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Reply to Sürme and Balkan.

Amanda Sanders, William Agger, Alicia Gray, Cathy Fischer, Elizabeth Kamprud,

Diagn Microbiol Infect Dis (Diagnostic microbiology and infectious disease)
[2020, 96(3):114951]

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Use of hair nets and face masks to decrease blood culture contamination rates.

Amanda M Sanders, William A Agger, Alicia M Gray, Cathy Mikkelson Fischer, Elizabeth A Kamprud,

Owing to a persistently high blood culture contamination rate of 3.2% exceeding the target rate of <3%, a midwestern United States hospital began a series of 3 additive interventions. After collecting phlebotomist data for approximately 3 months, reporting of individual contamination rates commenced. A specialized trainer reeducated staff with high rates, ... Read more >>

Diagn Microbiol Infect Dis (Diagnostic microbiology and infectious disease)
[2019, 95(1):15-19]

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Lipopolysaccharide-induced blood-brain barrier disruption: roles of cyclooxygenase, oxidative stress, neuroinflammation, and elements of the neurovascular unit.

William A Banks, Alicia M Gray, Michelle A Erickson, Therese S Salameh, Mamatha Damodarasamy, Nader Sheibani, James S Meabon, Emily E Wing, Yoichi Morofuji, David G Cook, May J Reed,

<h4>Background</h4>Disruption of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) occurs in many diseases and is often mediated by inflammatory and neuroimmune mechanisms. Inflammation is well established as a cause of BBB disruption, but many mechanistic questions remain.<h4>Methods</h4>We used lipopolysaccharide (LPS) to induce inflammation and BBB disruption in mice. BBB disruption was measured using ... Read more >>

J Neuroinflammation (Journal of neuroinflammation)
[2015, 12:223]

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Factors associated with E. coli contamination of household drinking water among tsunami and earthquake survivors, Indonesia.

Sundeep K Gupta, Astrid Suantio, Alicia Gray, Endang Widyastuti, Neena Jain, Reineke Rolos, Robert M Hoekstra, Rob Quick,

The December 2004 tsunami in Sumatra, Indonesia, destroyed drinking water infrastructure, placing over 500,000 displaced persons at increased risk of waterborne disease. In June 2005, we assessed the relationship of water handling behaviors to household water quality in three districts: Aceh Besar, Simeulue, and Nias. We surveyed 1,127 households from ... Read more >>

Am J Trop Med Hyg (The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene)
[2007, 76(6):1158-1162]

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Public funding of medically necessary abortions is not required under the Medicaid Act: Harris v. McRae, 100 S.Ct. 2671 (1980)

Alicia D Gray,

Tex Tech Law Rev (Texas Tech law review)
[1981, 12(2):483-499]

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