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Transmission of Hepatitis E Virus With Plasma Exchange in Kidney Transplant Recipients: A Retrospective Cohort Study.

Vincent Mallet, Rebecca Sberro-Soussan, Anne-Marie Roque-Afonso, Anaïs Vallet-Pichard, Bénédicte Deau, Alix Portal, Marie-Laure Chaix, Lisette Hauser, Alexandre Beylouné, Anne Mercadier, Jacques Izopet, Christophe Legendre, Stanislas Pol,

BACKGROUND:After observing a case of plasma exchange-mediated hepatitis E virus (HEV) infection in a kidney transplant recipient, we investigated the relationship between plasma exchange and HEV infection after kidney transplantation. METHODS:A cohort of 263 patients who underwent kidney transplantation from January 1, 2011, through December 31, 2012, was screened for ... Read more >>

Transplantation (Transplantation)
[2018, 102(8):1351-1357]

Cited: 2 times

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Fatal transfusion-transmitted infection due to Citrobacter koseri.

Lisette Hauser, Senbetta Menasie, Stéphane Bonacorsi, Laurence Raoult, Nourredine AitOubelli, Marie Belloy, David Avran, Alexandre Beyloune, Marion Simonet, Typhaine Billard-Pomares, Béatrice Pangon, Philippe Bierling,

<h4>Background</h4>Transfusion-transmitted bacterial infection (TTBI) is still one of the most feared complications of blood transfusion.<h4>Case report</h4>We report a fatal case involving an 8-year-old child with congenital dyskeratosis complicated by severe aplastic anemia who was regularly transfused with platelet (PLT) concentrates for 5 years. The patient received an apheresis PLT concentrate ... Read more >>

Transfusion (Transfusion)
[2016, 56(6):1311-1313]

Cited: 3 times

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Hepatitis E transmission by transfusion of Intercept blood system-treated plasma.

Lisette Hauser, Anne-Marie Roque-Afonso, Alexandre Beylouné, Marion Simonet, Bénédicte Deau Fischer, Nicolas Burin des Roziers, Vincent Mallet, Pierre Tiberghien, Philippe Bierling,

Blood (Blood)
[2014, 123(5):796-797]

Cited: 60 times

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