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Perceptions of Pain Treatment in Pediatric Patients With Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders.

Amy E Hale, Allison M Smith, Julie Snyder Christiana, Elizabeth Burch, Neil L Schechter, Beate C Beinvogl, Fiona Paul, Amelia S Henaghan, Deirdre Logan, Samuel Nurko,

<h4>Objectives</h4>Individual understanding of and expectations for chronic pain treatment can influence treatment adherence and thus success, but little is known about these critical factors in parents and children presenting with pain-predominant functional gastrointestinal disorders. The aim of this study was to identify parent and patient understanding of pain-predominant functional gastrointestinal ... Read more >>

Clin J Pain (The Clinical journal of pain)
[2020, 36(7):550-557]

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Clinical Outcomes of Specialized Treatment Units for Patients With Serious Mental Illness in the New York City Jail System.

Elizabeth B Ford, Kevin D Silverman, Angela Solimo, Y Jude Leung, Allison M Smith, Connor J Bell, Monica Katyal,

<h4>Objective</h4>New York City's (NYC) Correctional Health Services has introduced specialized treatment units for patients with serious mental illness in the NYC jail system. With multidisciplinary mental health staffing and a coordinated approach with NYC's Department of Correction, these units expand therapeutic options for patients vulnerable to clinical instability and physical ... Read more >>

Psychiatr Serv (Psychiatric services (Washington, D.C.))
[2020, 71(6):547-554]

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Avoid or engage? Outcomes of graded exposure in youth with chronic pain using a sequential replicated single-case randomized design.

Laura E Simons, Johan W S Vlaeyen, Lies Declercq, Allison M Smith, Justin Beebe, Melinda Hogan, Eileen Li, Corey A Kronman, Farah Mahmud, Jenelle R Corey, Christine B Sieberg, Christine Ploski,

Pain-related fear is typically associated with avoidance behavior and pain-related disability in youth with chronic pain. Youth with elevated pain-related fear have attenuated treatment responses; thus, targeted treatment is highly warranted. Evidence supporting graded in vivo exposure treatment (GET) for adults with chronic pain is considerable, but just emerging for ... Read more >>

Pain (Pain)
[2020, 161(3):520-531]

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Back to Living: Long-term Functional Status of Pediatric Patients Who Completed Intensive Interdisciplinary Pain Treatment.

Edin T Randall, Kelly R Smith, Caitlin Conroy, Allison M Smith, Navil Sethna, Deirdre E Logan,

<h4>Objectives</h4>To provide a descriptive account of long-term functioning (≥5 y posttreatment) among youth who completed intensive interdisciplinary pain treatment (IIPT) for pediatric chronic pain conditions.<h4>Materials and methods</h4>A total of 95 patients (mean age at follow-up=20.0 y) treated at least 5 years previously at a single IIPT program completed questionnaires assessing pain, functional ... Read more >>

Clin J Pain (The Clinical journal of pain)
[2018, 34(10):890-899]

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Parent Attributions of Ambiguous Symptoms in Their Children: A Preliminary Measure Validation in Parents of Children with Chronic Pain.

Lauren C Heathcote, Sara E Williams, Allison M Smith, Christine B Sieberg, Laura E Simons,

How parents attribute cause to their child&rsquo;s physical symptoms is likely important in understanding how the parent responds to the child, as well as the child&rsquo;s health outcomes, especially within the context of chronic illness. Here, we adapt the Symptom Interpretation Questionnaire for parent report (SIQ-PR) and provide preliminary validation ... Read more >>

Children (Basel) (Children (Basel, Switzerland))
[2018, 5(6):]

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Feeling the Pressure to Be Perfect: Effect on Pain-Related Distress and Dysfunction in Youth With Chronic Pain.

Edin T Randall, Kelly R Smith, Corey A Kronman, Caitlin Conroy, Allison M Smith, Laura E Simons,

Despite clinical observation of perfectionistic tendencies among youth with chronic pain and their parents as well as established relationships between perfectionism and functional somatic symptoms in adults and youth, no research in the pediatric pain literature has examined perfectionism. This study explored the role of various types of youth and ... Read more >>

J Pain (The journal of pain)
[2018, 19(4):418-429]

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Living Life With My Child's Pain: The Parent Pain Acceptance Questionnaire (PPAQ).

Allison M Smith, Christine B Sieberg, Shannon Odell, Edin Randall, Laura E Simons,

<h4>Objective</h4>Parents' emotional, cognitive, and behavioral responses are highly influential on children's pain and functional outcomes. One important response to pediatric pain is acceptance: the degree to which an individual participates in routine daily activities in the presence of pain and is willing to let pain be a part of their ... Read more >>

Clin J Pain (The Clinical journal of pain)
[2015, 31(7):633-641]

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Parent cognitive-behavioral intervention for the treatment of childhood anxiety disorders: a pilot study.

Allison M Smith, Ellen C Flannery-Schroeder, Kathleen S Gorman, Nathan Cook,

Strong evidence supports cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) for the treatment of childhood anxiety. Many studies suggest that parents play an etiological role in the development and maintenance of child anxiety. This pilot study examined the efficacy of a cognitive-behavioral intervention delivered to the parents of 31 anxious children (ages 7-13). Parents ... Read more >>

Behav Res Ther (Behaviour research and therapy)
[2014, 61:156-161]

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The use of parsimony network analysis for the formal delineation of phylogenetic species of yeasts: Candida apicola, Candida azyma, and Candida parazyma sp. nov., cosmopolitan yeasts associated with floricolous insects.

Marc-André Lachance, Jessica Dobson, Dilini N Wijayanayaka, Allison M E Smith,

Parsimony network analysis of rDNA sequences was used to delimit phylogenetic species of yeasts in an objective, formal manner. Many strains assigned to Candida apicola (Starmerella clade), when compared to the type, fell outside the inclusion limits proposed by Kurtzman and Robnett (1998) based on a pair-wise comparison of the ... Read more >>

Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek (Antonie van Leeuwenhoek)
[2010, 97(2):155-170]

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