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Synchronous Online Journal Club to Connect Subspecialty Trainees across Geographic Barriers.

Andrew N Musits, Alexandra L Mannix,

INTRODUCTION:Journal club holds a well-respected place in medical education by promoting critical review of the literature and fostering scholarly discussions. Journal clubs are often not available to trainees with niche interests due to the geographic limitations of subspecialty programs such as simulation, medical education, disaster medicine, ultrasound, global health, and ... Read more >>

West J Emerg Med (The western journal of emergency medicine)
[2020, 21(1):33-36]

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Genetically divergent Symbiodinium sp. display distinct molecular responses to pathogenic Vibrio and thermal stress.

Briana Hauff, James M Cervino, Joshua A Haslun, Nancy Krucher, Andrew M Wier, Alexandra L Mannix, Konrad Hughen, Kevin B Strychar,

Global climate change and anthropogenic activities are threatening the future survival of coral reef ecosystems. The ability of reef-building zooxanthellate coral to survive these stressors may be determined through fundamental differences within their symbiotic dinoflagellates (Symbiodinium sp.). We define the in vitro apoptotic response of 2 evolutionarily distant Symbiodinium sp., ... Read more >>

Dis Aquat Organ (Diseases of aquatic organisms)
[2014, 112(2):149-159]

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