorganic chemistry)
[2021, 115:105171]

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Transforming iodoquinol into broad spectrum anti-tumor leads: Repurposing to modulate redox homeostasis.

Ibrahim Chaaban, Haidy Hafez, Ibrahim AlZaim, Cynthia Tannous, Hanan Ragab, Aly Hazzaa, Salma Ketat, Asser Ghoneim, Mohamed Katary, Mohammad M Abd-Alhaseeb, Fouad A Zouein, Amgad Albohy, Ahmed Noby Amer, Ahmed F El-Yazbi, Ahmed S F Belal,

We managed to repurpose the old drug iodoquinol to a series of novel anticancer 7-iodo-quinoline-5,8-diones. Twelve compounds were identified as inhibitors of moderate to high potency on an inhouse MCF-7 cell line, of which 2 compounds (5 and 6) were capable of reducing NAD level in MCF-7 cells in concentrations ... Read more >>

Bioorg Chem (Bioorganic chemistry)
[2021, 113:105035]

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