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The effect of varenicline on smoking and drinking outcomes among Black and White adults with alcohol use disorder and co-occurring cigarette smoking: A secondary analysis of two clinical trials.

Angela M Haeny, Ralitza Gueorguieva, LaTrice Montgomery, Krysten W Bold, Lisa M Fucito, Ran Wu, Srinivas B Muvvala, Allen Zweben, Stephanie S O'Malley,

<h4>Introduction</h4>Varenicline is an FDA-approved medication for smoking cessation and has demonstrated promise in reducing alcohol use. This study sought to compare the efficacy of varenicline in reducing smoking and drinking among Black and White people seeking alcohol treatment.<h4>Methods</h4>Linear mixed modeling was conducted using data from two multi-site placebo-controlled randomized clinical ... Read more >>

Addict Behav (Addictive behaviors)
[2021, 122:106970]

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Longitudinal Findings from a Randomized Clinical Trial of Varenicline for Alcohol Use Disorder with Comorbid Cigarette Smoking.

Krysten W Bold, Allen Zweben, Lisa M Fucito, Mary E Piepmeier, Srinivas Muvvala, Ran Wu, Ralitza Gueorguieva, Stephanie S O'Malley,

BACKGROUND:This study is the first to examine longitudinal posttreatment outcomes of a placebo-controlled trial of varenicline for alcohol use disorder (AUD) with comorbid cigarette smoking. METHODS:Participants were 131 adults (n = 39 female) seeking alcohol treatment in a randomized, double-blind, parallel group, placebo-controlled, 16-week multisite trial of varenicline combined with medical management ... Read more >>

Alcohol Clin Exp Res (Alcoholism, clinical and experimental research)
[2019, 43(5):937-944]

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Effect of Varenicline Combined With Medical Management on Alcohol Use Disorder With Comorbid Cigarette Smoking: A Randomized Clinical Trial.

Stephanie S O'Malley, Allen Zweben, Lisa M Fucito, Ran Wu, Mary E Piepmeier, David M Ockert, Krysten W Bold, Ismene Petrakis, Srinivas Muvvala, Peter Jatlow, Ralitza Gueorguieva,

Importance:Individuals with alcohol use disorder have high rates of cigarette smoking. Varenicline tartrate, an approved treatment for smoking cessation, may reduce both drinking and smoking. Objectives:To test the efficacy of varenicline with medical management for patients with alcohol use disorder and comorbid smoking seeking alcohol treatment, and to evaluate the ... Read more >>

JAMA Psychiatry (JAMA psychiatry)
[2018, 75(2):129-138]

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Sustaining motivational interviewing: a meta-analysis of training studies.

Craig S Schwalbe, Hans Y Oh, Allen Zweben,

<h4>Background and aims</h4>Previous research indicates that motivational interviewing (MI) skills decline over time among participants in training workshops when post-workshop feedback and coaching are not provided. This study explored moderators of skill retention among trainees learning MI mainly for substance use disorder treatment in real-world treatment settings, including workshop enhancements ... Read more >>

Addiction (Addiction (Abingdon, England))
[2014, 109(8):1287-1294]

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Commentary on the adding individual psychotherapy after relapse in a pharmacotherapy trial: commentary on the PREDICT study.

Allen Zweben,

<h4>Background</h4>With few exceptions there has been a dearth of research evaluating the independent and combined effects of a promising medication and an effective behavioral intervention for alcohol problems. Few studies have incorporated both theory and empirical findings to ascertain how the combination of medication and behavioral intervention interact or work ... Read more >>

Alcohol Clin Exp Res (Alcoholism, clinical and experimental research)
[2014, 38(8):2164-2166]

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Does session attendance by a supportive significant other predict outcomes in individual treatment for alcohol use disorders?

Dorian Hunter-Reel, Katie Witkiewitz, Allen Zweben,

<h4>Background</h4>A significant amount of research has supported the efficacy of couple versus individual treatment for alcohol use disorders, yet little is known about whether involving a significant other during the course of individual treatment can improve outcomes. Likewise, several barriers to couple treatment exist and a more flexible approach to ... Read more >>

Alcohol Clin Exp Res (Alcoholism, clinical and experimental research)
[2012, 36(7):1237-1243]

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Effective Strategies for Maintaining Research Participation in Clinical Trials.

Allen Zweben, Lisa M Fucito, Stephanie S O'Malley,

Achieving high protocol adherence is essential for ensuring the overall success and scientific merit of clinical trials. Strategies for maximizing recruitment and treatment adherence have been previously explored in the literature. There has been less focus, however, on effective methods for maintaining participants in research follow-up. This article examines factors ... Read more >>

Drug Inf J (Drug information journal)
[2009, 43(4):]

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Alcohol treatment effects on secondary nondrinking outcomes and quality of life: the COMBINE study.

Joseph S LoCastro, Marston Youngblood, Ron A Cisler, Margaret E Mattson, Allen Zweben, Raymond F Anton, Dennis M Donovan,

<h4>Objective</h4>To evaluate the full range of alcohol treatment effectiveness, it is important to assess secondary nondrinking outcome dimensions in addition to primary alcohol consumption outcomes.<h4>Method</h4>We used a large sample (n=1,226) of alcohol-dependent participants entering the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism-sponsored COMBINE (Combining Medications and Behavioral Interventions) Study, a ... Read more >>

J Stud Alcohol Drugs (Journal of studies on alcohol and drugs)
[2009, 70(2):186-196]

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Cost and cost-effectiveness of the COMBINE study in alcohol-dependent patients.

Gary A Zarkin, Jeremy W Bray, Arnie Aldridge, Debanjali Mitra, Michael J Mills, David J Couper, Ron A Cisler, ,

<h4>Context</h4>The COMBINE (Combined Pharmacotherapies and Behavioral Intervention) clinical trial recently evaluated the efficacy of medications, behavioral therapies, and their combinations for the outpatient treatment of alcohol dependence. The costs and cost-effectiveness of these combinations are unknown and of interest to clinicians and policy makers.<h4>Objective</h4>To evaluate the costs and cost-effectiveness of ... Read more >>

Arch Gen Psychiatry (Archives of general psychiatry)
[2008, 65(10):1214-1221]

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Relationship between medication adherence and treatment outcomes: the COMBINE study.

Allen Zweben, Helen M Pettinati, Roger D Weiss, Marston Youngblood, Christine E Cox, Margaret E Mattson, Prakash Gorroochurn, Domenic Ciraulo,

<h4>Background</h4>Within the alcoholism field, there is mounting evidence supporting an important relationship between medication adherence and drinking outcomes. Little is known however, about the complex relationships between medication and treatment variables and drinking outcomes. The present paper reports on the differential impact of medication adherence and treatment factors on drinking ... Read more >>

Alcohol Clin Exp Res (Alcoholism, clinical and experimental research)
[2008, 32(9):1661-1669]

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Combined pharmacotherapies and behavioral interventions for alcohol dependence: the COMBINE study: a randomized controlled trial.

Raymond F Anton, Stephanie S O'Malley, Domenic A Ciraulo, Ron A Cisler, David Couper, Dennis M Donovan, David R Gastfriend, James D Hosking, Bankole A Johnson, Joseph S LoCastro, Richard Longabaugh, Barbara J Mason, Margaret E Mattson, William R Miller, Helen M Pettinati, Carrie L Randall, Robert Swift, Roger D Weiss, Lauren D Williams, Allen Zweben, ,

<h4>Context</h4>Alcohol dependence treatment may include medications, behavioral therapies, or both. It is unknown how combining these treatments may impact their effectiveness, especially in the context of primary care and other nonspecialty settings.<h4>Objectives</h4>To evaluate the efficacy of medication, behavioral therapies, and their combinations for treatment of alcohol dependence and to evaluate ... Read more >>

[2006, 295(17):2003-2017]

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Use of a "psychotherapy with no pills" treatment condition as part of a combined pharmacotherapy-psychotherapy research study of alcohol dependence.

Roger D Weiss, Joseph S Locastro, Robert Swift, Allen Zweben, William R Miller, Richard Longabaugh, James D Hosking,

<h4>Objective</h4>The purpose of this article is to review issues related to the use of placebo medication in a study examining combined pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy for alcohol dependence.<h4>Method</h4>Little is known about the strength of the placebo effect in alcohol-dependent patients. One way to study this is to compare placebo to no ... Read more >>

J Stud Alcohol Suppl (Journal of studies on alcohol. Supplement)
[2005, (15):43-9; discussion 33]

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Addressing substance abuse in health care settings.

William R Miller, Catherine Baca, Wilson M Compton, Denise Ernst, Jennifer K Manuel, Beverly Pringle, Carol R Schermer, Roger D Weiss, Mark L Willenbring, Allen Zweben,

This article summarizes the proceedings of a roundtable discussion at the 2005 annual meeting of the Research Society on Alcoholism in Santa Barbara, California. The chair was William R. Miller. The presentations were as follows: (1) Screening and Brief Intervention for Alcohol Problems, by Allen Zweben; (2) Three Intervention Models ... Read more >>

Alcohol Clin Exp Res (Alcoholism, clinical and experimental research)
[2006, 30(2):292-302]

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Applying clinical significance methodology to alcoholism treatment trials: determining recovery outcome status with individual- and population-based measures.

Ron A Cisler, Rhonda K Kowalchuk, Stephen M Saunders, Allen Zweben, Hanh Q Trinh,

<h4>Background</h4>The current analysis applies clinical significance methodology to alcoholism treatment outcome research using data available from Project MATCH. Because of its high internal validity and its inclusion of multiple measures assessing multiple outcome dimensions, MATCH was considered an ideal study to explore the utility of this methodology.<h4>Methods</h4>Data reported here are ... Read more >>

Alcohol Clin Exp Res (Alcoholism, clinical and experimental research)
[2005, 29(11):1991-2000]

Cited: 8 times

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When worlds collide: blending the divergent traditions of pharmacotherapy and-psychotherapy outcome research.

William R Miller, Joseph S Locastro, Richard Longabaugh, Stephanie O'Malley, Allen Zweben,

<h4>Objective</h4>The multisite COMBINE Study brought together a team of alcoholism investigators who varied in whether their expertise was primarily in pharmacotherapy research or in studying psychotherapy. The process of designing a single trial that tested combinations of psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy highlighted the differences in these two research traditions and necessitated ... Read more >>

J Stud Alcohol Suppl (Journal of studies on alcohol. Supplement)
[2005, (15):17-23; discussion 6-7]

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Origins, issues and options in the development of the combined behavioral intervention.

Richard Longabaugh, Allen Zweben, Joseph S Locastro, William R Miller,

<h4>Objective</h4>The aim of the investigators was to develop a moderate intensity comprehensive behavioral treatment based on the principles of motivational interviewing and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that, within the confines of a standardized abstinence-oriented treatment, would provide a broad spectrum of modules to assist those seeking treatment to achieve reduction of ... Read more >>

J Stud Alcohol Suppl (Journal of studies on alcohol. Supplement)
[2005, (15):179-87; discussion 168-9]

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Quality of life as an outcome measure in alcoholism treatment research.

Dennis Donovan, Margaret E Mattson, Ron A Cisler, Richard Longabaugh, Allen Zweben,

<h4>Objective</h4>The present article reviews the literature to date dealing with quality of life (QoL) as it relates to drinking behavior, alcohol use disorders and treatment outcome.<h4>Method</h4>Articles using the term "quality of life" to describe a status or outcome construct for individuals diagnosed with or being treated for alcohol use disorders ... Read more >>

J Stud Alcohol Suppl (Journal of studies on alcohol. Supplement)
[2005, (15):119-39; discussion 92-3]

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Recruiting and retaining participants in a combined behavioral and pharmacological clinical trial.

Allen Zweben, David Barrett, Lisa Berger, Kelly Tobin Murray,

<h4>Objective</h4>This article focuses on the practical and methodological considerations that went into recruiting and retaining participants in a complex clinical trial. It describes multiple recruitment strategies that were employed to meet stringent eligibility criteria and manage efficiently the flow of participants to fulfill recruitment goals. Both study-wide and site-specific methods ... Read more >>

J Stud Alcohol Suppl (Journal of studies on alcohol. Supplement)
[2005, (15):72-81; discussion 65]

Cited: 6 times

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A multi-site dose ranging study of nalmefene in the treatment of alcohol dependence.

Raymond F Anton, Helen Pettinati, Allen Zweben, Henry R Kranzler, Bankole Johnson, Michael J Bohn, Mary E McCaul, Robert Anthenelli, Ihsan Salloum, Gantt Galloway, James Garbutt, Robert Swift, David Gastfriend, Antero Kallio, Sakari Karhuvaara,

The opiate antagonist nalmefene has been shown in 2 single-site studies to reduce alcohol consumption and relapse drinking in alcohol-dependent individuals. This safety and preliminary multisite efficacy study evaluated 3 doses of nalmefene (5, 20, or 40 mg) in a double-blind comparison to placebo over a 12-week treatment period in ... Read more >>

J Clin Psychopharmacol (Journal of clinical psychopharmacology)
[2004, 24(4):421-428]

Cited: 60 times

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Clinical and methodological utility of a composite outcome measure for alcohol treatment research.

Allen Zweben, Ron A Cisler,

BACKGROUND: How to capture different response patterns resulting from alcohol treatment has been a troublesome issue for alcohol researchers. A composite measure is one approach to capturing multiple treatment outcomes among diverse client populations. This article provides the rationale, development, and work conducted thus far on the composite outcome index ... Read more >>

Alcohol Clin Exp Res (Alcoholism, clinical and experimental research)
[2003, 27(10):1680-1685]

Cited: 17 times

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