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In-vivo efficacy of toltrazuril on experimentally induced Toxoplasma gondii tissue cysts in lambs: a novel strategy for prevention of human exposure to meat-borne toxoplasmosis.

Oguz Kul, Kader Yildiz, Naci Ocal, Alvaro Freyre, Abdulkerim Deniz, Siyami Karahan, Hasan Tarik Atmaca, Sami Gokpinar, Gungor Cagdas Dincel, Tuba Uzunalioğlu, Osman Safa Terzi,

The aim of the present study was to investigate in vivo efficacy of toltrazuril on Toxoplasma gondii tissue cysts following induction of chronic toxoplasmosis in 4-week-old lambs (n=27) by inoculation of 1×10(5) T. gondii ME 49 strain oocysts (day 0). Beginning at the 15th day after inoculation, lambs in Group ... Read more >>

Res Vet Sci (Research in veterinary science)
[2013, 94(2):269-276]

Cited: 11 times

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Massive excystation of Toxoplasma gondii sporozoites.

Alvaro Freyre, Jesús Falcón,

In the present study, several stimuli were tested to liberate Toxoplasma gondii sporozoites from oocysts. Incubation in Na(2)CO(3)-CO(2) buffer at 40 degrees C with ultrasound, followed by incubation at 40 degrees C with bile or deoxycholic acid, was the only method that resulted in 95% liberation of motile infective sporozoites. ... Read more >>

Exp Parasitol (Experimental parasitology)
[2004, 107(1-2):72-77]

Cited: 7 times

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