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The SIOP-Renal Tumour Study Group consensus statement on flank target volume delineation for highly conformal radiotherapy.

Geert O Janssens, Patrick Melchior, Joeri Mul, Daniel Saunders, Stephanie Bolle, Alison L Cameron, Line Claude, Kristin Gurtner, Kees P van de Ven, Martine van Grotel, Semi Harrabi, Yasmin Lassen-Ramshad, Naomi Lavan, Henriette Magelssen, Xavier Muracciole, Tom Boterberg, Henry Mandeville, Jan Godzinski, Norbert Graf, Marry M van den Heuvel-Eibrink, Christian RĂ¼be,

For decades, radiotherapy with two opposing photon beams has been the standard technique used to cover the flank target volume in paediatric patients with renal tumours. Nowadays, many institutes are implementing advanced radiotherapy techniques that spare healthy tissue. To decrease the radiotherapy dose to healthy structures while preserving oncological efficacy, ... Read more >>

Lancet Child Adolesc Health (The Lancet. Child & adolescent health)
[2020, 4(11):846-852]

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Brachytherapy in endometrial cancer: quantification of air gaps around a vaginal cylinder.

Alison L Cameron, Paul Cornes, Hoda Al-Booz,

PURPOSE: Vaginal vault brachytherapy, prescribed to 0.5 cm, is used in endometrial cancer postoperatively to reduce the risk of vault recurrence. However, it is unknown if the vaginal mucosa is closely opposed to the vaginal cylinder, or if air gaps lift the mucosa from the cylinder. The aim of this ... Read more >>

Brachytherapy (Brachytherapy)
[2008, 7(4):355-358]

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