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A tabersonine 3-reductase Catharanthus roseus mutant accumulates vindoline pathway intermediates.

Alison Edge, Yang Qu, Michael L A E Easson, Antje M K Thamm, Kyung Hee Kim, Vincenzo De Luca,

Monoterpenoid indole alkaloids (MIAs) have remarkable biological properties that have led to their medical uses for a variety of human diseases. Mutagenesis has been used to generate plants with new alkaloid profiles and a useful screen for rapid comparison of MIA profiles is described. The MIA mutants identified are useful ... Read more >>

Planta (Planta)
[2018, 247(1):155-169]

Cited: 3 times

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Nuclear localization and transactivation by Vitis CBF transcription factors are regulated by combinations of conserved amino acid domains.

Chevonne E Carlow, J Trent Faultless, Christine Lee, Mahbuba Siddiqua, Alison Edge, Annette Nassuth,

The highly conserved CBF pathway is crucial in the regulation of plant responses to low temperatures. Extensive analysis of Arabidopsis CBF proteins revealed that their functions rely on several conserved amino acid domains although the exact function of each domain is disputed. The question was what functions similar domains have ... Read more >>

Plant Physiol Biochem (Plant physiology and biochemistry : PPB)
[2017, 118:306-319]

Cited: 4 times

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